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Lord Commander Jon Snow Offers Cryptic Observation On White Walker Arms Talks

(PNI.  Winterfell, Kingdom of the North.)

Reporters for a leading King’s Landing weekly entertainment magazine, Brothels & Beheadings, spoke by carrier pigeon recently with Jon Snow, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and undocumented son of the late Lord of Winterfell and King’s Hand, Eddard “Ned” Stark.   46 more words


CONRAD BLACK: How the U.S. Lost the World’s Respect

National Review — All polls and even informal observations by well-connected people confirm that the world’s opinion of the United States as a serious world power has eroded markedly. 135 more words

International Relations

Book Review "The Path To Zero: Dialogues On Nuclear Dangers" By Richard Falk And David Krieger

This book ought to be required reading for college students everywhere in the world, and also for decision-makers. 2,596 more words


The Second Amendment and Gun Problems!

CONTROVERSY LEVEL: 10 of 10. The title alone is going to get clicks. I know it’s controversial; BRING IT ON! The overall mission of this blog is to cut the crap with partisan “logic,” rhetoric, and to completely ignore any of the derailing propaganda out there. 3,405 more words


আজকের উপলব্ধিতে নাগরিক ঐক্য [০৯.০৫.১৫]

নাগরিক ঐক্য #Nagorik

অবৈধ অস্ত্র উদ্ধার #ArmsControl

মাদকমুক্ত বাংলাদেশ  #StopDrugTrafficking  #Nagorik

International Relations

নাগরিক শক্তি

'When did America forget that it’s America?'


A Message from Natan Sharansky, a Human rights Activist and Former Political Prisoner in the Soviet Union

Natan Sharansky writes: On a number of occasions during  639 more words


What is Iran's 9-point plan to destroy Israel?

Summary:  As Obama’s deal with Iran comes home for review it’s important to understand not just how we see Iran (inaccurately), but why. Here’s a case study of the news given us. 1,077 more words