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16 - A Storm of Sweeping

Shubha, Kelle, and Kyle discuss the most recent Game of Thrones episode. Jon becomes a baller and Marge becomes a pedo. We speculate that Danaerys doesn’t appear in this installment because she’s on loan in rural Louisiana for  14 more words

A Netflix Weekend

It is a bank holiday after all.

For those of us at University, you will know all too well that without Netflix life would be pretty hard. 1,359 more words


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Counterpoint: 'Grey's Anatomy' and other shows don't owe fans anything

Last week, fellow EW Community Contributor Tamar asked, “Do fans have rights?” after the death of Patrick Dempsey’s long-running character on Grey’s Anatomy. As expected, fans were angry. 946 more words

Gob Bluth Lines That Will Help You Bounce Back From Your Next Huge Mistake

Arrested Development‘s Gob Bluth may be loathed by both of his parents, but Will Arnett’s egotistical idiotic character has quickly become a fan favorite despite the fact that he has no purpose, scruples, or skills. 267 more words


It's Vodka. It Goes Bad Once You Opened It

I have to admit it; I love to watch TV. There is something about entering a new world and find these amazing characters waiting for you. 70 more words

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Speaking in Tongues

Like many people of my generation, I worship at the alter of Netflix. I’ve spent many a wonderful evening wrapped up in the company of my favourite shows:  500 more words