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Pledis Entertainment Rilis Pernyataan Resmi Terkait Comeback NU’EST

Setelah sebelumnya mengkonfirmasi comeback dari NU’EST, kini Pledis Entertainment rilis pernyataan resmi yang membahas comeback boy grup tersebut.

Berikut pernyataan resmi dari Pledis Entertainment,

“Hallo, ini Pledis Entertainment… 190 more words

[TRANS] Open a Nu'est Concert instead 

Rice Wreath Problems

1. Today’s evaluation is not a solo concert but a place to receive the ‘evaluation’ of the trainee’s stage

2. Even if you want to write it, write down the words: make your/to debut. 67 more words


Perks of the light

Shelly continued to sparkle, I had never seen such a pure and bright light, it resembled a small sun. It reflected off everything it touched without losing most of its intensity. 200 more words


Dr Aron's Approach -- Miracle or Mirage?

Photo caption: Dr. Marvin Rapaport (left) vs Dr. Richard Aron (right)

Anyone who has done their research on RSS/TSA/TSW would have likely come across the so-called “Dr. 2,247 more words

Red Skin Syndrome

Dear Highly Sensitive Men, the world needs you.

There is something very odd about the idea that says men should not express their emotions and feelings. These are a part of our mental framework, but there is a gap in the sensitive side of society; to suppress feelings only widens this gap, and runs counter to our nature as human beings. 580 more words

The Olim Files #3: Israeli Closets

Closet? What closet? There aren’t closets in Israel. We have Aronot (ah ro NOTE) in the which is the plural of Aron (AH ron). This is not to be confused with the boys name… 534 more words

Marie Kondo

Popularity of names in Iceland, 2015

The baby name charts in Iceland fluctuate, especially on the girls’ side, owing to its small population. The fact still stands, Aron and Emilía (paired with… 221 more words

Popularity Ranking