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LEGO Keeps Spoiling Marvel Movies - Including 'Civil War'

There’s a very strange trend happening in regards to movie spoilers the past few years. There’s been an ongoing habit by Denmark based plastic brick production powerhouse of dropping big spoilers for the upcoming Marvel movies (and to a lesser extend… 464 more words


20 More of the Most Useless Websites Ever

Another list of Useless Webpages by APPA THE GYPSY

It occurred to me recently that it has actually been several years since I first gave you all the… 1,452 more words


Why Does Everyone Hate 'Pixels'?

The new Chris Columbus directed Adam Sandler vehicle, an ode to arcade games of the 1980s called Pixels, has been released and the response has been pretty poor. 1,764 more words


Did We Ever Know The Real Barney Stinson? - A Fan Theory

So How I Met Your Mother ended about a year ago and we’re still pissed off about it. It stands as one of the most disappointing television finales in history not only in the reveal but the way it was delivered. 969 more words


What the New 'Poltergeist' Movie is Really About

So they’ve remade Tope Hooper’s (or Steven Spielberg, depending on who you ask) classic horror Poltergeist. This will come as no shock to anyone who’s been alive for the past decade. 314 more words


'Mad Max' Has Given Us the Most Feminist Action Movie this Decade

I saw Mad Max: Fury Road the other day and it was FREAKING AMAZING. Miller has reminded us that visuals and story should go hand in hand in the cinematic medium, not separated through pages of dialogue. 853 more words


Why Did Joss Whedon Just Get Bullied Off Twitter?

I just got shouted in my office by someone who feels this article contained unmarked spoilers. So: Spoiler Warning for Age of Ultron.

It has to be said, for all the anti-cyberbullying rhetoric we see on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook it doesn’t take much for a lynch mob to form over something as little as a misinterpreted slight. 1,862 more words

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