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MOSES SUMNEY - " Lonely World "

The gifted product of UCLA has appeared on our “Artists to Watch” list for a few years in a row now. Based on our crystal ball and the fact that 2017 in a prime number, this is the year his full-length will arrive. 126 more words


"The Romance of Friendship" in ScreenPrism's analysis of the TV series "Friends"

This isn’t a real blog post or anything. I just thought people who are interested in the concepts of:

  • queerplatonic relationships
  • what is romantic vs. platonic…
  • 154 more words

Moses Sumney - Aromanticism

Moses Sumney is a 27-year-old from Los Angeles, but he doesn’t belong at that intersection of space and time in so many ways. While his fellow millennials are eager to jump in – and out – of relationships at literally the touch of a button, Sumney is hesitant to move forward even with someone who loves him. 598 more words


Queer representation through romance

Before Thanksgiving I mentioned the “queering beards” panel, which is not what it’s called but how I keep referring to it in my head. It’s got to be the internal rhymes. 590 more words


Aromanticism: Moses Sumney

My relationship with love is murky. I can swear- and I have sworn- that I’ve felt it, but I really don’t trust myself on this anymore. 487 more words


Moses Sumney - Aromanticism (2017 LP)

Moses Sumney’s instrument is his beautiful voice, which is layered and treated throughout Aromanticism and framed by his own unobtrusive production. I say unobtrusive because the tracks almost resemble soundscapes, with percussive elements almost completely absent, as layers of Sumney’s falsetto drift over beds of keyboards and waves of reverb. 198 more words

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Explaining Asexuality and Aromanticism

My previous post mentions asexuality quite a lot, and I figured that I’d explain it for those who may not necessarily understand. What I didn’t mention in that post was aromanticism, and I’ve found the two are quite often confused, so I’ll explain that as well. 250 more words