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My Fangirl Down Moment and Signed Paperback Giveaway

I consider myself a well put together professional woman and was convinced I would hold it together when I finally meet authors in person (I’m going to my first signing in 2 weeks).  486 more words


My world isn't flat

Finally, I’ve moved on from flat surfaces and pushed forward a little more to my awesome future. Wrapped the synthetic skin around Cayce’s arm, my boyfriend. 94 more words


Alaipayuthey vs Kaatru Veliyidai

Mani sir’s creation is a perfect example of the saying “Quality over quanity”, He has only directed close to 25 movies in a career spanning up to 34 years. 886 more words


Kaatru Veliyidai Kannamma

“Unaku Rohini eh pudikalana, enna pudikalana”

By then, I was sitting at the edge of my seat, eyes welled up holding back the tears. Varun Chakarapani is hope. 451 more words


Kaatru Veliyidai - Review

May contain Spoilers

Kaatru Veliyidai kannama – This is the first line of a poem written by Mahakavi Bharatiyar. A man who wrote about  744 more words

Movie Reviews

Kaatru Veliyidai - Different Terrain

Sometimes, our love stories don’t need bad guys to create a rift and separate 2 made-for-each other souls. Our nubile minds are just enough and too good to create miseries for self inundated human beings.’KV’ is a bi-product of such individuals who live and smurf themselves with their ego to destroy superlatives. 583 more words


How did Kaatru Veliyidai survive?

Kaatru Veliyidai (2017), a story of a Prisoner of War rescued by his love for a girl, was one of these very little movies I wanted to go and watch right after it was announced. 732 more words

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