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Painting with No Edges

The edge as a demarcation between what goes on in the work and what goes on elsewhere is no longer necessary. With the mineralized painting there are no edges. 160 more words


Queen's Art Coloring Book

I am so happy and excited about the way society has embraced adult coloring pages! I love to color and am in the process of creating my own… 141 more words


When you've got a good thing

You need my type of lovin’
And I’m the only one that can give it
So when you’ve got a good thing,
Do your best to keep it… 131 more words



They said don’t you dare try to fly,
And you’re so scared, you don’t even try
They said don’t you dare try to break free… 101 more words


I still wouldn't take back a thing

Have you ever had a moment that felt right then,
but maybe just shouldn’t have happened
You blame your heart, but aren’t sorry for your actions… 109 more words


Wild Apple Blossoms

Apple trees are out in full force this time of year.

© Sheila Creighton 2016


Bending Genre, Gender, and More: Inside LA’s Robust Performance Art/Comedy Scene

There’s a pretty robust performance art/comedy scene in LA. Casey Jane Ellison and Dynasty Handbag toe the line between art and comedy and a million other things. 46 more words

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