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Someone: *Talks about romance*

Me, a simple aromantic:



I’ve been thinking about my pain condition recently, and it occurred to me to wonder – would I be asexual if I wasn’t in constant pain? 292 more words

About Me

Friendly reminder that every time you say ‘asexual’ when you really mean ‘aromantic’ (or vice versa) a baby seal falls into a wood chipper.


Harry Potter Reread

One of the major themes in Harry Potter is love. I hadn’t thought about it too much until I read an article pointing out that Voldemort is the only aromantic character in Harry Potter. 214 more words

Harry Potter

Guest Post: Lost Stars and the Hopeless Romantics

I align myself as being aromantic. Most definitions describe aromanticism as “an individual that experiences very little to no romantic attraction.” So why do I rank… 740 more words

Star Wars

Signal Boost: Aromantic Project

Hello all!

I received an email from a lovely individual by the name of Arianna, who is working on a project for the aromantic community. She asked if I wouldn’t mind giving her a signal boost and I agreed. 104 more words

Signal Boost