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In view of it being Awards Season...

I nominate this amazing New Yorker image for this year’s “Best Supporting Image” award.

I’m not certain if the article it is in support of is worthy to be nominated for this year’s “Best Article” award because I haven’t finished it yet because it’s so damn long it should have its own Executive Summary. 60 more words


Abstraction & Wilderness

Suggesting that painting could be for itself, an abstract painting attempting to purge all traces or afterimages of nature in order to do the work against nature: this is the proposition of the Abstractionists that sought a counter-nature in the medium. 522 more words


Unicorn, Step By Step

Unicorn 001

Unicorn 001

Acrylics and glitter, 16×20.

Colors: Green-yellow, hooker’s green, permanent green light, crimson, ultramarine blue, magenta, mars black, titanium white, glitter in a glaze medium.

593 more words

Start with Frida

When I am stuck in a rut it is usually because I have artistic juices pent up somewhere that need to flow. Artistic in the sense that… 239 more words


The Art Desert

Awhile back I bought a flat file from John Glick’s studio. In one of the drawers there was a copy of Art in America from October 1990. 179 more words


Make America Bohemian Again

In November 2016, the Chelsea Hotel was sold to a group of wealthy investors for $250M  a tidy sum for the 250-room edifice. At $1M per room, the notoriously dingy artist’s squat fetched a price surprisingly on par with New York’s most opulent hotels, like the Waldorf-Astoria ($1.4M per room), Park Hyatt ($1.8M), Baccarat ($2M) and Four Seasons ($2.4M). 1,904 more words

New York

Arting On with the Stars

This is what I am talking about of Artists using their platforms for the good of the Republic…

And this is what I’m talking about of all the many facets and forms that Art can take… 8 more words