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TULIP and its Origins

Since the beginning of its history the Christian church has evolved.  From its inception with Jesus and the Apostles it has morphed into many branches and theologies.  2,995 more words

Calvinism: Does Man Have a Free Will? - Part 2

This is the second part of our series on Calvinism, where we are beginning with addressing some of the misconceptions that accompany the system of theology. 794 more words

Calvinism: Since God is Sovereign, Should We Evangelize the Lost? - Part 1

Today, I begin a study in the doctrines of grace, or commonly known by many as the 5 points of Calvinism. Calvinism is a belief that encapsulates an understanding of  soteriology (doctrine of salvation). 594 more words

Why Evangelical Arminian Christianity?

Over the summer Roger Olson has posted a 10-part blog series called, “Why I am an ‘Evangelical Arminian Christian.” Among many other books, Olson is the author of: 89 more words

Theology Discussion

Is Jesse Morrell an Arminian?

This was an email I received today:

Hi, just found your site while researching “original sin”. I see you are against Calvinism and wondered (maybe I just didn’t see it) if you consider yourself Arminian in belief? 

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Answering the Calvinist's #1 Argument

“Why did you believe the gospel, but your friend did not? Are you wiser or smarter or more spiritual or better trained or more humble?” 3,094 more words


A Rare Moment of Calvinist Transparency

I mentioned a few weeks ago I wanted to return to a discussion that happened several weeks ago on The Happy Rant Podcast, with Ted Kluck, Barnabas Piper and Ronnie Martin. 779 more words