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Hi Guys! Since I didn’t get around to posting a list on Friday I have great need to release some of the dibs and dabs of loose information rolling around in my brain. 492 more words


Post Big Kahuna

The Mitten is having a second snow day! I think it was really more for the sake of the school busses than anything. The Ab-Cat ventured out for BSF last night and Honey went back to work. 415 more words


Mitten in the Snow

Y’All, we are socked in up here in The Mitten. Honey said he just read we had over 16 inches out at the airport. They cancelled schools last night, which was right nice of them to let everyone know so early! 288 more words



Well, we are partially working on the new ‘puter! Hallelujah and thank you Lord! I cannot tell you how happy I am to be blobbing with a mouse again! 503 more words


Why is it?

Why is it you wake up at 4 when you don’t need to get up, and on days when you really need to get up you sleep until the alarm? 423 more words

Around Our House

A List, A Problem and a Word of Wisdom

It’s Friday, I have a list. You knew that.

The schools in our area and BSF were cancelled because it was FREEZING yesterday. I did not hear the official temp on the news, but our thermometer said -8 with wind chills of… 663 more words

Family Life

The Christmas Photo

It is always my dearest desire to get a decent picture of my family. We are not often all together, dressed appropriately, smiling in synch, or not giving obscene hand gestures. 384 more words

Family Life