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You leave empty cereal boxes in the kitchen cabinet

like the Romans left the ruins of ancient civilizations

to be clear

I am not one for sharing space… 171 more words


The long and winding road that led me here

Warning: Mention of minor unreported sexual assult; adult themes and an f-bomb

So this is a little different than what I normally post, but I was on tumblr and came across… 1,616 more words

Why can't a character be written as asexual or aromantic by default?

This entry is for the March 2015 Carnival of Aces: Writing About Asexuality

I’ve written stories before, that didn’t have any romantic situations in them. 1,331 more words


A.A.W. -- Platonic Relationships

Aro Awareness Week continues with a post about platonic relationships! This isn’t platonic relationships with specific aromantic headcanons, unfortunately – although I have already mentioned Val as being very aro, I do consider both Mahnmut and Orphu unquestionably aro, and I can make cases for anyone in the Elementary trio. 798 more words

A.A.W. -- Fictional Men Edition

I didn’t realize this until I started writing this post, but I actually have far fewer aromantic headcanons for men than women. With women I felt like I had a vast pool to choose from, whereas with men I had to stretch back through all the characters I knew to see if I’d noticed anyone as being particularly aromantic.* 443 more words

Aromantic Awareness Week!

Today I come bearing good news … it’s Aromantic Awareness Week! Being aromantic is defined as not experiencing romantic attraction (although it’s also considered to be a spectrum), and in honour of the event, I’m bringing out my top three headcanons for fictional aromantic women. 768 more words


this is four months early but I made Aromantic valentine’s day cards. also a template.

Happy Aromantic Awareness Week!

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