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What's that smell?

Raise your hand if this has happened to you:

You use a deodorant for a reasonable length of time and BAM! All of a sudden it stops working. 352 more words

Skin Saviors

How to remove embarrassing armpit stains

Now that Spring has sprung, your T-Shirts and Shirts won’t have the luxury of hiding under big jackets and jersey’s and those embarrassing armpit stains are out in the open. 364 more words

Cleaning Services

Happy Pits

I have a confession to make: I sweat, and it’s not pretty by any means. I also can have BO that can make you run for the hills, if I don’t reapply deodorant right away. 341 more words


Deo For My B-O

Let’s talk about pits. No, not canines this time, but rather ARM PITS! That silly lil crevice that we must keep groomed and tidy and always smelling fresh; because no one wants the aroma of Taco Bell in the morning wafting through the air as you stroll by!! 1,373 more words


DIY in July

Hey loves! Hope you all are enjoying your summer. My summer, oddly enough, has been flying by! Our girls will be back to school in just two short weeks. 617 more words

Crystal deodorant stick

The first time I tried a natural deodorant was years ago and it didn’t go well. So I was hesitant to try another. But I grabbed a travel size of this… 284 more words


You can judge me...

All you want. It is free. I deserve the eye rolling!

I already warned you Lovelies that I sometimes (read “often”) have weird ideas. The cat-crazy lady (my friend, co-worker and neighbour) now knows just by the look on my face, when I get one of my odd thoughts. 140 more words