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The Great (Arms) Debate: And I don't mean my biceps

An open letter to those arguing that banning and/or severely limiting arms rights is wrong because, “guns do not kill people”.

While, yes, you can make an argument that infringing on this right is… 745 more words

2nd Amendment

House and Senate Votes on the Iran Agreement

This past week the House and Senate considered the nuclear deal President Obama negotiated with Iran. The deal was essentially done when the U.N. Security Council voted unanimously to lift the sanctions placed on Iran… 328 more words

114th Congress

When is the AP going to explain its bogus Parchin story?

Remember how a few weeks ago, the AP’s George Jahn reported that he’d seen a draft of the agreement between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency governing site inspections at Iran’s Parchin military base? 840 more words


Stratfor describes the Middle East - after the Iran deal

Summary: What lies in the future of the Middle East once the specter of an nuclear-armed Iran disappears (said tobe imminent every year since 1984… 1,667 more words


Who are you going to believe, a bunch of experts or Chuck Schumer?

Chuck Schumer has unsurprisingly become every right-winger’s favorite Democrat since he declared last week that he’s voting against the Iran deal. Nothing wrong with that, I guess, although it seems an odd place to find a guy who thinks he’s going to be the next Democratic leader in the Senate. 693 more words

If I Had A Hammer