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S Korea stages live-fire drill near sea border

SEOUL: South Korea on Monday staged a major live-fire exercise near the disputed inter-Korean sea border despite North Korea’s warning of possible “merciless” retaliation, military officials said.
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Chinese troops from People’s Republic of China training on U.S. soil in joint operation project

November 2015BEIJING – WASHINGTON – 80 soldiers from China’s People’s Liberation Army are visiting Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, Washington. It’s the first time Chinese troops have been invited to train in the continental United States. 537 more words
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Governor Rick Snyder: No more Syrian refugees in Michigan

November 2015LANSING, MICH. — Gov. Rick Snyder’s decision to suspend efforts to bring Syrian refugees to Michigan in light of the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday has sparked controversy and launched the state into the national debate of how to protect U.S. 388 more words
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Russia may provide India with unique military tech

Russia may provide India with unique, cutting-edge military technology, which no other country is able to deliver, India’s Major General (Retired) G D Bakshi told ZRussian newspaper Sputnik on Saturday. 107 more words


A review of 'Dreadnought' by Robert K. Massie

Review of  ‘Dreadnought’: Britain, Germany and the Coming of the Great War Massie, Robert K  Kindle Edition.

From colonial disputes, secret treaties with former foes, high-wire diplomacy, and tit-for-tat building of the terrifyingly powerful dreadnought battleships. 570 more words

Book Review

The Latest Field Test of Conventional Weapons

The business of warfare  is racing ahead unchecked and with no apparent end other than to create massive profits and keep the arms buying frenzy at a fever pitch. 745 more words