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The Armpit of Depression

When celebrities are in crisis, they are often referred to as the “face of” the crisis, condition or difficulty. Michael J. Fox is the face of Parkinson’s, Christopher Reeve was the face of spinal cord injury, Bill Cosby is the face of destroyed childhood sitcom icons, and so on. 232 more words


Recommended Books: Priscilla the Great Versus Armpit Hair

#Books #eBooks #iOS Priscilla the Great Versus Armpit Hair When Billy Wescott thinks he sees something scary in the woods, it s Priscilla the Great to the rescue but for a fee, of course. 40 more words

kiss, miley cyrus, season 11, nbc, the voice, armpit Gif For Fun

kiss, miley cyrus, season 11, nbc, the voice, armpit Gif for Fun at your Time


Ladies, Embrace the Fur

By Angela Lince

Open the doors for our cold, sweater-approved friend, Winter. He requires all mankind to wear two-inch thick clothing, if you don’t, expect frostbite. 686 more words

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Sgt at Arms Deo Spray by Fairness and Flawless (Product Review)

Let’s roll…

Introducing a deo spray which promises to keep your UAs whiter, smoother and fresher.

I saw this product in Instagram but bought it in a Physical Store(Reseller) in Market-Market, Taguig for Php185. 311 more words

Armpits, Scrubbing, & Acne: Why Is It Not Commonly Discussed?

Today it hit me: Why have I not encountered an article regarding armpit scrubbing as part of a normal daily routine? I’ve heard and read about whitening dark armpits, but what about just proper care for it? 242 more words



The bad odour in underarms is a result of bacteria instead of sweat. There are 2 types of sweat glands  Eccrine and Apocrine gland. The areas of your body that contains apocrine glands tend to be warm and confined, moistness become the breeding ground for bacteria causing bad odour. 193 more words