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A Masterlist of Writing on Asexuality

I’ve been looking back at some of the things I’ve posted on this blog about asexuality over the last week, and I’ve realised that there’s actually a lot more there than I thought there was. 446 more words


A mystery that is the a-romantic community history

This overdue entry was going to be for the October 2015 Carnival of Aces: Aromanticism and the Aromantic spectrum.

Aromanticism as a concept was identified early on in the asexual community’s history, but not always under that name. 1,036 more words


Guest Post: Interview with C on Aromanticism and Relationships

Back in 2012, I had my partner C* do an interview with me, because I had been getting requests from non-asexual partners of asexual people for advice and I thought her perspective would be helpful. 1,548 more words


Question for Spanish-speaking aces

Because I know several of you read my blog, and I’m doing asexuality 101 work in an area heavily dominated by Spanish-speakers…

Is there a word for “queerplatonic” in Spanish? 114 more words

Asexual Visibility

Review: 'The Invisible Orientation' by Julie Sondra Decker

When I first realized I was asexual, I spent a solid week scouring the Internet for more information. I came across Tumblrs, AVEN (Asexuality Visibility and Education Network), the Huffington Post six-part series and more. 431 more words


Sometimes Coming Out as an Aromantic Asexual Sucks

So earlier this week, I came out as an aromantic asexual to a new co-worker.

We’re in the kitchen chatting about our hobbies as I show her the proper amount of cheese to put on a 4-topping pizza. 372 more words


Young Hearts

For so long, he was my muse. Usually it’s the other way around, right? I should be his muse. But he was the spectator, and I was the artist, and that meant that he was my muse. 544 more words