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tap.tap.tap Is this thing on?

A bit of a preview of the new podcast. It will take three days to go up on itunes, but the feed archive is http://gamesfromfolktales.libsyn.com/podcast. 23 more words

Ars Magica

Spells for a Magus with a Focus in Bronze

Here are a set of new and modified spells for an Ars Magica Verditius Magus with a minor magical focus in bronze. When I generated the Magus as a beginning Character it wasn’t possible to take all these spells, however they might represent future developments. 1,132 more words

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Podcast planning

Atlas Games have given me permission to go ahead with a podcast.  I already record books into the public domain, so I have the gear and software, and I’m working through the hosting details. 531 more words

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Silly Gardening spells

Here are some spells I wish I had in daily life to get more omph from the weekend. Admittedly it is an absurd list of desired special spell powers, but your mind goes to strange places mid way through a gardening marathon. 279 more words

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Spell to Slowly Deconstruct a Castle

Rego spells can build things and perform the work of a craftsman in an instant. I’m certain they could deconstruct a complex thing as well as build one. 253 more words

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Sacrificing Horace to Cloacina

A quick excerpt from my reading this week.

I knew a gentleman, who was so good a manager of his time, that he would not even lose that small portion of it, which the calls of nature obliged him to pass in the necessary-house; but gradually went through all the Latin poets, in those moments.

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A simple wizards dwelling

The canonical Creo Terram spell for creating a covenant’s tower is excellent, however it is also expensive in vis in the caster only wishes a smaller dwelling. 170 more words

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