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ArmPit Detox

Armpit detox helps getting rid of body toxins that have built up on the skin. It may also help to reduce the capacity of sweat glands and the amount of odor they produce. 210 more words

A Foggy Day (In Delhi Town)

Good God, but the air pollution here in Delhi is bad. Quite startlingly bad. I thought Hong Kong was pretty smoggy, but it’s got nothing on this place. 342 more words

What's that smell?

Somewhere around the time I hit puberty, as my body began to develop, so did my personal musk. I graduated from little girl sugar and spice to something more mature and, like most people with any sense of propriety, started wearing deodorant. 302 more words

Body odour prevention

Many are fighting body odour issues,this can be caused major when you don’t constantly give the body daily and after day freshness,like night shower etc. FEMINELLE SPECIAL CARE deodorizing cleansing gel provides an instant refreshments .. 26 more words

Papaya Sweater Update- The Pits

I’ve made it through the tricky part (as far as this sweater has a tricky part; it’s exceptionally simple).  The shoulders look great, and I made it to the arm/body split, otherwise known as the armpit. 167 more words


Armpits and Magoo

The latest in a series of unfortunate events regarding Meganitis is an ongoing severe armpit pain.  Yes, I said it , armpit pain.  Truth be told my armpits always hurt. 275 more words

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