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Neck Fat.

Okay, so I mentioned that I was visiting some family recently and while I was there I had an interesting conversation with a male member of my extended family. 629 more words


Another year closer to death

I’m 27 today, and it’s the first birthday I’ve had in which I have felt old or anxious about my age. 27 is chillingly close to 30, after all. 176 more words


Arrested Development

If you’re looking for a funny show to binge watch (and you’ve been living under a rock for the past 11 years), then “Arrested Development” is definitely the show for you. 171 more words


"Get Hard," or How to Offend Everyone in Your Audience

Are there any subjects that are too sensitive for comedy? It’s a question that has been asked a lot lately (see Tosh, Daniel), but history has already given us our answer: There are no taboo subjects in comedy, as long as the joke is funny and the perspective is correct. 834 more words


Reality Check (and Arrested Development).

It’s funny how we forget.

If you’re the one who was left, you don’t think you’ll ever be free of the searing pain that comes from just thinking about all of it. 854 more words


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Get Drunk and Get Laid, Ferf**ksake

Today, while cleaning one of the student lounges, I overheard a discussion between two freshmen boys who were sitting in there. Their conversation went on for at least fifteen minutes—and it was entirely devoted to strategies for a… 28 more words