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Me, on a date: Yeah, I’ll be honest. I’m actually aromantic and I just came here to steal breadsticks.

Them: Really? Me too.

Me, shoving breadsticks into my bag: 10 more words


Aromanticism and Music

One of my previous supervisors made an observation and it unfortunately stuck with me in a way I wish it hadn’t. He made the comment, or rather asked the question, if I had any happy songs in my playlists and the answer was no, not really. 556 more words

Person: Do you want a boyfriend or a girlfriend?

Me: Nah. I just want to get a cat.

Person: Are you sure you won’t change your mind? 8 more words

“The A stands for allies.” NO.

“The A stands for asexual.” Better, but not quite.

“The A stands for asexual, aromantic and agender.” Yes, gold star, 10/10, you go Glen Coco :)


When you tell people you’re aromantic, it should be called coming out of the quiver.