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Catatan pendek di tahun 2017

mumpung saya lagi ada semangat untuk nulis blog dan belum sibuk dengan kegiatan lab, jadi saya sempatkan untuk merangkum cerita hidup saya di tahun 2017. 297 more words

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Hello there, internet (without any people read it) pals–read: cables and satellite of internet signal. Literally.

Well, if you (a.k.a cables and satellite again) read previous post then you know that I already been to Batam, Indonesia… I wanna to tell you something real; today, this second is December 15, 2017, 8:46 PM Indonesia time… and in middle of November I’ve been to Padang, Indonesia. 1,050 more words

Around Us

time ticks

very beautifully,

and very earnestly

it hangs on

just the nerves you may call it

clock it

time ticks

real swift



Equal Opportunity Employers

hiring the specially abled human resources is one decision that mostly tests the real worth of employers as humanitarians. questions about the productivity and performance are always there on the mind set. 157 more words