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Need Help with AGSE?

When you have questions about aviation ground support equipment (AGSE), contact the AGSE headshed at:


Access to the site requires a common access card (CAC). 116 more words

Transfer Aircraft the Right Way

There’s a right way and a wrong way to transfer an aircraft from one unit to another. The right way is with complete and correct paperwork. 353 more words

Remember Your General Aircraft TMs

Dear Editor,

While searching for replacement parts for our aircraft grounding cables, we did a lot of wheel spinning looking in the maintenance manuals. Finally, we checked out the… 507 more words

Save Your Aircraft Windows

Mechanics, you can minimize downtime and save your unit tons of money by repairing damaged acrylic aircraft windows instead of ordering new ones.

Tossing out acrylic aircraft windows because of scratches, blemishes or minor damage is costly. 121 more words

AN/PRQ-7 Radio Set... Need Parts For Your Radio?

Dear Sergeant Blade,

In my National Guard unit, I support the AN/PRQ-7 radio set, NSN 5820-01-499-4473. We’re having trouble finding NSNs for the microphone boots and the battery release catch. 158 more words

Computers & Software...Turn In EWO Laptops

The phase-out of Microsoft’s Windows XP® forced several big changes in the Army. One of the biggest affects electronic warfare officers (EWOs).

For years, multiple software platforms used by the electronic warfare community were located on multiple laptops. 372 more words