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The Mirarion


He asked me what I remembered and I said “Nothing.”

He was a man in middle age, seated opposite me on a chair made of intricately carved wood. 37,448 more words

Ars Magica

There are many ways to skin a cat in using Ars Magica's magic system

Ars Magica has one of the most flexible magic systems around, combined with a very lengthy and detailed set of guidelines for how that magic system can be used. 1,594 more words


New Ars Duration: Tide

When you have an Ars Magica character with Flexible Formulaic Magic (FFM) every opportunity to lean a new Range, Duration, or Target adds significant leverage into a character. 286 more words


Mirarion - a missing chapter

(From toward the middle of what is becoming a novella)

Callida and I stood in the fog on the bridge, as the frogs rained down upon us. 1,142 more words

Ars Magica

Ars Magica: Between Sand and Sea

This was probably one of my favorite Ars Magica (By Atlas Games) books that I’ve done. I got to draw different cultures than usual, which is always awesome. 8 more words


Opening the Arts of a new Apprentice

Sylvia ex Merinita, a young maga with her first apprentice, decided to take the girl, Agatha, on long walks through a nearby wood with a low faerie aura, hoping to fully awaken the girl’s Gift.  1,300 more words

Extensions to Conjuring the Mystic Tower

Conjuring the Mystic Tower (CtMT, ArM p153) is a principal and sometimes troubling spell for Ars Magica, because it demonstrates how easily wizards can create new structures, yet the mechanics are obfuscated. 774 more words