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Let's Talk About the 'Ghostbusters' Trailer

There’s a problem with talking about the new Ghostbusters movie.

Any news or mention of it is automatically met with a deluge of disdain and abuse because – shock, horror – they had the audacity to cast women in it. 755 more words


Does Rob Liefeld Deserve to Be Hated On?

If there’s one thing the internet loves, it’s a hate fueled bandwagon. Most of us have been guilty of it at least once and I’m no exception. 1,580 more words


Should Rob Liefeld Get Full Credit on Creating Deadpool?

One of the most contentious arguments in comic books since their inception is creator ownership. The big shops, like DC and Marvel, own the characters they publish regardless of who created them leading to plenty of writer and artist dissatisfaction and the emergence of the indie market, Image comics and plenty of lawsuits. 1,055 more words


LEGO Keeps Spoiling Marvel Movies - Including 'Civil War'

There’s a very strange trend happening in regards to movie spoilers the past few years. There’s been an ongoing habit by Denmark based plastic brick production powerhouse of dropping big spoilers for the upcoming Marvel movies (and to a lesser extend… 464 more words


20 More of the Most Useless Websites Ever

Another list of Useless Webpages by APPA THE GYPSY

It occurred to me recently that it has actually been several years since I first gave you all the… 1,452 more words


Why Does Everyone Hate 'Pixels'?

The new Chris Columbus directed Adam Sandler vehicle, an ode to arcade games of the 1980s called Pixels, has been released and the response has been pretty poor. 1,764 more words


Did We Ever Know The Real Barney Stinson? - A Fan Theory

So How I Met Your Mother ended about a year ago and we’re still pissed off about it. It stands as one of the most disappointing television finales in history not only in the reveal but the way it was delivered. 969 more words