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A.A.W. -- Platonic Relationships

Aro Awareness Week continues with a post about platonic relationships! This isn’t platonic relationships with specific aromantic headcanons, unfortunately – although I have already mentioned Val as being very aro, I do consider both Mahnmut and Orphu unquestionably aro, and I can make cases for anyone in the Elementary trio. 798 more words

A.A.W. -- Fictional Men Edition

I didn’t realize this until I started writing this post, but I actually have far fewer aromantic headcanons for men than women. With women I felt like I had a vast pool to choose from, whereas with men I had to stretch back through all the characters I knew to see if I’d noticed anyone as being particularly aromantic.* 443 more words

Aromantic Awareness Week!

Today I come bearing good news … it’s Aromantic Awareness Week! Being aromantic is defined as not experiencing romantic attraction (although it’s also considered to be a spectrum), and in honour of the event, I’m bringing out my top three headcanons for fictional aromantic women. 768 more words


this is four months early but I made Aromantic valentine’s day cards. also a template.

Happy Aromantic Awareness Week!

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Glaad Gave It Back

Yesterday, I wrote about Glaad’s #GotYourBack campaign and how the “A” stood for asexual, aromantic and agender.

Today, when I got home from work, they truly… 56 more words

Give It Back

Give It Back, Glaad

Starting your day off with yet another reminder that your identity is not worth acknowledging is great. Really.

I opened the Tumblr app on my phone to read about… 415 more words