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Why I want to be an explorer

Some time ago I watched one of the best videos I’ve come across about travelling. The lecturer, Tomislav Perko, is a Ukrainian guy who hit the road after losing his job during the international crisis in 2008. 365 more words



We recently cancelled our internet service here @ home.  There were many reasons for it, the main one being that it was getting expensive.  We are still able to connect through our cell phones, but having limited data has made us realize we spent WAY too much time online.   133 more words

Frugal Living

Inspiring reading (5)

For over three months I’ve been trying to write and post a list of nice links I came across, what says a lot about my life last weeks. 171 more words

Around The Internet

Do The Thing

One of the great joys of GMing for me is watching my players explore the world I’ve created and interacting with the various NPCs and little puzzles I scatter throughout my game. 107 more words


Take a Break From Gaming

And do some different gaming?

I’m not sure how I feel about this being on a “first world problems” meme, but I can certainly get behind the sentiment. 413 more words


RPGs as an Art Form

Normally, this kind of post, having been inspired from something on the internet, would be a Thursday post, but this week is a little topsy turvey, so you get this one today, and something related to tabletop campaigns on Thursday! 1,339 more words


Make Your Mind Up

I have a little tongue-in-cheek gif for you all today. It wandered across my Facebook feed from a tumblr called Harpies Gonna Harp.

Entitled: Player Characters… 330 more words