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While Moses was on top of the mountain the people at the foot of the mountain said to Aron they want something to worship and so it all came down to Aron leading them into making a golden calf and even calling it Yahweh, the one who brought them out of Egypt. 141 more words


Terumah 5776

Two meanings of ARON and two meanings of TEIVAH;
two words for a box, and two words for an “ark.”


This week’s handout:  19 Terumah 5776… 7 more words


Terumah - A Portion

This week’s Torah Reading is called Terumah – A Portion.  The focus turns to donations and the building of the Holy Temple in the desert and the vessels and garments associated with the Holy Temple. 278 more words

Secrets From Mt. Sinai

Pink royal panties

I just HAD to post this.

Well, sometimes when I’m studying I doodle on stray sheets of paper. Then the magic happens and you have some of the greatest works of art of all time, like this. 32 more words

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Middos Development -- It is About Changing YOU

In this week’s Torah Portion, Parshas Va’Ayrah, the beginning of the plagues is recounted.  Usually, by most of the Makkos , Moshe is the one to initiate it by word of G-d, using his sapphire Matteh… 352 more words

Jewish Thought