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Here my fav post… about the legend ARR and a wonderful person Mani Ratnam.

AR Rahman has struck the chords once again with his high energy synthesised song “Mental Manadhil” for the movie “OK Kanmani” directed by Mani Ratnam. 395 more words

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Hey guys, I have a new Instagram page for my chocolates!!

Just search for RavenFoodie and you’ll find me! I’ll be posting new events and videos on my chocolate making!!


Install ARR on Azure PaaS VM

This article describes how to install ARR 3.0 on Azure cloud service VMs on startup. You may want to use ARR for different purpose like such as reverse proxy. 622 more words

ARR the sound wizard

ARR is not the first music director I loved …. rather I was yet to like any music composer independently till he arrived. In my first post I did mention that I enjoyed listening to Maine Pyaar Kiya and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar during that phase … I also had a compilation of some old hindi songs and Marathi Natya Sangeet … It would be fair to say that my dad played a big role in shaping my musical tastes … Its interesting to see how vehemently we differ from each other today when it comes to our musical choices …. 1,220 more words

A R Rahman

Connecting to Hope

This is one of my favorite people on earth. Her name is Hope. Hope is, among many things, a brilliant songwriter and musician.

I love a lot of music, but the way to my heart is through brilliant lyrics. 454 more words


Chronicles of a Rahmaniac !! Part 1

May 4th 2005…. Chennai mail was zipping through the Deccan plateau amidst sweltering heat…In an unreserved compartment that was almost overflowing; passengers were waiting for the ordeal of the journey to end … There was nothing special …nothing to romanticize about this jaunt!! 1,322 more words

A R Rahman