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3rd July 1915 (Saturday)


On the American home front: German-American Erich Muenter, also known as Erich Holt or  Frank Holt, plants a bomb on board the SS Minnehaha… 52 more words

100 Years Ago Today

SHED Happens! Biological Stealth Fighter Jets

Other species, not just humans, have arms races. Most of the time, these races don’t involve laser beams and lightsabers, but they do involve some fancy adaptations. 440 more words


F35 - F16 = T-50 Arms Race

Fifth generation fighter jets –

Chinese, Russian, Indian and US

Arms Race

If you can believe the press reports surrounding the J-35s https://www.f35.com/ lack of capability to compete with old birds and new birds alike, then you would seriously ask why would you buy one. 561 more words


Why self-defense is a dumb argument against gun control

I usually stay middle-of-the-road when it comes to politics, but when I see a breakdown in logic and reason, I always feel compelled to point it out. 966 more words


Putin: We’re ramping up our ICBMs to defeat missile-defense systems

Quick — someone get another reset button! Not only has the Cold War begun again, now it appears we have returned to the old days of nuclear arms races, throw weights, and the like. 21 more words


19th June 1915 (Saturday)


~ at the New York naval shipyard – USS Arizona, a Pennsylvania class battleship sent to the bottom of Pearl Harbour on 7th December 1941, aged 26, along with 1,177 US servicemen. 63 more words

100 Years Ago Today

China practices an invasion of Taiwan

June 2015BEIJING – The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has recently been practicing the invasion of Taiwan with a number of joint air-sea military exercises in and around the Bashi Channel, in close proximity to Taiwanese territory.  504 more words
The Pyramid Model