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Harry Potter...

With it being a friends birthday, a friend who loves Harry Potter! I decided to make her, her own Gryffindor robes. Making the pattern myself, the main body of the robes were based on a basic dress block, I also widened the sleeves and drafted the hood with a little help from the internet. 57 more words

Art And Crafting

The Hobbit, Tauriel…

Being invited to a fancy dress party of a fantasy theme, I decided to go as Tauriel from the Hobbit.

Using a basic bodice block, I first adjusted the pattern to my size. 139 more words

Art And Crafting


Again this post is a little overdue. Being a costume student… well me and my friend (also a costume student) had to pull out all the stops for Halloween, having a reputation to uphold! 21 more words

Art And Crafting


This year I was lucky enough to go on holiday twice, firstly I went to Cornwall with my family. It’s so beautiful there and very artistic. 78 more words

Art And Crafting

Sherlock Coat Complete...

Apologies! This is a long over due post, but alas the coat is complete! Although I don’t have any photographs of the coat modelled yet (to be photographed and posted in the near future!) here are a few progression photographs.

Art And Crafting

Sherlock, making progress continued...

I apologise for the lack of posts, I’ve been on holiday :D but thats a blog post for another time!

So since last time I completed the lining of the coat; this was really easy having already made the outer layer of the coat, the lining is the same (same patterns pieces and methods of making) but obviously made from a lining fabric. 55 more words

Art And Crafting

Sherlock, making progress...

Over the past few days since starting the coat I have made great progress! It is now looking coat shaped! A good start I feel. 107 more words

Art And Crafting