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Discovering My Sexuality

Alright, so recently I’ve been thinking about my sexuality and how it has changed and how I identify has changed. It’s something that I think about a lot, considering I hang around a lot of queer people and consume a lot of queer content. 2,226 more words


Are You Agentic?

(Edited version published as a guest post in Dr.  Bella DePaulo’s PsychCentral.com column “Single at Heart” on May 17, 2017).

The first time I heard the word “agentic” was in an article written by brilliant Stanford social psychologist Dr. 1,245 more words

Radical Queerplatonic Friendships

So I have this friend.

We have known each other for five years now. We spend a huge amount of time together. We trust each other completely. 949 more words


Kissing Aversion, but Demi-Sensual About Other Touch

This is my entry for the May 2017 Carnival of Aces, which I hosted and chose to theme around “Kissing, Hand Holding, Bed Sharing, etc!”. The round-up of all 12 submissions that month can be found… 5,321 more words


UEA is Ace for a second year

UEA has embarked upon a campaign in support of asexuality and aromanticism for the second consecutive year.

Monday 17th October heralds a week of activities and events organised by UEA Pride in collaboration with the Union of UEA Students, in aid of raising “awareness and pride” for asexual and aromantic people alike (UEA Campaigns twitter). 559 more words


Me & wanting a future as a parent, an update

This post was written for the April 2017 Carnival of Aces, which is themed around Asexuality, Aromanticism and Parenthood. The call for submissions was… 3,201 more words


#AroAceJugheadOrBust and Mainstream A-spec Representation

Ah, Riverdale. A show where those Archie comics I only ever read out of extreme boredom are adapted into a highschool mystery thriller thing (I think?). 1,517 more words

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