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Albert Einstein, Donald Trump and North Korea

Thomas A. Loftus (U.S. Ambassador to Norway, 1993-1997)

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Seventy years ago Albert Einstein, in an Atlantic Magazine article entitled “Atomic War or Peace,” changed American opinion on the use of nuclear weapons. 813 more words


We pay for Trump's gift to the hard-liners of Iran & America

Summary: Trump’s efforts to scuttle our arms control agreement with Iran is a gift to the far-right of both American and Iran. It is a blow to the interests of both Iran and America. 1,658 more words

Stratfor: Trump's art of wrecking the nuclear deal with Iran

Summary: Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran was one of his major accomplishments, a defeat of the multi-generational propaganda barrage by America’s pro-war hawks. Now conservatives work to overturn it, as they have opposed all nuclear arms control treaties — deals that have helped prevent atomic war. 2,639 more words

Why America Acts So Goddamn Crazy

Why America Acts So Goddamn Crazy By Caitlin Johnstone I just finished reading what may be the single best takedown of the US establishment’s Russia… 17 more words


Russia, US Officials Revive Dialogue on Arms Control: Offering Glimmer of Hope, by Andrei Akulov

As a general rule, any time US and Russian officials talk to each other, it’s a good thing, especially when they’re talking about arms control. From Andrei Akulov at strategic-culture.org: 419 more words

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Save the INF Treaty--but not by repeating history

Thomas Graham, Jr. (Special Representative of the President for Arms Control, Nonproliferation and Disarmament, 1994-1997)

Bernadette Stadler (Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellow at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation) 1,558 more words


‘Reckless’ weapons trade Foreign minister urges full implementation of arms treaty

September 11, 2017


States must focus more effort on fully implementing the landmark Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), which was adopted four years ago, Swiss Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter said on Monday. 598 more words

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