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Lockheed Martin Is One Step Closer to Building Hypersonic Missiles That Are Faster Than Today's Anti-Aircraft Systems

The Pentagon has given Lockheed Martin a $928 million contract to develop and build hypersonic missiles, which will be able to travel at more than five times the speed of sound. 298 more words


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A poet paints a beautiful picture of his Muse in different shades of Life. Colouring the canvas with images live, Incorporating the diaspora on a palette of hues bright.

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Russia Tests Its 'Satan 2' Nuclear Missile As Putin Taunts Trump In Arms Race |RN

Alex Lockie

Russian President Putin watching the launch of a missile during naval exercises in Russia’s Arctic North aboard the nuclear missile cruiser Peter the Great in 2005. 651 more words


Deep State comes undone as Trump congratulates President Putin and pledges to curb arms race

Lordy, lordy the Deep State has come undone.  Just when Theresa May set the stage for war with Russia based on the unsubstantiated debunked lie that Putin poisoned an ex-spy and his daughter in Britain, Trump called Putin to congratulate him on his win in the presidential election in Russia.  2,760 more words

Trump Congratulates Putin...Surely the World Will End Tomorrow!

In a race toward going down in history as the most vile pack of imbeciles ever given a brain, members of Congress denounced Trump for talking to another human being. 813 more words


Bewilderment as meeting between world's two biggest nut jobs heralded as positive step

There  is much head-scratching and raised eyebrows among people with IQs greater than 10 today, following the news that two of the world’s most dangerous lunatics are to meet to hammer out a peace deal and discuss nuclear arms. 280 more words

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Book Review: Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley

Title: Life and Letters of Thomas Henry Huxley

Author: Leonard Huxley


  • Volume I: D. Appleton and Company, New York, 1909, 542-pages.
  • Volume II: Macmillan and Co., London, 1913, 476-pages.
  • 2,444 more words