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A few customised Mentem spells for speaking into the mind

Here are two new Mentem spells, well one reworking of an existing effect, and one new spell for Ars Magica wizards.

Firstly the reworking of Whispering Fingers (CrMe5)(see Apprentices p.48) changing from Touch/Conc to Touch/Sun. 324 more words

Ars Magica

Revival of an old spell - Illusion of the Standing Wizard

Back in the older editions of Ars Magica there was a spell called Illusion of the Standing Wizard. The intent was to allow a magus to appear to be standing around not doing much while actually casting, stealing something, or some such. 126 more words


Wrath of the Autarch by Phil Lewis

I have been waiting for Phil Lewis’s Wrath of the Autarch since Aidan played at Origins 2013 and I played at Origins 2014. Wrath of the Autarch is a kingdom building role-playing game. 1,213 more words

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Carving a Mystic Tower

Another variation for creating dwellings in Ars Magica is the idea of carving them from the rock, rather than conjuring them. In this way the caverns, rooms, hallways, etc, are hollowed from the foundation materials and no elaborate vis expending ritual is needed.A carving spell could also convert a cliff face into a separate tower too, as the spell would be effective above ground or below as long as the right sort of materials were present. 947 more words

Ars Magica

Ars Magica spells for curing befuddlement and insanity

Perdo Mentem ha a selection of spells for impairing or harming the mind, but no listed spells to recover from these effects. There are new implied guidelines to be found among the spells beyond the core rulebook. 268 more words

Ars Magica

#RPGaDay2015: 27 - Ars Fantasia

I love mashing games together, and do it all the time. Sometimes it’s to fix a game that isn’t working for us. When we played… 513 more words


Velhojen torni

Ars magicassa pelin ajatus on, että velhot perustavat muutaman velhon piilotettuja tutkimuslaitoksia, joissa saavat olla rauhassa ulkomaailmalta ja tehdä omia asioitaan.

Lähdetään liikkeelle Ars magican ajatuskesta, mutta aloitetaan tornin perustamisesta – ehkä vallataan paikka joltakulta, ehkä perustetaan uusi keskelle erämaata, ehkä neuvotellaan kaupungista tilaa, ehkä tutustutaan hylättyyn voimakasta taikuutta säteilevään sijaintiin. 543 more words