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Wonderful Ars Magica inspired sketches

A blogger and professional artist named Richard has some wonderful illustrations created for his home Ars Magica game. Richard T’s artwork inspired from Ars Magica – this immediately says “magi council chamber” for a Spring covenant. 36 more words

Ars Magica

Make an army slaughter themselves, piecemeal

Today’s spell is a quick Rego Mentem effect for Ars Magica designed to turn a single opponent into a violent rage-filled berserker. The approach is more subtle than raining down fire on an opponent, very effective in destroying a fighting unit, and would also have a nasty effect on morale. 376 more words


Conjure the Humble Skiff

One of my characters had a need to get across a moderate sized area of water with his companions, and it proved to be a little bit of an ungainly problem. 386 more words


Melt the Company’s Arms - quick variations on Ars Magica spells

A spell I wrote up a long while back – Melt the Vanguard’s Arms is useful against one target. This is a quick modification to that spell to affect an entire Roman company of up to 100 soldiers. 130 more words


Mundane gear: A switching circle

Ars Magica has a lot of scope for magical gear for Magi, but what about a useful mundane item?

Is a switching circle possible? Its a carabiner device which can be used during the casting of circle or ring spells. 78 more words

Ars Magica

Learning More About the Order of Hermes

It’s time I set my sights on planning the next Ars Magica slot for my Monday evening group, so it’s time to look at another brace of supplements. 1,085 more words

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Critical Recovery - more variations on Ars Magica spells

Flicking through the Ars Magica spells here and there, there are as many permutations and variations as a player could want. That said, I sometimes find it easier to review a complete variation of a spell for use with a character instead of considering it in my head. 171 more words