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Arroz Caldo

This dish is a comfort food–eaten for breakfast, or snacks, or just when you’re sad :(  Can be soupy in consistency, or risotto-like.

oil for frying… 124 more words


When It Rains, It Pours

It’s a wet, wet weekend and this weather is making me lazy. It is a perfect time though to cook something hot, comfort food that would lessen the bite of the cold wind outside. 47 more words


Chicken Maiz Con Caldo (Corn with Chicken and Soup)

Having grown up in the Philippines, I know that there are actually two main staples — rice and corn.  In the southern provinces, corngrits take the place of the northern provinces’ rice. 170 more words



Stuffy nose? Scratchy throat? Annoying congested feeling in your ears? Head feels like a hundred pounds? Then you’re probably coming down with a cold.

And you look for ways to rid yourself of this horrid virus called a “cold”, such as squirting muconase – (sodium chloride) – up your nose, taking paracetamol or biogesic, which ever you prefer, or a bowl of your favorite soup. 155 more words


Aroz Caldo on a cold night

Baguio City is the perfect place to have a warm bowl of Arroz Caldo. My sister loves it when I cook Arroz Caldo, and to attest to that joy, she often leaves no trace of it in only a few hours. 444 more words

Food Adventures

Arroz Caldo with Manok

Arroz Caldo is considered a comfort food in my family’s home and was considered a staple whenever a sniffle would appear. Its origins are from the familiar Chinese congee (rice porridge) but modified by Filipinos to suit the tastes of the Spanish conquistadors that ruled over the Philippines for well beyond three centuries. 275 more words

Pinoy Cooking

Arroz Caldo- Not just warm rice, it's an herbal hug in a soup mug!

When anyone in my family is sick there are two soups we go to: Chicken Noodle or Arroz Caldo.  Arroz Caldo literally means warm rice but when you delve into this Filipino staple you will see more than that.   403 more words

Herbal Remedies