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What in God’s Name is an Arminian? Nine Dank Memes Found While Googling a Christological Controversy

That’s what I wanted to know after I came across the term in a reading for a history class. I made the mistake of using the research function in Google docs, which shows both web and image results. 446 more words


"F" is for Foreknowledge

“F” is for foreknowledge.  Does God merely foreknow all the things that could possibly take place or does He also foreordain all that will happen?  Christians agree that God is omniscient, “all knowing,” but whether God is simply aware of all the possibilities humans can choose or actually decrees everything that comes to pass is debated. 927 more words


What's Good about that News, Charles?

In this Podcast we talk about rudeness and objectivity in the debate over Calvinism along with whether the gospel = calvinism:  LISTEN HERE

If someone walked up to a perfect stranger and said, “Before creation, God decided that most of humanity will certainly burn for eternity for something they have absolutely no control over.   850 more words


Why do manipulative means bother you?

If you have been around church functions as long as I have you have seen just about every kind of motivation to get people to “come to Jesus.”  And let’s just face it, sometimes people go way overboard in their attempt to “get people saved.” 1,273 more words



“A Calvinist on your knees and an Arminian in the pulpit” has been the counsel to young ministers for many years.  It is the thoughtless advice of pragm… 997 more words


Is the a Fire Truck in the Neighborhood?

Christendom is dead. Even in the provinces, yea verily, even in Memphis on the Mississippi it is so. Reciprocity between Western Culture and the Church is over. 133 more words