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So this actually happened.

I’m a cafe surfer. I like the culture at most cafe’s for selfish reasons.
One being, I enjoy the crossfire of thoughts, flying through the battlefield of egos. 1,070 more words


Thought for the Day -- 5/29/2016

In AA’s first years, I all but ruined the whole undertaking with…unconscious arrogance. God as I understood him had to be for everybody. Sometimes my aggression was subtle and sometimes it was crude.

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“On high values my soul has a lock.
I have insights so telling that shock
is the proper reaction.
I need make no retraction….” 13 more words

Pride, Destruction, a Haughty Spirit and a Fall

I’ve been spending much of my quiet time each morning reading a few chapters from the books of Psalm and Proverbs. Most days I find myself engulfed in the language of it all and how clearly the writer relays their message. 510 more words


Defeating Pride by Showing Honor

“Outdo one another showing honor…”
(Rom 12:10)

The attitude of pride and arrogance is like a cancer in the body of Christ.  A prideful spirit focuses all the attention on itself, sucks up all the body’s resources, and if unchecked will, ultimately, spread throughout the body bringing death in its wake. 752 more words

Faith And Practice



By Kamlesh Tripathi

Just before the commencement of the holy war—Mahabharat, Arjun broke down in the battle field and his emotions ran high when he was unable to come to terms with the prevailing circumstances, that soon he would have to fight his very near and dear ones—Kuruvansh who happened to be his first cousins, and where his main rival was Duryodhan. 416 more words

How to Take Control of your Soul...Whet?

I’m so dramatic! This isn’t in any way shape or form an invitation to my cult lol. It’s just a little insight for all you budding mystics about the road less traveled. 515 more words