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How Committed Are You?

How Committed Are You?

Regardless of what you approach in life, there must be a level of commitment that assures a level of success. You should never enter a process halfheartedly. 580 more words

Morning Thoughts

Surgery is a game-changer

Last Thursday, I wrote about health and happiness. Reaching my conclusion, I said that I would speak to what prompted the topic at this time. 1,064 more words

what you can do to live free!

On April 26, 2003, Aron Ralston – an experienced hiker – was climbing alone in Horseshoe Canyon, Utah. As he descended a slot canyon a 360kg boulder dislodged, crushing and pinning his right arm against the canyon wall. 490 more words


Best Theory for "Into Thin Air" - Jon Krakauer

After doing three blogs on the novel Into Thin Air from reader response, archetypal, and feminist. I believe the reader response gives a better in tell on the novel itself. 254 more words

Second Third of Into Thin Air - Jon Krakauer

Throughout the second third of the novel Into Thin Air is explaining day by day the story of the climb of Mt Everest. Jon Krakauer is the ultimate main character in the novel, therefore I am going to explain him. 327 more words

Thank you. May I have another?

Story of my life right now, and not anyone’s fault but my own. I literally cannot stop. I wonder if there is a medical word for it. 453 more words