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Say Hello to the Undertaker Intro Guitar Lesson

I was asked how to play the intro to “Say Hell to the Undertaker” by Winds of Plague. A video lesson was put together to show the two harmony guitars that use a lot of arpeggios in E Harmonic Minor. 18 more words

Guitar Lesson

Chord Tones vs Scales vs Chromatic Notes

Mark Smith from TalkingBass.net put up a great video a few days ago that goes over a bunch of theory in 30 mins. You probably need to have a basic understanding of what chords and scales are to really understand it. 283 more words


Printouts - Scales, Arpeggios, and Thirds

I really want everyone to print these, scribble fingerings on them and learn them well. Knowing these will help a lot in anything you play. 289 more words


How Many Arpeggios Are There? Really?

My colleague and friend, Samantha Coates, was wondering aloud on Facebook the other day just how many arpeggios there were. Not just 12 major and 12 minor arpeggios, but what if you counted all the inversions and included dominant 7ths and diminished 7ths, and all the permutations of arpeggios there might be? 850 more words

Piano Teaching

#2 Practice 18/02/15

So today, as every day, I start with my scales. I’ve always used Flesch, but recently I’ve been trying out a new way of getting through it. 998 more words


Building Chord Voicings

Following on from Arpeggios One and Two – here is one approach to using arpeggios to build chord voicings. We’ll look at a different approach next time. 188 more words

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