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Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand is the highest peak in the Middle East with an elevation of 5,610 m (18, 405 ft). It is located in Iran in the middle of the Alborz mountain range, near the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. 83 more words

Saudis on Nuclear Deal: US is Damned if it Does and Damned if it Doesn't

Obama’s efforts to sign a nuclear deal with Iran have rattled the US’s historical allies in the region. It was expected that Israel would loudly object to any nuclear deal with Iran but the reactions of the Gulf States, with Saudi Arabia at their head, are now bordering between fear and hysteria. 700 more words


Saudi Arabia Promises to Match Iran in Nuclear Capability - NYTimes.com

Do you know how long we in the US have been warned about Iran and their search for a nuke?  Decades!  That is correct we have been told that Iran is only moments away from having a nuke, mostly by Israel and most of it was LIES! 98 more words

International Situations

14th May, 1915 (Friday)

BORN TODAY: in Bergen – Olaf Sunde, Norwegian resistance fighter, lawyer and workers’ rights activist.



The politics of the arms race: The Times of London reports on the “shell crisis” facing British forces on the Western Front, thereby implicitly criticising the government for the supply chain failures: 54 more words

100 Years Ago Today

Pride is a form of control; Pride is shame in disguise.

People talk about pride as a good thing.

“You should be proud of yourself” really means “You did what I wanted you to do”

“Where’s your pride!” really means “You’re not doing what I want you to do.” 331 more words


Kill the Bill

I’ve been going through the mess of records that I’ve bought the past few of months. I’m rearranging my house so there’s just a mess of records everywhere. 124 more words

Vinyl Records

Peter Beaumont - "The $18bn arms race helping to fuel Middle East conflict" | World news | The Guardian

“Omar Ashour, an expert on Middle East security issues at Exeter University, adds another caution, this time over the intentions of the new Saudi-led Arab coalition, warning that its interventions are unlikely to contribute to stability.

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