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Suboor Ahmad gets some of his misconceptions corrected

AronRa is an American atheist and science advocate specializing evolution education. He produced the well known “Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism” series several years ago. 86 more words


When They Just Can't Win, Part 4: Some People Never Learn

She’s BAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaack!  Lilandra Ra, wife of the famous youtube atheist AronRa (both of whom have debated me before, and ended up resorting to massive censorship to protect their 3rd Waver Faith… 1,941 more words


Correcting Darwin's Critics

A fantastic talk by AronRa at the Darwin Day Celebration presented by CTHULU (you can watch the video and find out what that stands for)


The AronRA Interview

“This is fantastic, finally someone who asks good questions and lets the interviewee expand on it. Very professional, this should be the shining standard for all interviewers. ”


If humans aren't primates; which part doesn't describe you? [in progress]

Whilst Linnaean taxonomy has been built on and corrected to breaking point whilst leaving behind distracting words which used to include species which can’t be genetically grouped like “Reptile”, phylogenetic taxonomy is both easier and better suited to organising our findings. 203 more words


A Fabulous Compilation

The YouTube account Agatan Fnd has spent the last year or so publishing compilations taken from speeches, debates and interviews with prominent non believers. Normally they’re entered around pithy remarks and witty comebacks (Christopher Hitchens filled ten compilations and they’re glorious). 172 more words

Radical Atheism