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It's Already Mid 2017!

Well, this post would be my first post in 2017… and this already in June!

Gosh! What did I do with my life ’till now? Nothin’. 249 more words

Around Us

Creating the world around us.

Each of us can contribute to the formation of the placenta around us and how it changes in the positive sense of the word. It is the right approach to the world around us and the desire to influence how it looks like makes us work and try to change everything as best as possible. 82 more words

A photo or two for the tale of the lame gosling.

Late last summer I moved to a small condo. The property is on a small basin of water that is home to Canada Geese.  This years brood has hatched and the parents are dutifully tending to these young.   … 225 more words

Around Us

HIGHLIGHT : Un comeback pour ce mois-ci.

Les HIGHLIGHT annoncent un comeback avec une nouvelle chanson.

      En Juillet dernier le groupe BEAST sortait son dernier album au sein de la cube entertainment.  En mars de cette année le groupe… 49 more words

JUNHYUNG : Un solo ou l'amour en exces est dangereux.

1ère photo concept pour le single digital de JUNHYUNG, qui sortira le 2 Mai.

     Un titre magnifique pour une chanson qui risque d’être dangereuse, tout chose en excès peut faire du mal et l’amour en fait parti. 7 more words

The Good Dad

I think he’s a great dad. I smile everything I see him around the neighbourhood. The good dad.  He looks like one.

I met him at the bus stop with his little daughter. 102 more words