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Practice Tips for Guitarist

Boost Your Guitar Practice Sessions to The Next Level

First thing. I am a guitarist and this is what I love, and if you are reading this, chances are you do too. 936 more words


Developing Arpeggio Speed

There are some basic principles that I think most guitar students should know to develop speed and flexibility when practicing right hand arpeggio patterns. These principles are applicable to other areas of technical development, so once you become familiar with them, you can try to apply them to your scales and to difficult passages in your repertoire. 373 more words


hands open
hands close
hands give expression to the soul

and if I lose the use of mine
what value then will be my life… 36 more words


The Smartest Rock Star in the Room

Each time I hear a song by Muse
I think of Matthew Bellamy
at work in his Italian villa.

Arpeggiating long into
the night, he searches for the chords… 72 more words


Guitar lesson 10/5/16

Todays guitar lesson was a refresher of last week’s lesson, we went back over the whole tone scale, the Malmsteen lick and Schenker’s diminished triad run. 60 more words