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#AroAceJugheadOrBust and Mainstream A-spec Representation

Ah, Riverdale. A show where those Archie comics I only ever read out of extreme boredom are adapted into a highschool mystery thriller thing (I think?). 1,517 more words

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Can We Stop Dehumanising Aromantic People?!

I understand that the majority of things that I will discuss are probably things that alloromantic people may not realise are harmful towards aromantic people. I’ll be discussing various ways within and outside the queer community where aromantic people are often dehumanised. 1,379 more words

Questions, Part 2 - Aro-spectrum representation

The three of us here at the Flaming Aces and Aros Anthology want everyone to know that we take aro-spec inclusion and representation very seriously. We recognize that there has been a recent uptick in arophobic and acephobic discussions and behavior on Twitter. 413 more words

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Let's Talk: “Just Friends”

There’s nothing I hate more, actually this is probably a lie but go with it, the phrase and the tone of voice that comes with the phrase that has the words “just friends” in it. 569 more words

Let's Talk: The Trope “True Love's Kiss Breaks the Curse/Spell”

This post is heavily inspired by the recent musical episode of The Flash, which was a crossover with Supergirl. Just to clear something up this is not a review of this episode but rather my take on a popular trope that found it’s way into this episode’s plot. 910 more words

Discovering Aromanticism and Asexuality

I knew I was aromantic as soon as I realised there was a word for it. I’d never been interested in dating. Romance made no sense to me and I didn’t see why people were always looking for it. 1,043 more words