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10 CreepyPasta Stories We Want to See on 'Channel Zero'

For those who don’t already know, CreepyPasta is a term given to short horror stories that get passed around the internet. As with most internet trends there’s plenty of rubbish to sift through, but it’s worth seeking out the real gems, the ones that stand out for taking advantage of the internet format and modern fears because they will be the scariest damn things you will ever read.  1,153 more words

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Good Things About Bad Movies

Few people set out to make a bad film but they inevitably happen. In fact many notably terrible movies have aspects that shine through their terribleness. 1,021 more words


The 10 Biggest Misconceptions Held About Movies

The rumour mill runs twice as fast in Hollywood, and false information has a tendency to take hold and not let go. There are some straight up wrong information and ideas about movies and their productions that people adamantly believe to be true. 1,983 more words