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Humans of my Brain 5.0 

Me: Do you find it comfortable to be a woman in your position?

Her: Hey! What do you mean? Just because I’m a woman, I can’t live in difficult conditions? 143 more words


The patriarchy and my armpits

I cannot wait for summer to be over, I think ruefully as I examine the red shaving bumps on my armpits. But no, I think, it is not the end of summer I long for…but the destruction of the patriarchy. 11 more words


My wife knows my anatomy so well
Better than the diaper I wore or my mom
Who cleaned me when I pushed out little solid particles… 254 more words


How To Lighten Armpits : 10 Simple Home Remedies

Dark skin under the arms is not considered as any skin disease or infection. It has no any relation to medical condition. It can be a cause o the regular use of hair removing creams, may be a shaving reason, accumulation of dead skin cells, poor ventilation of underarms, use o alcohol-based deodorants and excessive sweating. 837 more words

Skin Care Tips

Day 251: The Pits

Hello wild ones! This humpday has been a little less than pleasant thus far due to the fact that I awoke to find that bitch Aunt Flo has returned. 967 more words

Body Hair and the Horrible Machine

First of all, fuck shaving.

I have very sensitive skin, and I’m prone to outbreaks of eczema. Shaving makes it much, much worse. For the past year, I’ve had these stubborn little patches of eczema on my armpits and inner thighs that just won’t go away. 606 more words


The Pit Shop Deodorant Review

These days, I’ve been much more aware of chemicals and yuckies used in commercial brand cosmetics especially antiperspirants. Recently there has been some chatter about the chemicals leaching into our lymph nodes and causing increased rates of cancer and health problems. 1,546 more words

Indie Cosmetics