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Armpits and Magoo

The latest in a series of unfortunate events regarding Meganitis is an ongoing severe armpit pain.  Yes, I said it , armpit pain.  Truth be told my armpits always hurt. 275 more words

Things To Think About

Primal Pit Paste: Natural Deodorant Review

So, if you have not read my post about choosing natural deodorant and why you should make the transition into using it- you should do that first. 342 more words

Ejo #91 - Wave Your Arms In The Air, Like You Just Don't Care!

When I was younger my family had a holiday house (a holiday shed, in reality) down the coast at Cape Schanck on the Mornington Peninsula. Between the ages of about 12 and 17, we spent every weekend at this property (which we called “the farm”), basically running around like wild, feral kids getting bruised, scraped, dirty and exhausted. 1,825 more words

Learning About Me

How And Why: Transitioning To Natural Deodorant

When you first decide to make a life style change, whether it be changing your hair, loosing weight, eating healthier, becoming a minimalist, etc; it is best to start with… 442 more words

I Stopped Shaving My Underarms

So I decided one day I was done with shaving, everyone is different and we all have different ways of hair removal that work for you, or no hair removal at all, whatever your preference. 545 more words

What to do for a Flawless Armpits?

Dark underarm is a dilemma to most women.  This is because we want to look flawless, most especially the hidden area of our body.  Originally our armpit is white until we discover products and activities that we apply or do in that area.  374 more words

A new tattoo trend is here

Somehow, sometime in our lives the idea of getting inked has passed through our minds. It could have been that time in our childhood when we put on sticker tattoos trying to look cool, or that time when we got those flashy festival tattoos that looked amazing. 294 more words