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#RPGaDay2015: 27 - Ars Fantasia

I love mashing games together, and do it all the time. Sometimes it’s to fix a game that isn’t working for us. When we played… 513 more words


Velhojen torni

Ars magicassa pelin ajatus on, että velhot perustavat muutaman velhon piilotettuja tutkimuslaitoksia, joissa saavat olla rauhassa ulkomaailmalta ja tehdä omia asioitaan.

Lähdetään liikkeelle Ars magican ajatuskesta, mutta aloitetaan tornin perustamisesta – ehkä vallataan paikka joltakulta, ehkä perustetaan uusi keskelle erämaata, ehkä neuvotellaan kaupungista tilaa, ehkä tutustutaan hylättyyn voimakasta taikuutta säteilevään sijaintiin. 543 more words


#RPGaDay2015: 21 - I Love to Explore New Worlds

Picking a favorite RPG setting is pretty much impossible for me—I buy RPGs for their settings all the time, and any new setting that is also detailed is likely to make me fall in love with it. 523 more words


Suggestion for Wards in Ars Magica

“Wards” are not simple in Ars Magica, as many spells have straight forward effects using the guidelines while others are totally different. A ward in the core rules can be a protective and/or entrapping circular drawn circle which prohibits based upon intent, a more simple barrier, a personal shield against all elements of a form, or a damage absorption shield. 2,006 more words


A Simplified Version of Ars Magica

Here are my initial thoughts:

Anything which is the obvious selection for an experienced player should be free and baked in.

Characteristics are just broad Virtues pretending to be something else. 1,054 more words

Ars Magica

#RPGaDay2015: 17 - Ars Magica

Like many gamers, I started with D&D. But I was always curious about other games, and the first section of Dragon Magazine that I always read (OK, OK—2nd section, after  608 more words


Thomas Piketty and Getting Around Ursury Laws: a note for Transforming Mythic Europe.

Piketty notes in Capital in the 21st Century that one of the main ways to get around usury laws was to loan money to a noble, not against interest, but against the future production one of a nobleman’s holdings. 382 more words

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