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Gallaudet University's Colorfest: Metamorphosis

I was given the amazing opportunity to start this year’s ColorFest at Gallaudet University with presentations on asexuality and aromanticism. I was really nervous, but it was so great and went over really well, and I can’t thank the coordinators enough for letting me do this. 85 more words

Daily Life

Systemic Bias and the Single Girl

I sometimes call myself a spinster because it’s my word to use. I’m a grown woman, single by choice. Call me an aromantic. No, really, do so – it’s a word I’ve accepted after exploring the realm of asexuality and aromanticism, which get little attention in dialogue of sexual diversity and can be pathologized by simplified concepts of evolutionary biology. 1,034 more words


You leave empty cereal boxes in the kitchen cabinet

like the Romans left the ruins of ancient civilizations

to be clear

I am not one for sharing space… 171 more words


The long and winding road that led me here

Warning: Mention of minor unreported sexual assult; adult themes and an f-bomb

So this is a little different than what I normally post, but I was on tumblr and came across… 1,616 more words

Why can't a character be written as asexual or aromantic by default?

This entry is for the March 2015 Carnival of Aces: Writing About Asexuality

I’ve written stories before, that didn’t have any romantic situations in them. 1,331 more words


A.A.W. -- Platonic Relationships

Aro Awareness Week continues with a post about platonic relationships! This isn’t platonic relationships with specific aromantic headcanons, unfortunately – although I have already mentioned Val as being very aro, I do consider both Mahnmut and Orphu unquestionably aro, and I can make cases for anyone in the Elementary trio. 798 more words

A.A.W. -- Fictional Men Edition

I didn’t realize this until I started writing this post, but I actually have far fewer aromantic headcanons for men than women. With women I felt like I had a vast pool to choose from, whereas with men I had to stretch back through all the characters I knew to see if I’d noticed anyone as being particularly aromantic.* 443 more words