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Confidence is Forged by Life.

One of you all wrote a respond to the post “Loving Yourself v/s Narcissism”

Clarissa said, “Too often people view self-confident as arrogance. A person confident in themselves don’t worry about what others think of them. 578 more words


Trump's Vile Immigration Policies are Resulting in Irreversible Harm to thousands of Children, and Disgrace upon our Nation

If you have or had children, imagine your child at five years of age. Life where you live now is unbearable and your lives are threatened every day. 595 more words

What did Arizonans do to deserve McCain and Flake?

The latest: McCain authorized IRS targeting conservative groups, Flake intentionally holding up Trump’s judicial nominees

Some ancient societies reputedly believed in generational curses, where the sins of past generations are passed down for future generations to pay their debt. 421 more words


How to Bridge the Gap Between Intention and Perception

Leaders fail because they don’t see themselves as others see them.

Disconnection between internal intention and external perception limits leaders.


  1. You make space for others to thrive.
  2. 284 more words
Leadership Development

How to Navigate Ambiguity and Uncertainty

Uncertainty finds comfort in nostalgia.

Those who run from ambiguity and uncertainty are bound to repeat the past.

Uncertainty and humility:

The higher you go in organizational life, the lower your tolerance for uncertainty. 213 more words

Leadership Development

Should What Melania Trump Wears be of Importance to the American People? Only when it Offers a Message

At least one reporter talks about ‘what Melania wears’ each week. No one cares; it has no importance in the failings of her husband’s administration. However, when she made a visit to a child detention center in Mcallen Texas today, what she wore was significant. 219 more words

When Hearts are Hard

or calloused like a rock.

I thought today after a weird Twitter marathon on Melania Trump’s stint with that jacket, that what happened these past days, these people go about business like that, just like that? 37 more words