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What are you dreading?

 I have to admit that when I think about a very busy week ahead with what ‘looks like’ too much, given the time available, I start to dread the days ahead. 784 more words


When God Breaks In

Now and again there are those ‘God moments’, the times when the majesty, power might and glory of God breaks into the often so mundane flatness of our daily routines and consciousness. 164 more words

Unbounded Church

Daily Musings #80

Confidence is a step away from arrogance

Idealism is just a step away from idiocy

What a dangerous combo they can be

Writings And Musings

Left’s utterly ridiculous education statements

Liberal Provocateur E.J. Montini, one of the remaining henchmen at the increasingly irrelevant Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) headlines his column “Arizona is selling our kids’ brains to the Koch brothers.” 134 more words

Those Dems

Grumpy, Grumpy, Grumpy

This should be a tweet, but I couldn’t make it a pithy little quip.  Just…if you don’t care about my inane intolerance of just annoyingly edgy and confident media…like…just…go do something else instead of reading this.  578 more words


Comes Before the Fall

Hey Fam,

It’s Thursday afternoon and I pray that you all are having a great week thus far. I on the other hand found myself extremely annoyed this morning. 435 more words

Incense Of Pride

The clouds I saw were stacked on rains

For the hindrance of collusion struck the hearts

The pompous thrill was to let us gain

The drums of smokes of our cheap cigars. 287 more words