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Israel Develops Newer Weapons

Israel this week officially unveiled a not-so-secret secret weapon it has been working on with the US defense industry for some years.

The entry into service of the David’s Sling anti-missile system completes Israel’s multi-tier missile shield. 167 more words

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JS - The Nuclear Arms Race

From the beginning of civilisation, man has strived to evolve deadlier weapons throughout history for both offensive and defensive capabilities. The arms race was a competition between the USA and USSR to out perform each other with the destructive capacity of their nuclear weaponry. 565 more words

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JMcD - The Arms Race of The Cold War

In the early – mid twentieth century a competition broke out between the USA and USSR for superiority in the development and accumulation of weapons, in order to gain an advantage within the power struggle of the Cold War: the Arms Race. 461 more words

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An Arms Race

Let it be an arms race

That final epithet writ large on a molten tombstone

A global division that runs as deep as atoms

The only words they’ll read of our burning home… 89 more words


China Shrewdly Diverted Military Spending as City’s Island Building

In my post “Why China Can Win in Its Arms Race with the US?” on January 16, 2016, I said:

In the arms race between China and the US, China is the sure winner because China relies on its enterprises including state-owned and private ones for the development and production of advanced weapons.

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Arms race among new luxury apartments includes live-in musicians

If you have the resources, you have some options in shopping for a nice new apartment including a building musician:

Amenities for high rise buildings are generally culled from a well-honed list of known popular offerings—a lounge, gym, a pool, an outdoor deck, and grilling stations wouldn’t really lead anyone to blink an eyelash.

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Undoubtedly China Is Conducting Arms Race with US

Whatever the defense budget that China has made public, China is conducting an arms race with the US. There is no doubt whatsoever about that. 676 more words