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Amnesty deceit: AZ’s U.S.senators compulsive liars

McCain and Kyl brazenly told pre-election lies — Flake later joined the trickery 

Amid the dire news bombarding us from virtually every corner we offer this bit of sardonic levity as we take a trip back in time. 524 more words

Arizona Politics

One Media Site Recognizes The Political Bias Of The MSM

Modern Media And The Destructive Representation Of Conservativism

William Warren

” Although rightfully excoriated for his comments comparing public unions to ISIS, Gov. Scott Walker’s (R-Wis.) treatment by the media continues to highlight the gross disparity in the way with which conservative candidates are analyzed and represented, when compared to their liberal counterparts.

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Daily Police Misconduct 3.6.15

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 03.04.15

” Here are the seven reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, March 4, 2015:

  • Columbus, Ohio: An officer was arrested for drunk driving after a police chase. 
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Practice 17

This practice is quite similar to practice 15 in that it advocates respecting those that insult us.

Here it specifically means the contempt/insult of someone that is  33 more words



There’s no getting around it. Hillary broke protocol, if not the law…again.  Yet the head of the Select Committee on Benghazi, Trey Gowdy, will somehow be portrayed as a leader in the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy that is always after the Clintons.  243 more words


Mocking Others and Arrogance

Ten years ago, five years ago, yesterday… This is a problem I really struggle with.  Being American, we have a culture of joking that often involves mocking others, and I am one of the guiltiest people for using this style of humor. 91 more words

Religion And Culture/ İnanç Ve Kültür


“I know I’m gonna heal and I’m always looking up. Even if it’s dark, I’m gonna find the light. I will smile, I will keep smiling~”  395 more words