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Pre-Calvinism Debate: Defining the Terms

See the YouTube Video Message for Dr. James White: HERE  OR: Listen to the Podcast of the same message: HERE.

As many of you already know, I will be debating… 982 more words


Corporate Election = Impersonal Election?

Calvinists often accuse those who hold to The Corporate View as promoting an interpretation of election that is “too impersonal.” For example, Dr. James White, a notable Calvinistic apologist states, … 953 more words


Common grounds for Arminianism and Calvinism. The problem of hell and the consistency of God's nature.

I can’t say I have the answer for this problem but I’d like to present it for others to possibly help me with. I’ve been very reserved about my opinions towards Calvinism and Arminianism for a lot of reasons. 1,004 more words

Humility + Love of Truth + Calvinism + Arminianism = This Quote

John Piper taught on the life of Charles Simeon at a Pastors Conference in 1989. It is a wonderful use of an an hour and a half of your time if you are willing to… 935 more words


10th of 2015.

The Transforming Power of Grace // Thomas C. Oden.

The premier “paleo-orthodox” theologian formulates his summa on the multi-facet role of grace.

From a scholar’s point of view, this book is well crafted. 70 more words

The Corporate View of Election

To hear Professor Flowers give a clear concise summary of the corporate view of election CLICK HERE.

Here is an another excellent concise summary of the doctrines of conditional election and predestination from the corporate election perspective, … 1,594 more words


Purposeless Evil?

In order to prepare for a debate with Dr. James White I have been listening and reading through many various online discussions. Recently I have come across a troubling and quite confounding argument made by my Calvinistic friends. 1,420 more words