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Arrested Development feat. Daunta - Where?

One of the standout sets from this year’s Boomtown has to be Arrested Development. I’ve seen them a number of times since 1993 and they just don’t seem to lose their shine at all, they might even be getting better with age. 33 more words


The Ever Child-Like Adults Of America

What some stores carry is a reflection of the American spirit.

I was in a Barnes and Noble today. The place had more Graphic Novels and Manga racks than anything else besides fiction. 222 more words


Random Bidtits (8/17/2017)

Not much here other than a collection of some solid (although not in the case of my poops) things I’ve come across in recent weeks.  Unfortunately, I’ve been busy splitting my time between working (a novel concept) and splitting the porcelain (more of a navel concept).   631 more words

Film And Television

The other side of things


Let me just start by saying:

I’ve been dying to write this post.

But I had to be patient, which is good, patience is a virtue people, one I don’t really have so this post got me to practice it. 856 more words

The Boomtown Fair hangover

Decided to finally check out Boomtown this year. Always wanted to go but its always clashed with other plans and in some ways, my impression of it made me think I might not like it. 778 more words

Line(s) of the Day #ArrestedDevelopment

Tobias Fünke: Listen, I’m an actor. You’re an agent. You do the math. I want you to represent me. In other words, you do the math. 146 more words

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