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The confused Calvinist and the No Sinners

Dear Doctrines of Grace Expositor,

I’m confused. Why do these things keep happening to me? Last night I enjoyed a righteous binge, a real good time on the town, got righteously drunk and sought out some female companionship. 1,989 more words

Proposed Solution to the Controversy: Can a Christian Lose His Salvation?

If a Christian dies continuing to sin willfully after knowing the truth, he does not lose his eternal salvation from all other sins.  However, he goes to hell for committing a sin for which Jesus did not die. 1,182 more words

Line by Line through Romans 9

This evening I will be debating Dr. James White over the interpretation of Romans 9. In the process of  writing my commentary on this chapter I have produced a summary outline that may help others better understand the flow of the text from a non-Calvinistic “Traditionalist” Southern Baptist perspective. 3,449 more words


The Life of Leonard Ravenhill: In Light of Eternity by Mack Tomlinson

I finally ordered the biography on Leonard Ravenhill and it arrived in the mail today. I’ve read all of Ravenhills books and listened to all the sermons I could find so I was excited about this book. 521 more words

What is Calvinism?

Calvinism means different things to different people. Even to those who might call themselves “Calvinist,” what they mean by the term is not always the same. 1,863 more words


Five Perplexing (Maybe Humorous) Contradictions in Today's Church

Okay… If you’re strange like me you sometimes think you hear contradictions that may or may not be so. Below are a few of the things about today’s church that are perplexing to me and that seem contradictory. 142 more words

Pre-Calvinism Debate: Defining the Terms

See the YouTube Video Message for Dr. James White: HERE  OR: Listen to the Podcast of the same message: HERE.

Here is the follow up reply to Dr. 1,002 more words