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Don't miss to experiment 

Remember, life is only once. Don’t forget to have casual flings as many times as you can in your life. Select healthy women with a curvy shape , who have the spunk to make your life spicy. 65 more words

Refresh yourself in a Resort 

In this fast paced and busy world, everyone deserves a relaxing outing. Don’t waste your youth. Enjoy your potent life. Take a girl to a resort and give her a relaxing time. 71 more words

Hey Ladies, detox those pits today!

Ok ladies, this one is just for us…​Do you detox your pits??? I bet you’re saying to yourself: what the heck is she talking about! Lol. 169 more words



He sees
You leave.
Sweat collects
In his armpits.
But his eyes
Are dry.


Humans of my Brain 5.0 

Me: Do you find it comfortable to be a woman in your position?

Her: Hey! What do you mean? Just because I’m a woman, I can’t live in difficult conditions? 143 more words


The patriarchy and my armpits

I cannot wait for summer to be over, I think ruefully as I examine the red shaving bumps on my armpits. But no, I think, it is not the end of summer I long for…but the destruction of the patriarchy. 11 more words


My wife knows my anatomy so well
Better than the diaper I wore or my mom
Who cleaned me when I pushed out little solid particles… 254 more words