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Ars Erotica: The Lost Art of the Love

The most important elements of an erotic art linked to our knowledge about sexuality are not to be sought in the ideal, promised to us by medicine, of a healthy sexuality, nor in the humanist dream of a complete and flourishing sexuality, and certainly not in the lyricism of orgasm and the good feelings of bio-energy (these are but aspects of its normalizing utilization), but in this multiplication and intensification of pleasures connected to the production of the truth about sex. 159 more words

Michael Foucault

History of Sexuality, Volume 1, part three, scientia sexualis

Foucault, M.  (1990/1978/1976).  The history of sexuality:  Volume 1, an introduction.  Translated from the French by Robert Hurley.  New York, NY:  Vintage Books.

Part Three:  Scientia Sexualis (pp. 716 more words


Foucault's Tortured Text, and the Ars Erotica

I recall that despite Chomsky and Foucault’s famous disagreements, Chomsky admitted that Foucault did have some very signfiicant ideas, but he was at a loss to explain why he expressed them as he did. 1,048 more words