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Musical Modes Characteristics

Here are how I characterize the different musical modes:

Ionian or Major – Bright and joyful.

Aeolian or Minor – Sad and oppressive.

Dorian – Sad but hopeful. 93 more words


A little warm-up to start off your practice session

The other day I wrote about doing long tones on the Nuvo DooD. In addition to long tones, it is also good to warm up with some scale practice. 145 more words

Nuvo Dood

Villa Lobos Prelude Nº2 Arpeggios

Aside from the lush harmonies and hauntingly evocative melodies of Heitor Villa-Lobos’ music, the physicality of strumming or arpeggiating through all six strings, of sinking a fat thumb rest-stroke into a deep melody, of sliding all four left-hand fingers across the fretboard through diminished 7th chords produces a visceral joy unlike any other I experience when playing the guitar. 314 more words

4 Vocal Warms-Ups to Introduce Singers to Jazz Harmony

By Dr. Art Lapierre

Throughout the years, I have enjoyed working with singers who have a more traditional awareness of music. Oftentimes these singers have experience singing in classical choirs or pop/rock bands, and have little experience singing in four-part harmonies with upper extensions. 467 more words


Top 5 Thursday: 5 Exotic And Unique Scales For You To Marinate on


Hirajoshi Scale 

     A tuning scale for the Japanese koto by way of the shamisen, this scale revolutionized the koto in Japan by the Andres Segovia of koto :  Yatsuhashi Kengyō. 94 more words


Joni Mitchell: Painting With Altered Tunings

The prolific and often sourced Canadian Joni Mitchell has been constantly wrestled with harmonic riddles through her long time practice of searching for chord progressions under the influence of heavily altered tunings for decades. 196 more words