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Great talk from AronRa

From his Australia-New Zealand tour. Love this guy!


How did I "wake up"?

Some people were never “asleep” and some will never “wake up”. But for me it was a logical progression from one state of mind to the other. 512 more words

Noah Movie Part 1 - brewing up a storm

Here we go for another one of my ramblings.  A few months ago a movie based on the story of Noah hit the cinemas, and since then it has kicked up a storm and led to a flood of comments from all sides (OK I promise no more water-based jokes).   3,490 more words


Creationism: a grey journey to nowhere

The conversation continues.

But not for much longer.

I’m on the side that’s already won and I don’t need to work this hard.

Here I once again address my Young Earth Creationist interlocutor  (feel free to eavesdrop) 1,990 more words

In Which I Flex The Grey Matter