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The Problem With FanFiction



a fictional account written by a fan of a show, movie, book, or video game to explore themes and ideas that will not or cannot be explored via the originating medium; also written…

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One-sided relationships: in relationship limbo?

This entry is for the January 2016 Carnival of Aces: Relationship Stages.

(content note: brief mention of sexual harassment)

If there are any errors with proofreading or clunky sentences or anything I forgot to add in, it’s because I was in a hurry to post this before midnight. 1,287 more words


Asexuality and the Relationship Escalator

Written for the January 2016 Carnival of Aces, on the theme of ‘relationship stages.’

One of the concepts that I often use or reference when writing about asexuality and relationships is the relationship escalator. 3,314 more words


Sensual Frustration?!

Sexual frustration makes sense. Romantic frustration makes sense. But this? This is something I can’t really mention to people without it sounding really weird.

It’s like being romantically frustrated I suppose (maybe? 121 more words


Gender, Sexuality and the Five Stages of Grief

When someone we are close to dies, we grieve. A commonly recognised grief process  is that of the five stages: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. But do these five stages apply to other life events or Big Questions that may be too difficult to accept at first? 446 more words


Linkspam for January 18, 2016

These linkspams are a centralized place where we collect and share a sampling of some of the more interesting pieces of aro-themed writing or conversation we’ve stumbled across over the course of the previous week or so. 224 more words


political aromanticism

I read an infuriating piece on Everyday Feminism a while back about aromantic people, in which the aromantic-identified author made some outrageous claims about other… 1,489 more words