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What the Marketing for 'Suicide Squad' and DC Movies Are Doing Wrong

Today sees the debut of DC’s latest entry in the Superhero Movie War, Suicide Squad, which promises to be a madcap, action-packed romp filled with demented and colourful characters. 1,424 more words


Why We Need a Female Ghostbusters

or The Issue of Female Representation in Film

I recently saw the new Ghostbusters (2016) film and I loved it. I loved seeing four different women working together for the same cause. 993 more words


This American Life: The Best Episodes

Everybody has a story to tell and that is the driving force behind the hit NPR series This American Life from host Ira Glass. Since it debuted in 1995, this popular radio show has scoured the country for unique people and interesting stories to share with a mass audience. 915 more words

List ALL The Things!

Let's Discuss the Supanova LGBTIQ+ Controversy

Any geek who has been online during this past weekend would have seen some heated discussions going on regarding Australian pop-culture expo Supanova, including articles in both the niche and mainstream media. 2,772 more words

Geek Rant

This Guy REALLY Wants Me to Promote Gambling and The 5 Shittiest Pieces of Marvel Merchandise

Ok, I know what you’re thinking...what is with that title? Gambling promotion and shitty Marvel merchandise are not related topics. Stay with me on this though… 878 more words


Fan Behaviours That Need to Stop

In the past we’ve spoken about some of the more…troubling…groups of fans you may have encountered. Most people liked the article, some people (read: Bronies) did not appreciate it so much. 1,624 more words