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Coming Out: A Saga Part 2- Coming Out to Others

Coming out is not something that happens to someone once. It’s a never ending process.

Part 1 can be found here 1,467 more words


Repost: AroAceIndonesia FB Page "Aromanticism 101"

Aromanticism 101
> Aromantic – tidak memiliki ketertarikan romantis kepada siapapun.
> Ketertarikan romantis itu adalah keinginan untuk melakukan kegiatan non-seksual dengan seseorang, hal-hal yang tidak akan kamu lakukan dengan seseorang yang kamu anggap hanya sebagai teman (contoh: pacaran, ciuman, dll). 211 more words



One of my friends on Facebook liked this picture the other day.

As an aromantic, it’s the kind of thing that makes me sad and angry, the idea that romantic love is the highest form of relationship you can have with another person and that other forms of relationship are somehow inferior. 101 more words


Cole, Consent, and Humanity

I have officially moved from Tumblr: no community is better than the illusion of community, and anyway, it was a time sink. But I do keep tabs on friends and former friends on the blue website, most of whom are in some way connected to the Dragon Age fandom and most of whom are also involved in social activism via media. 1,171 more words

The Power of Love

“Apa itu cinta?”

Beberapa hari yang lalu ada yg memposting pertanyaan itu di satu grup yang aku ikuti di FB. Banyak yang menjawabnya dengan pernyataan yang terdengar klise atau bahkan jail. 149 more words



It’s strange how things change. People being in relationships when I was at school was fine but now those same people are in relationships and it just sends up red flags in my mind. 218 more words