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Would You Glitter Your Pits?

As we know, women are not scared to make a statement and when I mean a statement I mean going far beyond your usual message. By this I mean not only letting people know what they support they also put it all over the Internet. 412 more words


Writing 101: Join Me For a Virtual Coffee Date?

Today’s Writing 101 assignment asked me to write an update post in the form of a “virtual coffee date,” you know, like catching up with a friend over a hot drink. 560 more words

My Left Pit

I have a routine now.  First, I double wash both of them in the shower.  Then, I wash them in the bathroom sink.  Then, I use witch hazel on them. 872 more words


That's the pits

I’m no stranger to awkwardness. In fact, I think my entire personality is seeped in it. I crippled myself a few months back and only recently decided to go see a doctor about it. 1,169 more words

Dublin Or Bust: Information Developer

How to Detox Your Armpits

You might think that sounds like a good idea until you actually hear what all it entails. It means you’re going to have to give up your normal deodorant for good. 592 more words


Antiperspirant versus Deodorant (Aluminum versus Ammonium Alum)

It finally happened! I finally found a deodorant that works! Let me tell you, I’ve tried many, many different kinds and always had to refresh or just deal with the musty smell. 660 more words


Apple Cider Vinegar vs Deodorant

A couple of months ago when my deodorant ran out… I didn’t go buy more. So I haven’t bought deodorant in months. I know what you’re probably thinking, that I’m gross and blah blah blah. 284 more words