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Communications...DAGRs Now Managed by CECOM

For years, Army units returned unserviceable defense advanced GPS receivers (DAGRs) to Rockwell Collins for contractor depot support. Not anymore.

Army DAGR sustainment management has transitioned from position, navigation and timing (PNT) to CECOM. 557 more words

FMTV Interconnecting Box Revisited

   Page 14 of PS 753 (Aug 15) provided an email address for requesting a free FMTV interconnecting box. Unfortunately, a period was left out of that address. 28 more words

Buffaloing Enemy Mines

The Buffalo M1272 route clearance vehicle is as good as it gets for clearing mines. But these checks can help your Buffalo roam even better: 253 more words

Stryker...Tighten Drain Plugs the Right Way

Closing the 15 drain plugs on the hull of your Stryker seems like a simple thing. And it is. But if you get it wrong, you have problems. 156 more words

Maintenance Management...Got MSD Questions? Get Answers!

Many of you know by now that the maintenance support device (MSD)-V2 is phasing out and the MSD-V3 is being fielded.

Here’s more info on these changes, and how and where to get support for your MSD or related equipment. 386 more words

The August PS Magazine has arrived!

The August PS Magazine has arrived! Look for PS 753 to be in your inbox any day now. Grab it! Read it! Take what you can use from it! 25 more words