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Aroz Caldo on a cold night

Baguio City is the perfect place to have a warm bowl of Arroz Caldo. My sister loves it when I cook Arroz Caldo, and to attest to that joy, she often leaves no trace of it in only a few hours. 444 more words

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Arroz Caldo with Manok

Arroz Caldo is considered a comfort food in my family’s home and was considered a staple whenever a sniffle would appear. Its origins are from the familiar Chinese congee (rice porridge) but modified by Filipinos to suit the tastes of the Spanish conquistadors that ruled over the Philippines for well beyond three centuries. 279 more words

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Arroz Caldo- Not just warm rice, it's an herbal hug in a soup mug!

When anyone in my family is sick there are two soups we go to: Chicken Noodle or Arroz Caldo.  Arroz Caldo literally means warm rice but when you delve into this Filipino staple you will see more than that.   403 more words

Herbal Remedies

Paleo Filipino "Arroz Caldo"

Everyone at my office is sick, recovering from being sick, or like me, fighting like hell not to get sick. That’s why I made Filipino… 273 more words


Friday Food Shot 89

It’s been raining the whole week and we felt the weather called for some Arroz Caldo. Our version is so yellow because we use add turmeric for that extra ginger flavor (the bright color is just a wonderful side effect, so to speak). 9 more words

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Quaker Instant Oats Caldo

I saw something new while shopping at Hi-Top supermarket last month. Enter Quaker’s Instant Oats Caldo – a wordplay for Arroz Caldo or chicken rice porridge, available in “chicken and mushroom” and “beef and carrot” flavors: 211 more words

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