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I Like Your Armpits

NOT REALLY!  That’s just not my thing.  I have plenty of other kinky things, thank you very much.

I’m currently watching a Dan & Phil video on how to YouTube. 221 more words


Feeling The Bern? Don't Sweat it

Efficient use of deodorant and talcum powder are keys on the campaign trail for the Democratic hopeful

Not a single drop of sweat was seen on Bernie Sanders’ shirt during last nights speech. 277 more words

Underarm Conversations

All about underarms.

If your underarms could talk to you, what do you think they’d say? If you can talk to them, what would you say? 4,377 more words

Health, Well-being And Beauty

Dove Cool Essentials Dry Spray

Have you been looking for a new deodorant that doesn’t leave white streaks and a sticky residue? Well I have the product for you. #TryDry Yes, I said it. 50 more words


Week sixteen - House Band

Not every live music experience needs to be in a concert auditorium or a pub venue. This week, I was treated to performances from two very special musicians in a suburban living room. 326 more words

Crutches Redesigned

Crutches are finally getting a redesign after 150 years https://t.co/N1orYP1DTJ via @techinsider

— Syd the Jack (@mxdentrepreneur) April 25, 2016


Armpits Like Doner Meat [Blog]

Earlier this week, I made a shocking discovery. My armpits smell like doner meat.

There’s a little salt in the musk, and of course that lamby smell, like chops and mint sauce. 192 more words