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Why AroAce Jughead Is Important: A Message To The Riverdale Writers

There’s a new upcoming show coming on The CW called RiverdaleRiverdale is, and I say loosely, based off of Archie Comics. In these comics character “Jughead Jones” is canonically asexual, and as of a few days ago I found out is also aromantic and touch adverse. 842 more words

I'm no more broken than you: Aromantic erasure in the asexual community

Recently it was announced that despite Jughead being canon aro ace in Archie comics he would be straight in the new Riverdale TV show. The asexual community rightly spoke out about this is unacceptable, and has been trying to pressure the show to keep Jughead asexual. 584 more words

Tiered Straightness Theory

Going back to old, old stuff…. I’ve gotten to thinking about this more, the implications of this idea… a definition of straightness that suggests, if not requires, an explicit hierarchy of straightness.  887 more words

Asexuality Talk

Poison Kiss by Ana Mardoll: Pseudo Live Tweet

Please see here for an explanation of how this post will work. I will post on twitter when I start/stop reading, and update the post as I add to it. 545 more words

Diversity Recs: Asexual and Aromantic Characters

Chameleon Moon was included in an amazing recommendation list over here on  TwoBookThieves! Thank you so much!

Here’s the whole rec list with GR links, synopses are… 47 more words



Yeah my attention span is zip right now so I didn’t read all of this, but, uh, I’ve been feeling a lot of this again lately.  291 more words