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M.E. Mod: Aromatherapy

Welcome to a new feature we like to call M.E. Mod!  M.E. Mods are little learning modules that will be mini-courses in a host of topics!   1,103 more words


Therapeutic Bath and is Multiple Benefits !!

For Your Bath to Become really Therapeutic the use of pure Essential Oils by the Aromatic Specifity of Each Essential Oils , will respond to many different conditions , as much Phisicaly as the Psychologically effects , treating the Body in all its Dimension !!! 151 more words


Patchouli Essential Oil Benefits and Properties !


Avertissement : les propriétés, indications et utilisations portées à votre connaissance par ce focus sont des extraits d’ouvrages scientifiques d’auteurs reconnus ayant fait l’objet d’une sélection par notre équipe de chercheurs formée de 4 ingénieurs chimistes et d’un pharmacien. 150 more words


Frankincense !? It is Magic Healing !!!

Frankincense essential oil taken internally and breathed in has shown in scientific studies to shrink tumors. Also it has been used to cure many ailments for thousands of years. 24 more words


Do you use essential oils?

Have you ever wondered about using Essential Oils? What are they? Why should you use them? Many people have heard of essential oils and just as many either don’t care what they are or dismiss them as something from the 60’s or for hippies. 102 more words

Aromatherapy Wellness

Aromatherapy Stress Reduction , Headache , Sinus Congestion , Cold etc ... Carry on !!! 10.00. $ each

This nifty little aromatherapy stress remedy is great because you can carry it in your bag or keep it in your desk (keep an extra one in your car – it’s great for road rage!) and use it whenever you need a time-out. 14 more words