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Sometimes I worry

Give a fool a podium

He will start to speak


100 happy days: day 21 - The Many Faces of Lakshmi Riviani

Another FFXIV character tonight. Lakshmi is the daughter of heretical Elezens who have pledged their lives to the service of dragons. From a young age, Lakshmi showed that she possessed great magical potential. 170 more words

100 Happy Days

100 happy days: day 20 - K'zoh

Today we’re back to FFXIV with one of my characters, K’zoh K’nata! K’zoh is a born and bread Limsan, or at least he likes to think he is. 202 more words

100 Happy Days

ARRange (Range, Arrange, A Range)

I will likely annotate these (flesh these out, un-(Tu?)pac these ideas, Tavis Smiley might say) on How We Double Down if I meet a real friend today. 86 more words

100 romantic songs - day 9

Today is neyar viruppam day again. Bingo’s mom wanted Kadhal sadugudu from Alaipayuthe.

Can there be a better romantic song to feature here?! The visuals are such a treat to watch; thanks to Madhavan, Shalini, PC Sriram and Mani saar. 110 more words

Music Madness