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6 stupid things done by natural selection

When we think of evolution, guided by natural selection, we tend to think it leads to “better” organisms. And in some sense, it often does. Forget the idea of a ladder where you always get “higher” organisms as you go up. 3,365 more words


Automated bots flood the campaign, swaying and even fooling voters

Tim Johnson for McClatchy (November 4, 2016): “A stream of recent sneaky tweets and social media posts tell people they can “vote from home” by simply sending a text message, a devious tactic to suppress votes. 70 more words


We Probably Shouldn't Call This an Arms Race

A note about inevitability, and something about a nod and wink. GDC knows why.


Image note: xkcd #1753 by Randall Munroe,


The Different Game Modes

There are many different game modes in Counter Strike Global Offensive today. All of the game modes there is something different for a player to do. 652 more words



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Arms “Race”

Millions of planets go spinning around
out of our sight and making no sound.
Because we don’t see them, are they not there? 195 more words

Russia is losing an economic war

The Russian Federation is in economic crisis.

The economy is shrinking.  Although unemployment is low, poverty is increasing,  Inflation is at double-digit rates.   The exchange rate for the ruble is falling.  603 more words


The Advertising and Marketing War

There is a funny pattern that has taken over the globe, that many people have not stopped to notice and think about as of yet. 271 more words