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This week, the Turkish courts acquitted its Interior Ministry and Malatya governorate of previous accusations of neglect of duty concerning the 2007 Malayta murders, where 5 Turkish men entered Zirve Bible publishing house –  binding, torturing and slitting the throats of Christian converts Necati Aydın , Uğur Yüksel and German national Tilmann Geske. 808 more words

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Armenia Reborn

The finish line for our 2 weeks of walking was the Armenian Genocide centre in Yerevan. Many of us are familiar with the holocaust during world war 2, but perhaps not so many are familiar with the Armenian Genocide of world war 1 committed by Turkish/Ottoman empire. 291 more words

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Ep. 136 My Name Is Revenge - Ashley Kalagian Blunt


On 17 December 1980, at 9:47 am, two men shot the Turkish consul-general to Sydney and his bodyguard near the consul’s home in Vaucluse. The assassins aimed, fired, and vanished. 48 more words


গুলিস্তান থেকে গঙ্গা : গণহত্যা এড়াতে হুগলিতেই ঘাঁটি গাড়লেন আর্মানি রাজপুত্র [From Gulistan to Ganges : Last Armenian Prince Settled in Hooghly to Avoid Genocide at Homeland]

[হুগলির আর্মেনিয়ান চার্চ ও আর্মেনিয়ান সম্প্রদায়ের ইতিহাসের কিছু অংশ আগে আমাদের ব্লগে প্রকাশিত হয়েছে। উৎসাহী পাঠক চাইলে তা পড়তে পারেন এই লিঙ্কে গিয়ে। আজ সেই ইতিহাসেরই এক অজানা ও রোমাঞ্চকর অধ্যায় নিয়ে থাকল সাংবাদিক ও ইতিহাস গবেষক অরুণাভ পাত্রর বিশেষ নিবন্ধ।] 1,481 more words

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The Bastard of Istanbul #BookReview

Book: The Bastard of Istanbul
Author: Elif Shafak

I’d recently finished The Forty Rules of Love and loved it. The Bastard of Istanbul was already waiting on my bookshelf. 679 more words

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As the Poppies Bloomed by Maral Boyadjian

This is a novel about the Armenian Genocide, but it focuses on the home and community lives of a group of people in an Armenian village. 1,196 more words