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Moses Sumney, aka Broke My Word

Last night was the best night of my life. I had the great pleasure of seeing one of my favorite artists Moses Sumney live with one of my good friends from work. 385 more words

Moses Sumney

Moses Sumney - Aromanticism

I don’t know the references from this guy, but in my opinion he’s doing some moody R&B after listening to one too many Radiohead album. Still, it kicks major ass. 19 more words



Il concetto di aromanticismo, ovvero l’incapacità o la non volontà di provare sentimenti romantici per le altre persone, è per me assai lontano e difficile da comprendere, ma ugualmente molto affascinante. 252 more words


Don’t Call Moses Sumney an R&B Singer

Moses Sumney wants to be real. His search for truth is a hallmark of his music, and he’s spent plenty of time exploring the shadows of his mind, getting comfortable with his own darkness. 1,398 more words

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Aromanticism: Answering All The Questions You Probably Wanted To Ask But Didn't.

Because nobody sent me questions (I’m looking at you twitter folks. No hard feelings :P), I’m just going to answer all the questions I ask myself way too often and then answer them too (because why not). 1,283 more words


Moses Sumney- "Indulge Me"

Moses Sumney’s voice is a thing of reserved beauty. It’s a quietly trembling instrument that never breaks and is often bold enough to reach toward the heavens. 142 more words


Wait, was that a flirtation?

Spoiler alert: I am a walking stereotype. All the As: autistic, asexual, aromantic (and mostly agender although that’s not strictly relevant here). My autism and orientation can’t be separated due to the huge overlap. 491 more words