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Spring - Haiku

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Spring brings Armistice 

the fox with kits leaves the hunt 

warm sunlight on mice


Is it Time for the US to Broker Peace in Korea?

Like the Vietnam conflict, the Korean War’s long shadow could impact US foreign policy for decades to come.

Imagine for a moment that Kim Jong-un isn’t really an evil communist…

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North Korea

In the News, January 25th

This is just a smattering of what has been in the newspapers and newsreels in Rampart, Frontier, Byland, etc. It is offered here in bullet-point format to give you an idea of what’s going on in the world. 265 more words

World Information

The Stab in the Back: Hitler's Explanation for Germany's Loss in World War I

This post examines the hypothesis that Germany lost World War I (WWI), not through defeat on the battlefield, but because certain Germans actively undermined the war effort. 5,131 more words

Modèle Stone Two d'Armistice

A l’occasion de sa nouvelle collection Printemps-Eté 2015, Armistice inaugure un nouveau modèle pour hommes baptisé « Stone Two ». Celui-ci est en quelque sorte le petit frère de la Stone One : il compte deux œillets au lieu d’un pour glisser les lacets en corde marine. 70 more words

A Fairytale Castle Close to Paris

‘To restore a building is to recreate it in a complete form, indeed a form which might never have existed’ Viollet-le-Duc,1866.
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November 11, 1918

After four years of absolutely bloody carnage, The Great War, which would later become known as World War I, comes to an end.  It’s an unofficial end (various treaties and what not would be signed over the coming years), but it’s an end.  200 more words

World War I