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Around the Internet: "Why You Shouldn't Start With Sailor Moon Crystal"

Hey, readers! Long time, no see!

I’m eternally frustrated by my inability to maintain this blog on a regular schedule, but I’m trying a new approach. 629 more words


Activated Nuts

So, these have been creeping into menus lately and I am currently reading Sarah Wilson’s book called ‘I quit sugar‘ and low and behold there was a recipe for said activated almonds. 188 more words


Mini Math Lesson

You may have seen a viral image going around the internet of a check from a dad who was fed up with Common Core math. The problem is, it is really just an example of what a knee-jerk “OMG, this isn’t what I know, it must be bad!” reaction looks like. 361 more words


Neighborly Linkity

I’ve been expanding my blog reading to keep up with the Blogging 101 advice. Here are a few that have caught my eye lately!


Inspiring readings (2)

Some of the most articles that I came across lately. I wish I could lose less time on social media and concentrate more on good stuff to read… 108 more words

Around The Internet

Link Love

Happy Sunday everyone!


I saw a picture similar to this one the other day and laughed for a good minute. I’m actually a big fan of Sunday’s and Monday’s. 143 more words

Sunday Link Love

Sorry I’ve been MIA this week! My summer institute work is coming to a close and has gotten a tad busier. Things should settle down soon and my goal is to post more but also actual written material. 91 more words