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#2 Practice 18/02/15

So today, as every day, I start with my scales. I’ve always used Flesch, but recently I’ve been trying out a new way of getting through it. 998 more words


Building Chord Voicings

Following on from Arpeggios One and Two – here is one approach to using arpeggios to build chord voicings. We’ll look at a different approach next time. 188 more words

Andy Little

12 bar blues - Spice up your patterns with triplet rhythms

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to read my blogs :) Feel good about posting comments / questions, any other subject matters that people would like me to blog on. 219 more words

The Blues

Music Quote Monday

Here is a quote from famous pianist Vladimir Horowitz to conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim about the importance of markings in a piece of music. 50 more words


You Must Do Your...

Time and time again, my teachers tell me that I have to practice my scales and arpeggios. They are the quintessential building blocks for any musician of any age, yet they are such a pain to accomplish. 562 more words


Arpeggios Part 2

In Arpeggios – Part 1 we looked at how to turn a major 7 arpeggio into a dominant 7, minor 7 and half diminished arpeggio. This is all well and good but if you only know one shape for each of these chord types you’ll need to do a lot of jumping around the neck when improvising over chord progressions. 416 more words

Andy Little