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Summer- week 2.

Yesterday I took a day off, I went for a walk in the rainy woods with a friend and spent time at home eating and chilling with my family. 148 more words


Why I Turned Down A Louvre Exhibition

Sometimes seemingly good opportunities can be guaranteed disappointment in disguise.

I first heard about this Louvre exhibition because a local artist was invited by an agent to Paris with her art. 685 more words

Art As A Profession

Distillation -- no exact destination, but the direction is apparent.

No studying done today, but I have some developments on the idea of the track (or tracks) I might take forward as regards career directions, and what I need to do. 1,450 more words

Creative Process

This begins with trying to organize my supplies, and ends with a brainstorm on my future career.

Yesterday I ended up being called in to work to cover for someone, so I really didn’t get that sweet “5 days off in a row” thing.  1,423 more words

Career Pathways

Gender, clothes, and jewelry

There has been a new dress code statement issued at my job.  Because of this, and because I’m now a little larger than I was a year ago, I’ve needed to replace some clothes.  2,240 more words


Notations on 'zine possibilities and book design

I was just talking with my sister-in-law about possibilities for publishing ‘zines, as in making a ‘zine for Special Projects in Fall.  I’m pretty sure that I’m aiming for an art book or illustrated book, and as regards one of my concepts, she recommended I watch Max Headroom, particularly where it comes to the “Blanks.” 853 more words