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I’ve only been horny once in my life but it’s never stopped…!!


Naked in Repose

How I see you in my lucid imagination,

arms grasp skin like chill

while peaking

soft, my lips would only want

sweet slip of tease… 117 more words



take it down
a notch…
Are you saying
you two are an item?”
I know they are gonna
the possibility
the quickness… 81 more words


It's Hard to Miss the Excitement of Sarah Palin's Male Supporters

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Outrageous, Offensive; and Perverted are all adjectives that come to mind when viewing the pictures from yesterday’s post. Sarah Palin, the wife of a pimp, charged a man, to get a picture of himself, standing erect, with Sarah. 475 more words

Is This Guy AROUSED Next to Sarah Palin?!

Okay… we don’t know for SURE… it could be how the fabric is… bunching, but the internet is seriously questioning what is going on in this guys PANTS while next to Sarah Palin…. 30 more words



Velvet hardness caresses my eager lips
A pearl that tastes of ocean on my tongue tip

Tiny rosebud jewelled, begs for your attention
Blooms, then yields to your gentle exploration… 39 more words

Eclectic Unconfined