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Sprich Mit Mir

If you knew how badly I want it to be you…
I see the flag and suddenly I’m having Vonnegut-esque conversations with myself
This flag, this timing, this wishful thinking… 128 more words


Why naked pics don't do it

How do you describe a sexual activity that you’d like to perform on your better half?

Are you one of those guys who would use good vocabulary and come out with poetry like “I’m gonna fuck yer all night long till you’re screaming!” 305 more words



Promise me that you won’t leave again
The years between were just a dream

Where you were, your other loves
They don’t matter to me now… 69 more words


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How I turn myself on

Started to think after posting this morning’s picture about how much it turns me on. Somehow I get a rush of excitement when I do this – even when I take a naughty picture that doesnt make it on here. 64 more words


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