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Developing Arpeggio Speed

There are some basic principles that I think most guitar students should know to develop speed and flexibility when practicing right hand arpeggio patterns. These principles are applicable to other areas of technical development, so once you become familiar with them, you can try to apply them to your scales and to difficult passages in your repertoire. 373 more words

The Smartest Rock Star in the Room

Each time I hear a song by Muse
I think of Matthew Bellamy
at work in his Italian villa.

Arpeggiating long into
the night, he searches for the chords… 72 more words


Guitar lesson 10/5/16

Todays guitar lesson was a refresher of last week’s lesson, we went back over the whole tone scale, the Malmsteen lick and Schenker’s diminished triad run. 60 more words



Recommencing heavy practice again after some time away from the instrument has started me thinking about our practice habits as musicians. It occurs to me that some of these habits have shaky justifications – indeed, the reason we do these things is often that we’ve always done them. 2,815 more words

Bass Triad Arpeggios in A Minor

This lesson will demonstrate triad arpeggios in the key of A minor on the bass guitar.

Just a brief explanation on triads – Triads are 3 note chords built by stacking 3rds. 129 more words

Triad Chords

Guitar lesson 9/2/16

Todays guitar lesson continued on with the arpeggios from last week. We recapped with the chromatic scale, my picking was smoother than last week, but it still felt like groups of four, so that is something to continue working on. 111 more words


Guitar lesson 2/2/16

Last weeks lesson began with Cliff asking what i’d like to get out of these lessons, and i explained how i’d like to be able to play in multiple genres and develop my playing to be a chameleon within multiple genres. 147 more words