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Harry Potter Reread

One of the major themes in Harry Potter is love. I hadn’t thought about it too much until I read an article pointing out that Voldemort is the only aromantic character in Harry Potter. 214 more words

Harry Potter

Guest Post: Lost Stars and the Hopeless Romantics

I align myself as being aromantic. Most definitions describe aromanticism as “an individual that experiences very little to no romantic attraction.” So why do I rank… 740 more words

Star Wars

Signal Boost: Aromantic Project

Hello all!

I received an email from a lovely individual by the name of Arianna, who is working on a project for the aromantic community. She asked if I wouldn’t mind giving her a signal boost and I agreed. 104 more words

Signal Boost

The Line Between Platonic and Romantic Love

I’ve been thinking about this line, the distinction if you will. Most people seem to be able to tell whether they love someone as a friend or as a potential partner, but I just don’t? 387 more words


15 Day Aromantic Challenge: Day 15!!!

What do you like about being aromantic? What do you dislike?


I like the fact that I’m different. As a writer my worst nightmare is being a cliche.

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15 Day Aromantic Challenge: Day 14

What is your favorite aromantic song?

I don’t know about any songs that are openly aromantic, but I do listen to a lot of music that are devoid of romance.

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