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AroSpecAwarenessWeek: Day 6 – Amanormativity

Friday, February 24: Write about your experience with the amanormativity we’re all subjected to. Amanormativity, for those who don’t know, is a societal expectation that forming an exclusive, central, amorous relationship is a universal goal.

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Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week

The week following Valentines day is Aro Spec Awareness Week where arospec folks and their friends raise awareness and talk about aromanticism. Several tumblr blogs are hosting prompt challenges and posts, but this year because of time constraints I’ll just be making one post. 1,071 more words

Daily Life

AroSpecAwarenessWeek: Day 5 – Relationships (After)

Thursday, February 23: Write about the relationships in your life after you learned about the aromantic spectrum and began identifying on the spectrum. What kinds of relationships do you appreciate more now, if any?

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On oppression and being normal

Happy Arospec Awareness Week, everyone! I was planning on posting here almost daily during this week, but a medicine I’m taking knocked me off and left too exhausted to do anything but drag myself to uni. 1,322 more words


AroSpecAwarenessWeek: Day 4 – Relationships (Before)

Wednesday, February 22: Write about the relationships in your life before you learned about the aromantic spectrum or before you began identifying on the spectrum. Have you noticed a big change in how you view the people you care about?

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AroSpecAwarenessWeek: Day 3 - Appreciation

Tuesday, February 21: Write about the things you love about your identity. If you’re struggling to love your identity, what are the things about the aromantic spectrum that resonate with you?

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On Believing Kids

When I was a kid, I was adamant: I did not want to get married when I grew up. In fact, I didn’t quite see the point in it. 991 more words