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Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

Once in a while I should have discussed photography on the blog because I have posted pictures every time. Frame, what a great subject to talk about it. 224 more words


R i s k R e a s o n

There are lines in life, not clearly marked

yet you know they existed and dare not to cross

I am a bit off edge…the line of life is my balance beam… 30 more words


A Matter of Perspective

I think I’m getting the hang of drawing stairs. I’ve been playing around with doors that are either open or closed, although at this point you can’t really tell which direction. 212 more words

House of Reflection

White clay, brass paint, broken mirror, pearlescent white paint, blue acrylic paint 3/2014

The Climb

White clay, brass paint, glass mosaic tiles, textured spray paint, light bulb, wire, bulb socket base: 12x12x40.5, cap: 12.3×11.5cm 6/2013

Piece of Me

Digital media 38.1X17.78 cm 1/2013