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Environmental Portraiture

As part of the Location Photography module, I am required to take 2 environmental portraiture images of a person with an ‘unusual job.’ One must be interior while the other is exterior. 264 more words


Arnold Newman

Arnold Newman was known for his portraits of famous artists and politicians. or environmental portraiture.  His work was mostly published in magazines. He was not only known for his photographs but for his many books. 98 more words


Willem de Kooning (by Arnold Newman, 1959)

“Estoy convencido de que cualquier intento fotográfico por mostrar al hombre completo es una tontería. Sólo podemos mostrar, lo mejor que podamos, lo que el hombre exterior revela. 61 more words


on composition

“I am always lining things up, measuring angles, even during this interview. I’m observing the way you sit and the way you fi t into the composition of the space around you.”

Arnold Newman

On Photography

Assignment 2: Environmental Portraits

These images are from the Behold :The Photog blog at SLATE magazine. The first two images are portraits by Maja Daniels who was commissioned by New York magazine to photograph french identical twins, Monette and Mady. 104 more words