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First fruits

Adventure ideas can come from anywhere: this one comes from a podcast I was listening to. A farmer in South Africa mentioned that because his orchards are in the mountains, his apples ripen two weeks earlier than everyone else’s, and this gives him a price premium. 1,372 more words

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Games From Folktales Transcripts

Transcripts 11- 16 are now up in pdf at https://wp.me/aVOkQ-1el

In future, transcripts will likely be monthly collections.  The software I’m using (Canva) has trouble with the larger file sizes.

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A Miscellaneous Destruction spell

Rego Terram acts as the default form for moving miscellaneous items around, and destroying small things of all forms is almost as handy – so this spell is Perdo utility spell for generic destruction. 215 more words

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Guarin, a Redcap philanderer

A sample Redcap character, Companion, for Ars Magica.


Two senior Redcaps lookout from a balcony in Harco to the covenant below. They have been reviewing the recent unassigned messengers and are down to the last of them; the troublesome ones. 1,233 more words

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Meinong's ontology: a new model for the Realms

Hank Green explains Meinong’s Ontology in a clever and concise way.  Basically Absistence is Faerie, Subsistence is Magic, and Existence is Mundane.

Meinong’s Jungle is Arcadia.

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On Letter to Sura

An excerpt from the writings of Pliny the Younger.

Our leisure furnishes me with the opportunity of learning from you, and you with that of instructing me.
1,840 more words
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Intersexuality and Essential Nature

One of the earliest controversies I can remember from Ars fandom is this: given that magic can’t affect your essential nature, can it change your gender? 755 more words

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