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Underarm Rehab- What in the World is That??!

Conventional Deodorants and Antiperspirants: What’sĀ the big deal?

When we read the ingredients on conventional deodorantsĀ and antiperspirants, do many of us know what any of those long names actually are? 1,284 more words


MUST SEE: What is something on Maine Mendoza's Armpit?

MUST SEE: What is something on Maine Mendoza’s Armpit?
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); Maine Mendoza is so flawless and so fine and fair every time we see her wear sleeveless and wears shorts. 16 more words

A bushy tail to a hairy story

Last week’s story about the hairy-women scale was triggered by something a friend said.

We were watching Life of Brian. Enter a naked Brian and Judith. 579 more words


A Simple Armpit Detox

This morning I read this really interesting article about our armpits and how the clogged pores lead to breast cancer. It makes sense, seeing how they are so close in proximity and deodorant completely clogs the pores to keep them from sweating, keeping toxins in. 211 more words


Twenty Better Questions about Holes by Louis Sachar #yalitclass

This week’s reading response is based on Kris L. Meyers “Twenty (Better) Questions,” a type of reading response that aims to acquire the reader’s personal response to literature. 1,330 more words

Young Adult Literature

Such a sweaty armpit...

So it has indeed been a while since I last wrote (and I will get to part three of the tipping blog soon) and that is because we once again got stuck in the armpit of SE Asia once more and I was in no mood to write anything. 804 more words