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Covenant festivals

To design a festival for your covenant, a tribunal or the entire order, answer the following questions. Shuffle the order of them if you like. 716 more words

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Strange item - Wand of Cleaning

Inspired from a strange Atlas Games Ars Magica forum post, here is a Wand of Steam cleaning. Breakdown was:

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Dolores - concept and statistics

This is supplemental to Episode 100. which went live early. To quote it:

The poem which follows is a prayer, and a mystery initiation script, for the cult of the Infernal Saint of Sorrow.  1,018 more words

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Hermetic Recycling of Covenant Scrap, a sample magic items for Ars Magica

Goal in this blog post was to make an item which processes and separates substances into like types, and then allows them to reform as usable segments. 469 more words

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Are casting tools placebos?

The gestures used in spellcasting in Ars Magica are not arbitrary, as they are in some other roleplaying games. We know this, because a magus who sees a rival casting a spell can deduce its effects from the gestures, and cast a counterspell for protection. 512 more words

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Dunsany - The Long Porter's Tale

Let’s continue the experiment of treating the works of Lord Dunsany as the reminisences of a redcap. This week we have one of his least coherent stories. 3,081 more words

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