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Rebels, State TV: Syrian Army Closer to Golan Heights

Reuters news agency reports that the Syrian army and its allies made advances in the southwest that bring it closer to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights border, state television and rebels said on Saturday. 74 more words

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PFC Ewald Walter Kuefner

Here is my unique story.  I am a survivor of World War II, having been born in Berlin, Germany.  As a child I suffered through the bombings and the consequences from the war.  5,275 more words


Friday Favorites: 7/20/18

I’m back in Tennessee after a whirlwind trip to Los Angeles.

This was a fast-paced trip with too little time to adjust to time differences and unexpected outside stressors. 550 more words

When your audience has no idea where you're going...find a common thread to straighten everything out

Its never harder to stay tuned-in than when a presenter seems to be all over the place.

To keep this from being you: work on your craft by finding a common thread in your speech and follow it all the way through to the end. 92 more words


Pennsylvania Army depot employee dies after explosion and fire

One of five people injured during an explosion and fire at Letterkenny Army Depot in southern Pennsylvania died Thursday evening, according to a spokeswoman for the US Army Aviation and Missile Command. 248 more words

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Path of Blood - G.L.

We, the public, can only see what we are shown. Footage displayed on TV screens courtesy of news channels, and videos showered over the internet in little fragments of propaganda for uneducated and gullible minds to absorb. 478 more words

Dear Patience from Normandy, France

Dear Patience,

I went on Army training for two weeks and I come back to an unrecognisable Fortnite. Me and Emma went through our cycle again of being friends, arguing and then not talking to each other so If you could kindly tell her “I’m sorry” then that would be greatly appreciated. 554 more words