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How Trump and McConnell Own the Shutdown

As of today, January 20, 2018, our government has been shutdown. Trump’s celebration of his first year in office was to be a trip to Mar-a-Lago to golf and hold a $100,000 per couple fund raising dinner. 392 more words

Wise Remarks

Wise Remarks

I’m eager, lads, to hear my wisdom praised.
Why won’t you idiots cooperate?
My aphorisms glow, adroitly phrased.
I’m eager, lads, to hear my wisdom praised. 33 more words

Arrogance vs humility

“I’ve got the biggest muscles, the smartest brain, an inexhaustible stamina and the longest penis; if you dragged me behind ten horses I could plow a thousand acres with my stiff rod. 387 more words



My eyes, too weak to properly perceive
The face of beauty, found in God alone,
See clearly lesser things, and thus they leave
The truth of God for gods of self and stone. 81 more words


BREAKING NEWS! Trump Cancels a Day of Golf

It’s Friday and Trump is not spending taxpayer money to fly to Mar-a-Lago! At least not yet. He is in the White House! Why? In an entire year he has not spent five days in a row where he is supposed to be working. 276 more words


Ego is not a swollen arrogance, although it can be that. It can also be shyness—inviting attention in order to reject it. Ego is a trickster.

Keith Ashford

I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now

When you look back at your younger self it’s strange what you may find. When I look back what I find is an arrogant young whippersnapper who is incredibly sure of things, has a firm opinion on every topic under the sun and is idealistic to the bone. 281 more words