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The Night Circus and Amatonormativity

Whaaaat Are You Talking About

Amatonormativity: the prevailing belief that romantic relationships are universally desired by all people and that they are preferable to other, nonromantic relationships… 2,713 more words


How Does Being Aromantic Affects My Relationships?

In honor of Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week, I decided to try answering one of the questions that I’m asked, sometimes, directly or indirectly, about my aromanticism: If I want a relationship (one or more) that is so similar to romantic relationships, why does my aromanticism matter so much, and why referring to my partner as “my girlfriend’ or “my boyfriend” bother me so much? 706 more words

Still here, still queer

Here’s an update on my latest adventure fighting arophobia. You can read about how this all kicked off here.

When I woke up this morning, I was greeted by two more comments on my post looking for aromantics in London. 779 more words

My identity is not up for debate

It’s that time of year again where 99% of the population is swept into the consumerist hell that is Valentine’s day. Or as I prefer to call it, ‘Discount Chocolate Day Eve’. 810 more words

I Never Want to Regret My Aromanticism Again

Not being able to experience romantic attraction doesn’t mean a person is broken, but the stigma around such identities shows that society is damaged.

I miss waiting rooms. 1,527 more words


Identity vs. Labels, Culture, & Change

This post is for the January 2018 Carnival of Aces, on the topic of “Identity.”

This is going to be completely off-the-cuff rambling, so bear with me if you will. 2,100 more words


Let's Talk: Fandom Is Unwelcoming To Aros

This was originally posted on my twitter as a thread but since I decided to cut down and not go into details about certain parts, and realising some of the things I could have added to the thread later but didn’t I’ve decided to make a blog post about it. 2,194 more words