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A Self Rectifying Mechanism

You quote MacDonald as believing that “not even omnipotence can make a man repent.” But surely you are not blind to the other half of what the man constantly taught? 1,730 more words

CS Lewis

The Calvinist and the Altar Call

I don’t want to take a lot of time over-introducing the video segment here, lest I fall into the trap of putting some spin on it; but in this 11-minute clip there is a strange juxtaposition between the… 87 more words


Whose Soteriology is really "Man-Centered" and "Humanistic?"

These are some recent comments sent to me via social media:

  • “Your theology is man-centered…”
  • “You are a humanistic Pelagian…”
  • “You start with man and build your view of God around humanistic reasoning.”
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Why Calvinists Cannot have Assurance

The Assurance of Salvation: And why a consistent Calvinist can’t have it.


I grew up as a church brat.

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Calvinism in the Southern Baptist Convention

I do not typically repost other articles, but this one needs to be seen and read by many.  This is NOT about being “anti-Calvinistic.” It is about brethren having two different, well established soteriological perspectives of the scripture, but only one of those perspectives being represented well by those in authority. 798 more words


Short Dialogue with an Arminian

This is a recent dialogue I engaged in with an arminian via social media. He posted a question in a calvinist group asking for some discussion on arminianism vs calvinism, and then presented very standard arminian arguments. 2,152 more words


Calvinism's Inconsistency Revealed

John Calvin wrote:

“…how foolish and frail is the support of divine justice afforded by the suggestion that evils come to be, not by His will but by His permission…It is a quite frivolous refuge to say that God otiosely permits them, when Scripture shows Him not only willing, but the author of them…Who does not tremble at these judgments with which God works in the hearts of even the wicked whatever He will, rewarding them nonetheless according to desert? 1,098 more words