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Cover Photo

I’m so in love with my cover photo from a filipino gay indie film. ūüėć


Organic Deodorant: Lost in Translation

From my experience there are two types of experiences that people undergo during the transition to organic deodorant. Some people love it and immediately reap the health benefits and some of us stink so¬†bad we make… 929 more words

Don't miss to experiment 

Remember, life is only once. Don’t forget to have casual flings as many times as you can in your life. Select healthy women with a curvy shape , who have the spunk to make your life spicy. 65 more words

Refresh yourself in a Resort 

In this fast paced and busy world, everyone deserves a relaxing outing. Don’t waste your youth. Enjoy your potent life. Take a girl to a resort and give her a relaxing time. 71 more words

Hey Ladies, detox those pits today!

Ok ladies, this one is just for us…‚ÄčDo you detox your pits??? I bet you’re saying to yourself: what the heck is she talking about! Lol. 169 more words