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Cornwall : The Damned Soul of Tregeagle

.Following the tremendously long section on the tribes of the fae, Hunt, whose text we are following, narrows his focus to a single person: the damned soul of Jan Tregeagle. 938 more words

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Ice spells (part two) Shaping and blocking with ice

Following again the spells relating to ice and snow, and all the other frosty effects from a while ago (the Wall from GoT, a series on… 403 more words

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So, two episode transcripts went live early.  Rawls and Extended Mind.  The episodes themselves haven’t gone live, and will come out on the 17th and 24th. 28 more words

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The Extended Mind and Hermetic Magic

When the podcast does these episodes on philosophy, it’s often necessary to begin by explaining terms. In 1998, Clark and Chalmers released a book called “The Extended Mind” in which they posited that material objects beyond the skull or skin  could be part of  an environment which, when coupled with the mind, formed a system, that could be thought of as a single unit of cognition.  1,701 more words

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Orotolans: hiding sins from God with a towel

Preparing the ortolans

Ortolans are tiny, so they need to be trapped, not shot from the sky with a bow, or torn by a falcon. They don’t flock, which makes this even more challenging to collect in numbers. 774 more words

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