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Your 8-year-old self would have wanted you to have this.

Chivalry lives! Huzzah! Check out this hoodie and tell me you don’t want it. I’d never spend this much on it and I don’t know where I’d wear this stupid thing, but the kid in me is so excited that this is out there and wants it plus a plastic sword. 68 more words


A Brief Discourse by Humfrey Barwick- Modernized Transcription

Humfrey Barwick’s pamphlet, full title A Breefe Discourse, Concerning the force and effect of all manuall weapons of fire, and the disability of the Long Bowe or Archery, in respect of others of greater force now in vse… 477 more words


History Channel: Bows vs Crossbows vs Guns

This is a pretty silly pop history demonstration- just what one would expect from the History Channel- but still entertaining to see the power of a heavy matchlock musket. 53 more words


Torc Happy

I’ve been making cuffs and bracelets left and right. This beauty is the most recent one. I’ve been trying my best to combine vibes of armor, chain mail, and pretty Roman and Germanic torc styles together. 136 more words


The King's Armor

It is funny how on the hardest days you can learn the most about God. Since my dad’s death, almost 3 years ago now, it has been an uphill battle. 466 more words