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She used to be an adventurer like you

Guards in Skyrim are such pussies. I mean, Amalthea’s still adventuring…


Day 87

Day 87:March 28th 2015. I used to be an adventurer like you….

Day 87 of my iphone 365 project. This photo  may have been edited a little :)

Project 365 For 2015

miscellaneous - part 12

I’m making someone wear this in a game of online duck-duck-goose. :)

… And then I was made to make and wear this one. :)


Arrow to the knee

This photo deserves its spot on my blog. I stumbled upon it when I was browsing my 9GAG account for hours, as I usually do. This unfortunate guy is me. 67 more words

30 Day Challenge

Adventurer Tee shirt

If you used to be an adventurer, this tee is the perfect to say it to the world.

“I used to be an ADVENTURER then I took an arrow to the knee” 42 more words

Available Tees