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It Ain’t Bragging If Nobody Cares

“I’m good just ask me.”

Yes, I actually heard someone make that comment for real and they were serious about it too. It came from a person that was probably the most arrogant person I have ever worked with. 823 more words

The Daily Life

Paul Ryan Will be Doing Nothing until He Retires

For the last 9 years, 3 months, and 3 days Republicans have done nothing to improve the lives of the voting public. They will claim that I’m mistaken, because they passed “tax reform.” This bill was a gift to the wealthy and will harm the majority; it doesn’t count. 332 more words

AZ Reps. pitch funding striking teachers by legalizing pot

Arizona Democrat Mark Cardenas (LD 19) and his House of Representatives Republican buddy Todd Clodfelter (LD 10) have joined in a novel bipartisan effort to fund teachers who are demanding a… 440 more words

Arizona Politics

Utah GOP delegates no fans of Mitt McRomney

Romney, born and raised in Michigan, played down his Republican affiliation, as he supported abortion to be elected governor of liberal Massachusetts. Now the failed presidential candidate is in Utah running to the right for the U.S. 264 more words



Isn’t this funny? In a somewhat tragic way?

An Ugandan native makes a few bucks ‘educating’ white tourists about the Coriolis effect.

The videographer, an England born Australian, jokingly asks him “What’s the magic, boss?” 143 more words

Choices We Make

This Is What Happens When You Look For Work

People just give you other places to look:

And other people assume you’re not looking, not looking hard enough, or give you places to look as well. 38 more words