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Further thoughts on simplifying Ars Magica

Extending on  Ars Magica Simplified I’d like to suggest the following thoughts, to speed up onboarding and play.  I’m going to copy these ideas across there. 361 more words

Ars Magica

A thought on affecting spells with requisites, a meta-magic question for Ars Magica

An aside – How do requisites affect which spells can be affected by magic?

A question raised during the forum discussion asked if a Muto Vim effect could change a spell enough to make it no longer effected by a Perdo Vim form specific effect. 189 more words

Ars Magica

Dunsany: How Nuth would have practiced his art upon the gnoles

Let’s just jump into it:

Despite the advertisements of rival firms, it is probable that every tradesman knows that nobody in business at the present time has a position equal to that of Mr. 2,426 more words

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A floating book, all a wizard needs

An item of fancy and indulgence for those Magi who insist on looking the part and being most prepared. It might also make a good justification for a lab improvement item with a focus on texts or reading. 223 more words

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Cornwall notes: Fallen covenants

In Heirs to Merlin there are two fallen covenants.


This one is is Scilly.  I suppose I should have looked up more Sicily folklore before I wrote this.  93 more words

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