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Song of Psalm 42

Most likely you are familiar with the popular praise song of the ’90’s that begins with, “As the deer pants for the water, so my soul longeth after thee… 249 more words


Singin' In The Snow

It’s that time of year again. January: when it seems that snow is everywhere and students have more school days off than on. If you’re missing rehearsal, choir, lessons, and more due to the weather, what will you do? 164 more words

Musical Theatre

Notice Moment's Notice

Check out this Transcription of John Coltrane’s solo on his composition, “Moment’s Notice”. This is a great tune. The melody is very singable and the chord changes, while difficult, make sense. 603 more words


An Antidote To Boredom

With the new year nearly upon us, many will make resolutions to do better in some area of their life. Many of these fade within a few weeks as our human tendency to settle back into the familiar and comfortable takes over. 702 more words

Music Education

Bass lesson 11/11/15

Today’s lesson consisted of continuing on the tune ‘all of me.’ We began by deciding to stick to one groove to focus on getting the notes right, and then trying to remember to avoid the 6th and avoid filling in random notes on until the 8th bar of a section. 53 more words


Guitar lesson 10/11/15

In today’s lesson we recapped the things we discussed in the previous lesson, we advanced the leapfrog exercise by playing it with triplets and quads to help me develop my playing beyond scalar lead lines. 78 more words


Bass Lesson 4/11/15

In todays lesson we looked at the tune ‘All of me.’

We started with just playing the root and 5th of each chord to get familiar with how the tune goes, and then we began using the harmony notes of the chords. 80 more words