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Should I Use Effects With My Acoustic Guitar

Honestly, I wish this was the question being asked. Should I? But the question is usually phrased more along the lines of “which effects should I use?” This assumes that any should be used at all. 1,555 more words


CME Mix-bag Teaching Methodology and Reflections

My mix-bag arrangement of various hip-hop themes was designed with stage 4 groups in mind for beginner to intermediate players but focusing more on the beginner end of the spectrum. 430 more words


Reflections Week 2A Comp - 04/08/15

Today we learnt about mix bag arrangements. A mix bag arrangement is one that simplifies a band score to make it accessible to different levels and different instrumentation. 56 more words


Flower Arrangements {Part 1}

InsteadĀ of making a post for each arrangement I make at the shop, I figure I’ll do a few of them at once in a series! 266 more words


Arrangement of the "Salutation Carol"

The Salutation Carol is one of the most obscureĀ carols of the English countryside. Coming from the same roots as the Wexford Carol, the Coventry Carol, and the Sussex Carol (not bearing its county name), it feels jolly and merry, even though being in a minor mode. 149 more words

A Capella

Catching Up

I haven’t posted in a while because I have been dealing with my emotions trying to get everything under control. So far I am doing a good job. 275 more words

New Chapter