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If Calvinists were Consistent they would be Arminians or Antinomians

By Jesse Morrell


This was a post I made in my Facebook theology discussion group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheologyDiscussionGroup/

I wrote:

Even apart from the scriptures that teach such, the doctrine that salvation can be forfeited through sin is a logical conclusion of the necessity of repentance from sin as a precondition for forgiveness. 230 more words


If I told my son to clean up his room it would strongly imply that I believed it was within his abilities to do so, especially if I punished him for failure to do so. 2,167 more words


Does Regeneration Precede Faith?

Many Calvinists teach that regeneration precedes faith. They say that a person must be born again before he believes. They argue that new life comes before faith. 4,029 more words


Why I Am Not An Arminian

I’ve often told people that I am not an Arminian, but that is not because I dislike Arminians; nor is it because we disagree over that many issues.   4,553 more words


My Personal Reformation

So, perhaps you’ve noticed the splashing of the word “reformed” in my social media posts and on this blog. Welcome to the explanation.

To catch you up, Big Love and I recently left our church and have started attending the  912 more words


Where to Read Theology Online

On a couple occasions I’ve been asked about where one might read good theology online.

Roger Olson’s Blog: This is the (only)  blog that I read most regularly. 387 more words

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