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Art & Astronomy (June 2015)

Welcome to the first ever presentation of our biannual Art & Astronomy section. We had so many wonderful submissions this time, I can hardly believe the support. 912 more words


Astro Poem: Like a Diamond in the Sky

The night sky and its heavenly objects have been sources of surreal wonderment and creative inspiration for a lot of people, especially artists, songwriters and poets since long time ago. 332 more words

Space Art

Halloween Celebration and Astronomy

IC 2118 (Witch Head Nebula) in Orion. Original image credit: NASA/STScI Digitized Sky Survey

Did you know that Halloween is a significant day on the astronomical calendar? 277 more words

Sky Viewing Tips

The Moon and Stars...on my Hand!

Our student council to which I am a member offered a free “face paint” service during the Alumni Homecoming celebration in our college last month. 44 more words

Personal Notes

Astronomy Jokes

DID YOU KNOW that a new constellation has just taken hold of the sky, much to the surprise of many sky gazers? The constellation of Ollie the Owl has suddenly started dominating the southern hemisphere, as shown above. 413 more words

Astro Trivia

Date with a Comet on Valentines Day!

The planned Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14, 2011) rendezvous between NASA’s Stardust-NExT mission and comet Tempel 1 inspired this chocolate-themed artist’s concept.

Read more about this mission and learn how you can watch the live webcasts of this event on NASA TV… 31 more words

Space Art