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Dunsany short stories: Time and the tradesman

What would the embodiment of Time be in Ars Magica? Mechanically it could be of any Realm. What could its embodiment be? Any story can be a faerie, an a demon can claim to be anything, but Time, in various mythologies is the thing that comes before the Magical powers of creation, which come before the Gods of faerie, which come before the current dominance of the Dominion. 289 more words

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Dunsany short stories : Two stories of Fame

A pair of short stories about Fame from Lord Dunsany.


Fame singing in the highways, and trifling as she sang, with sordid adventurers, passed the poet by. 425 more words

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Changing Wolves to Rabbits, or Lions to Lambs

Previously wrote a transformation spell called “Transformation of the Vicious Beast to the Floundering Fish” to make a beast into a fish, as an attack to quickly kill a beast or allow it to swim, and I was thinking of casting against normal animals and moderately powerful magical beasts.  106 more words

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Ars Magica ~ a beginning

I’ve finally had my first experience of playing a pen and paper RPG!  I did try to join the D&D soc at Uni but in retrospect I think he must have thought I was taking the mick (the guy pretty much refused to speak to me).  312 more words

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Dunsany: Secret of the Sea

Another Dunsany episode: plot hooks at the end!

In an ill-lit ancient tavern that I know, are many tales of the sea; but not without the wine of Gorgondy, that I had of a private bargain from the gnomes, was the tale laid bare for which I had waited of an evening for the greater part of a year. 1,726 more words

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Dunsany short stories : The Exhausted World

This episode went live early, so here’s a bonus transcript for the week.


I’ve discussed previously the idea that there may be worlds, in deep Arcadia, where the Faerie Aura is a negative number. 1,785 more words

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