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Top Navy official: Russian submarine activity expands to Cold War level

May 2016WASHINGTON – Russia is deploying its ballistic missiles and attack submarines in numbers, range and aggression not seen in two decades, according to a top U.S. 578 more words
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Congress moves to require women to register for military draft

April 2016WASHINGTON – House lawmakers took a large step toward putting female soldiers on the front lines on Wednesday, approving legislation requiring women to register for the draft. 312 more words
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NATO reportedly plans to send 4 battalions to eastern border with Russia

April 2016POLAND – NATO allies reportedly plan to put four battalions in Poland and other Baltic countries to beef up its Russian border as Moscow steps up military activity. 704 more words
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Escalation of tensions: China blocks U.S. Navy flotilla’s visit to Hong Kong

April 2016HONG KONG – The Chinese government on Thursday denied a Navy flotilla access to the port in Hong Kong, Pentagon officials said Friday, the latest sign of escalating tension between the United States and China. 377 more words
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China and Russia warns U.S. about deploying a missile shield in S. Korea

April 2016SOUTH KOREA – China and Russia urged the United States on Friday not to install a new anti-missile system in South Korea, after Washington said it was in talks with Seoul in the wake of nuclear arms and missile tests by North Korea. 341 more words
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China successfully tests hypersonic glide missile to deliver nuclear payload

April 2016BEIJING – China successfully flight tested its new high-speed maneuvering warhead last week, days after Russia carried out its own hypersonic glider test, according to Pentagon officials. 744 more words
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U.S. responds to Russian military build-up in the Black Sea - sends F-22 warplanes to Romania

April 2016ROMANIA – Two of the world’s most advanced warplanes have touched down in Romania for the first time, near the shores of the Black Sea and just a short hop from Ukraine, the Crimean Peninsula and Russia. 425 more words
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