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Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just obsessing?

Today I want to bring attention to one of the lesser talked about aspects of OCD that people who suffer from ‘pure o’ OCD can experience, the dreadful and dreaded ‘groin response’. 362 more words

What does it mean to be "aroused"?

This is my favourite line from any movie. And I often say it during sex, much to my boyfriends annoyance.

So, this blog post is on arousal. 1,191 more words

Your Relationship To Sex


There he was again, that same slight smirk and alpha male cocky attitude that just turned me on. There was nothing overly amazing or redeemable about him…maybe his shitty sense of humor saved him, but not by much. 3,082 more words


More than an inkling...

Via today’s daily prompt: Inkling

More than an inkling

Coldness can wrap my shoulders

I won’t fight with fire…

Kate from Aroused, challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and write a post in a style I don’t usually try.  13 more words


Aroused and minty fresh

As written to a ghost:

Again, I found myself this morning half awake, half asleep, and extremely aroused. My imagination raced through scenes of soft skin against me, sounds of bodies moving, wetness, hotness, and smells of want. 67 more words

Real Life

Embarrassing Problem!

So today i wake up with the usual problems plus something extra which is rather embarrassing to explain but i’m going to do it anyway! us men have a certain member that seems to rise and fall of its on accord, and unfortunately today my third eye is looking out how do i go to a meeting and explain to a bunch of young ladies that i’m a bit uncomfortable. 504 more words


Silence before Yahweh (Zech 2:13-2:13)

“Be silent!

All people!

Before Yahweh!

He has roused himself

From his holy dwelling.”

When Yahweh was in his holy place, everyone had to be silent before the presence of Yahweh.  17 more words