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The August PS Magazine has arrived!

The August PS Magazine has arrived! Look for PS 753 to be in your inbox any day now. Grab it! Read it! Take what you can use from it! 25 more words

M119A3 Towed Howitzer... Power Cable Design Changed

The 8W0 cable assembly, NSN 5995-01-604-0451, is an important component that connects the M119A3 towed howitzer’s fire control computer (FCC) to the artillery power distribution assembly (APDA). 130 more words

Get Your Bradley Schematics Here!

Mechanics, troubleshooting a really difficult problem with a Bradley gets a whole lot easier when you have the schematics. They’ll guide you through all of the Bradley’s subsystems to make finding and fixing problems a cinch. 210 more words

M12 Fuel Lines Changing

The next time your M12A1 decon needs new return fuel lines, don’t go by the procedure in WP 0047 of TM 3-4230-237-23&P. The procedure for installing the fuel lines and the fuel line NSNs have changed. 141 more words

New M240L Short Barrel Parts Available

MWO 9-1005-313-23-4 replaces the M240L long barrel with a short barrel. Once your M240L has the short barrel, you’ll need these NSNs for replacement parts: 92 more words

Overcoming Fear: Responding to the Aftermath of the Chattanooga Shooting

As a military spouse, I have experienced the last few days much differently than the average civilian. I buried myself into my work on Thursday after I heard what was going on. 1,047 more words


Tears and Prayers in Chattanooga: The Senseless Loss of 4 Marines

It’s Thursday. The day of the week we are supposed to share memories and photographs from the past and hashtag them as #throwbackthursday or #tbt. But today, July 16, 2015 in beautiful Chattanooga, TN as a result of the horrific attacks of one man – we mourn. 964 more words