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Neighborly Linkity

I’ve been expanding my blog reading to keep up with the Blogging 101 advice. Here are a few that have caught my eye lately!


Inspiring readings (2)

Some of the most articles that I came across lately. I wish I could lose less time on social media and concentrate more on good stuff to read… 108 more words

Around The Internet

Link Love

Happy Sunday everyone!


I saw a picture similar to this one the other day and laughed for a good minute. I’m actually a big fan of Sunday’s and Monday’s. 143 more words

Sunday Link Love

Sorry I’ve been MIA this week! My summer institute work is coming to a close and has gotten a tad busier. Things should settle down soon and my goal is to post more but also actual written material. 91 more words

Sunday Link Love

I can’t decide which day I like the best when it comes to reading blog posts with links. It’s a great way to end the work week on Friday, a great way to start the week on Sunday and also a nice “break” on a Monday. 164 more words

Inspiring readings

As I find lots of interesting articles on the Internet every day, I’ll publish some links on the blog. I do believe that sharing positive things helps to spread good vibrations around the world and drive people to use their time to learn something new. 129 more words

Around The Internet

Friday Link Fun

My favorite part about getting on the computer on Friday is seeing all of the link love posts on the blogs I follow. I seriously enjoy finding new things to peruse, buy and create. 138 more words