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There will be times you can't pay someone to care

Assume nobody is going to help you.

I work with people looking for mentors.

In the beginning, when you are first learning, my advice is to assume nobody is coming. 267 more words


Resisting Temptation 101 - 3 Reasons to Fight

In 2003, Aron Ralston was hiking alone in Blue John Canyon in Southeastern Utah when a boulder fell on him pinning his arm. For 127 hours he wrestled with the stone, chipping away at it with his pocketknife, when he realized that the only way to survive was to use the now exceedingly dull blade to amputate his arm. 363 more words



Dah tengok movie 127 hours? Kisah benar mengenai Aron Ralston yang pergi hiking di  sorang diri dan tangan dia dihempap batu besar sehingga dia tak boleh bergerak ke mana-mana selama 5 hari. 323 more words


127 Hours: Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Will, Year 8, Edrington

127 Hours: Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston

Rating: Good РI might read more

The book was an interesting and ingauging read as it had different types of scenes and topics spoken about. 33 more words


127 Hours (2010) "Aron, Do Not Lose It."


DIRECTOR: Danny Boyle

April 2003, Aron Ralston decided to set out on a climbing adventure. He’s a keen outdoorsman, the 27 year old fell and he was trapped in between a rock wall and boulder in Blue John Canyon, Utah. 402 more words


127 Hours (2010) Review

Yo, this be Reuben. Ayyy, a film review! I recently had a lot of exchange in CEX so I decided it would be a good idea to get 127 Hours on DVD for a quid. 514 more words


127 Hours Filming Location

The area in which 127 hours (based on a true story) had taken place. The film, starring Hollywood star James Franco, re-enacts the story that had happened to the incredibly brave Aron Ralston. 78 more words