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304 spells today

Today’s blog post with more Necromancy spells bumps up the total number of new spells for Ars Magica to over 300. I’m hunting for inspiration for more from all over, still holding to the goal to get 400 published by end of the year and have added steady since… 73 more words

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Necromancy spells, part 7

The following spells are not strictly necromantic, but may be very useful additions for wizards with that inclination.

Animated corpses may also be a useful tool of reconnaissance, by making the animation a vehicle of remote exploration. 926 more words

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Necromancy spells, part 6

The Ars Magica Hermetic Projects sourcebook contains a robust section which deals with aspects of Living Corpses, Necromancy, and details of binding ghosts (p96-118). Many of the more flamboyant spells that a Magus might develop later in their necromantic career are present in this book; so much so that repeating material here would be basically copying it. 481 more words

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Shackles for Unfriendly Wizards

I was trying to design a set of magical shackles based upon the Perdo Vim effects which limit casting totals, but then a new thought occurred to me. 176 more words

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Continued thoughts on a simplifed version of Ars Magica

Deep Ars Magica mechanical nerdiness follows. If you read the blog for the folklore, see you next time, because this is as crunchy as it gets. 691 more words

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What do your hands say in Mythic Europe?

In roleplaying games, spellcasters generally make arcane gestures with their hands. In Ars Magica, spells are easier to cast if the character can make sweeping gestures. 1,315 more words

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