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Art And Money

From little sketches to gallery walls… and dreaming big!

Ten years ago my art was just little sketches on restaurant napkins and pieces of scrap paper. What does it take to transform ideas into a big dream? 683 more words

Artist Journey

On multimedia books

I’ve been using an e-reader to view new books.  It’s very convenient…it also brings to mind the possibilities of reading when one can, say, hyperlink to a different point in the book.  803 more words


Feeling time slipping away...brainstorming my next steps (after college).

It could be the mid/post-holidays depression, anxiety about others, fighting off my own cold, and too much GITS:SAC soundtracks talking, but one thought has arisen in my mind which merits recording: 909 more words


How to marry business and art?

My good friend Tristan once told me one day that I inherited from the business mind of my dad and the artistic sense of my mom. 466 more words

Art Profession

Finance classes more useful in my situation than Art?

This post minorly goes over what I got out of comparing and contrasting the courses I wanted to take as versus the courses I thought I should take.  1,140 more words



All right,

So I was up last night listing the classes I’d need if I wanted to become a professional Jewelry Designer.  What I found is 1) I don’t need an Art Certificate (which majorly covers breadth of exposure, not mastering any skills in any one medium); 2) I will find Digital Photography and Contemporary Color necessary, and may have to retake classes in the Photoshop series if allowed (or hey, just subscribe to Photoshop CC, buy a book or three on it, and mess around with it); 3) unless I go into business as an entrepreneur, I probably won’t need the Accounting series. 499 more words