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Flower Day With Jip

My blogging schedule is all joofered up, as a result, we are traveling back to May 17.

At the BSF Sharing Day luncheon Jip and I compared calendars to pick a good time to have flower day. 562 more words


Happy Birthday to Honey!

It was a big day last Saturday, Honey turned 59!!!!! #59isfine!!!!!

There are many, many wonderful things to say about Honey, but I will stick with the last number of his age and give you 9 reasons why I love him so, along with some of the ultra sexy snap chats he… 562 more words

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Deck Painting Party!

I hope you all had a Happy Mothers Day!!

Here are my favorite Mamas! I do believe there is grey hair in my future! Actually, I already… 733 more words

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Monday Catch-up

Y’All!!!! We finally got some spring over the weekend! The coats came off, the sandals came out and Mousey even caught some rays out by the still covered ce-ment pond! 670 more words

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A Warm December List

Last week was a little bit of hectic tangled into a ball. How about a list?

BSF is over for the month, to be resumed the first week of January. 625 more words

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Family Leaf Rake Day

I guess we are going back to last weekend here, there are a few more things to wrap up the holiday. Both Elyk and Alisse and The Boy and The Dane packed up and peeled out on Sunday, but two things happened before The Boy and The Dane got out of town. 389 more words

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A List and The Weekly Sy

Hi Y’All. It was not my intention to have a blob break but I guess that is what I did. I was just texting Heifer Lynn this morning and she asked about it. 694 more words

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