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10th of 2015.

The Transforming Power of Grace // Thomas C. Oden.

The premier “paleo-orthodox” theologian formulates his summa on the multi-facet role of grace.

From a scholar’s point of view, this book is well crafted. 70 more words

The Corporate View of Election

To hear Professor Flowers give a clear concise summary of the corporate view of election CLICK HERE.

Here is an another excellent concise summary of the doctrines of conditional election and predestination from the corporate election perspective, … 1,588 more words


Purposeless Evil?

In order to prepare for a debate with Dr. James White I have been listening and reading through many various online discussions. Recently I have come across a troubling and quite confounding argument made by my Calvinistic friends. 1,420 more words


Responding to a Calvinist

At times it is helpful to witness the interactions of others regarding different theological perspectives, especially when those interactions are cordial and focused on the biblical issues at hand. 2,864 more words


What in God’s Name is an Arminian? Nine Dank Memes Found While Googling a Christological Controversy

That’s what I wanted to know after I came across the term in a reading for a history class. I made the mistake of using the research function in Google docs, which shows both web and image results. 446 more words


"F" is for Foreknowledge

“F” is for foreknowledge.  Does God merely foreknow all the things that could possibly take place or does He also foreordain all that will happen?  Christians agree that God is omniscient, “all knowing,” but whether God is simply aware of all the possibilities humans can choose or actually decrees everything that comes to pass is debated. 927 more words


What's Good about that News, Charles?

In this Podcast we talk about rudeness and objectivity in the debate over Calvinism along with whether the gospel = calvinism:  LISTEN HERE

If someone walked up to a perfect stranger and said, “Before creation, God decided that most of humanity will certainly burn for eternity for something they have absolutely no control over.   1,019 more words