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Yeah my attention span is zip right now so I didn’t read all of this, but, uh, I’ve been feeling a lot of this again lately.  291 more words

Poems from an Aromantic Asexual

(Some point in time earlier in the year, I said that I would write some aromantic poetry. Well, I’ve been acutely aware of my lack of sexual orientation, lately, so I suppose now is as good at time as any to give it a go, haha.) 193 more words


Asexual and Aromantic in Doctor Who Fandom

Asexuality comes up frequently in Doctor Who fandom, usually in the context of describing the Doctor. Unfortunately, the way it is used is often divorced from the actual definition of asexuality and as a result inadvertently dehumanizes asexual and aromantic people. 439 more words

Reading romance as an asexual & aromantic person

Fantasy was my first love and to this day it still is the main one. I read mostly fantasy and I write only fantasy (though that might change in the future). 1,774 more words


In Search of Ace Representation // it's ace awareness week!

All this week — the 23rd to the 30th October — is Asexual Awareness Week! It’s pretty self-explanatory, but it’s a week to raise awareness about asexual, aromantic and anywhere-along-those-spectrums experiences. 923 more words


Too many letters? - or what you mean when you say that LGBT is enough

One of the most common things I hear (well, read) when someone is talking about asexual, aromantic, agender and intersex people is that the LGBTQIA acronym has too many letters. 1,017 more words