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A cantation for an avid drinker

A simple cantrip for when bawdy celebration is to be encouraged. The spell does not grant alcoholic properties to a plain liquids, but will assist a dedicated drinker get the most from their ale. 44 more words

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Remembering those who have been lost

This post is about spells to hold and recall memories and emotions in Ars Magica. One of my characters has the Lost Love flaw, where he is haunted and deeply affected by the death of his wife. 858 more words


The Grim Mask

A mask which appears as the face of a human skull, which when worn alters the wearers outward appearance to suit their desire. The mask’s standard alteration is to make the wearer appear skeletal, atrophied, and garbed in a ephemeral black cloak (akin to the grim reaper). 130 more words

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Chain, Chest, Curse: Combating Book Theft in Medieval Times

Do you leave your e-reader or iPad on the table in Starbucks when you are called to pick up your cup of Joe? You’re probably not inclined to do this, because the object in question might be stolen. 1,358 more words

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An interesting article on securing books against theft in medieval times. Chains, curses, and heavy chests all used to protect books.

Thoughts on relative complexity in Creo spells

A quick post to highlight an explanation of my impression of relative complexity in Creo spells in Ars Magica:

  • Standard (+0 mags) – These items have little or no complexity in function or moving parts.
  • 180 more words

Very short range teleportation effect

A rework of the Wizard’s Leap, down to the lowest guideline of teleportation; of 5 paces. As a level 10 spell it is learnable by almost every Wizard, and certainly low enough to be spontaneously cast by mid-powered magi. 130 more words

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Conjure a few more Boats

In a spells post recently there were two spells for acquiring a boat. In that post I mentioned creating larger vessels. As a post here with those spells, and also a short discussion of the complexity in Creo effects and the difference in spell level for permanent vs non-permanent effects. 888 more words

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