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I absolutely hate shaving! I shave my face about once a month, maybe less if I’m not at work or travelling for a long period. The main reason I hate shaving is because it makes my face sore and uncomfortable. 529 more words

Things Driving Me Crazy Today

Tuesday. The smelly, unshaven armpit of the week. Here’s the first list of Things Driving Me Crazy in 2016.

  • When I walk 15 flights of stairs (because Fitbit) but my gadget only counts nine flights.
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Sex in Two and a Half Minutes

Swaziland is a sexy country.

Perhaps this is why, a decade ago, it lost a quarter of its population to HIV/AIDS and continues to have the highest prevalence of HIV in the world. 294 more words


1st Session - Armpits & Forearm

After reading the instruction manual and charging the machine up (which tool around an hour), I was all set to go.

I took pictures of my armpits and forearms so that I can track my progress and then shaved the areas, as per the instructions. 301 more words


Underarm Rehab- What in the World is That??!

Conventional Deodorants and Antiperspirants: What’s the big deal?

When we read the ingredients on conventional deodorants and antiperspirants, do many of us know what any of those long names actually are? 1,284 more words