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Avoiding A War In Space

Space is becoming more congested, contested and competitive. Since the Soviet Union put the first satellite, Sputnik I, into space in 1957, no nation has deliberately destroyed another’s satellite in orbit. 17 more words

United States

Expert: Iran is on a weapons shopping spree in Russia and China

May 2016TEHRAN – During an Oversight Committee hearing Tuesday on Capitol Hill, American Enterprise Institute Scholar Michael Rubin warned the vague language in the Iranian nuclear deal has allowed the regime to become the best customers of U.S. 168 more words
Geopolitical Crisis

Pakistan says we have the "credentials" to join "Nuclear Suppliers Group"


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s foreign secretary on Tuesday told a U.S. envoy his country has the “credentials” to join a club of nuclear trading nations, signalling Islamabad may apply alongside India and force a showdown in the consensus-based group next month. 296 more words

Russia calls European Missile Defense System a ‘Direct Threat’ – warns it might reduce parts of Europe to 'smoking ruins'

May 2016MOSCOW — As American and allied officials celebrated the opening of a long-awaited missile defense system in Europe with a ribbon cutting and a band, the reaction in Russia on Thursday suggested the system had raised the risks of a nuclear war. 835 more words
Geopolitical Crisis

Russia’s New Missile Means the Nuclear Arms Race Is Back On

Team Putin is talking up fearsome new hardware that could accelerate a nuclear contest not seen since the Cold War.

Russia has a new nuclear missile — one that Zvezda, a Russian government-owned T.V.

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Iran nuclear talks...


World powers have reached a deal with Iran on limiting Iranian nuclear activity in return for the lifting of international economic sanctions.

Previously the six world powers – the US, UK, France, China, Russia and Germany wanted to scale back its sensitive nuclear activities to ensure that it cannot build any nuclear weapons. 156 more words