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Arminians and Calvinists and Dumb Arguments, Oh My!

Within the reformed church, one of the biggest schisms is between Arminian and Calvinist theology. Since these theological frameworks have a lot to say about God’s character, power, knowledge and intentions; our character, power, knowledge and intentions; and even issues such as philosophy of time and possible worlds, it’s actually quite fitting that we take this stuff seriously. 1,589 more words

Hairy Questions

Foreknew = Foreseen or Foreordained or Formerly Known?

Many have reduced the interpretive options of the term ‘foreknew’ in Roman 8:29 to either the classical Arminian concept of “foreseen” or the Calvinistic concept of “foreordained.” 7,613 more words


Boast worthy?

Isn’t boasting reserved for those things you can do that most others can’t do?

No one is going around boasting about their ability to stand in front of those who choose to remain seated. 1,507 more words


Compatibilism's Quandary

Proverbs 21:1 says, “The king’s heart is like channels of water in the hands of the Lord; he turns it wherever he wishes.” In reference to this passage, Dr. 3,375 more words


Does Every Life Matter?

Do you believe every single person is created in the image of God?

Do you believe every single person’s life is valuable and worthy of being protected in the womb from the time they are conceived? 1,491 more words


How 'Good Theology' can turn Bad, then Ugly.

Theology without transformation is idolatry.

This is why I LOVE Piper and Desiring God. This post just slapped so many people in the face. Including, ahem, myself. 447 more words