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Nozick's Utility Monster in Mythic Europe

Nozick’s Utility Monster is a thought experiment designed to poke a hole in the worldview of utilitarians, but it is adaptable to roleplaying games. As is becoming customary for these posts based on philosophy, I need to begin by oversimplifying a basic concept. 966 more words

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Ice Spells (part five) Conjuring, moving, and viewing ice

The last ice spell I think is required for my character allows the Magus to move the ice around. The intent is to be able to move almost anything by encasing it in ice, and for those materials which are heavy the ice can be strengthened by a previous spell. 288 more words

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A Chivalric Tribunal

The Lion and the Lily is the Ars Magica 5th Edition supplement detailing the Normandy Tribunal, which corresponds to the northern half of modern-day France. This is a place where the mundane authorities are starkly divided between the King of France and the King of England, whose extensive possessions in Anjou and Aquitaine mean that the extent of French rule is much more limited than we are used to thinking of it as being. 305 more words

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Aberffraw biscuits

The oldest variety of biscuit in Britain appears in the historical  record just after the game start date.

The Aberffraw biscuit comes from Anglesey, that hothouse of Druidic magic, so what uses can it be put to in Ars Magica campaigns. 881 more words

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Ice Spells (part four) Moving upon the ice

Another in a series of spells themed around Ice Spells and arctic magic, continuing from Ice Spells (part one, two, and three). There is fair probability that I’m just having fun with spells at some point through this post. 295 more words

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Episode 75 Special: The Adventures of Captain Shard

The Adventures of Captain Shard are three interlinked stories by Lord Dunsany. They are so hugely long that I hope you’ll accept them as a… 28 more words

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Ice Spells (part three) Enduring ice and ice hounds

Continuing from Ice Spells (part one and two), these are utility and empowerment spells.

Circle of Unbreakable Ice

Muto Aquam / Terram 15, R: Touch, D: Ring, T: Circle… 401 more words

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