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at the movies: avengers: age of ultron

You all know what happened yesterday. Avengers: Age of Ultron, the latest epic superhero blockbuster in the series of low-to-middlebrow epic superhero blockbusters (and one weird little TV show) we know fondly as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, opened in the US. 1,228 more words

History And Culture

Beauty Of Mandu

Ever since I read the love stories of Roopmati and Baaz Bahadur, I had been yearning to visit the small town of Mandu. This small fortress town, a part of Dhar at an altitude of 2000 feet is perched in Vindhya ranges of Malawa. 440 more words

Rhythms that are divine

Word sounds have power. So do motion pictures, photographs and strokes of a paintbrush. Find out how I choose to voice my thoughts with a unique combination of sounds, words and images. 8 more words

Art And Culture

great lunokhod swag

For your delectation, here’s a way cool vintage Soviet space pin depicting our beloved mascot, the Lunokhod “Moonwalker”  rover.  This one dates from the Lunokhod 1 mission of  1970. 77 more words

History And Culture

Object of the month: A Nepalese tanka depicting the Bodhisattva Yamāntaka


 A Nepalese tanka (hanging scroll) depicting the Bodhisattva Yamāntaka

Mineral pigments on cotton. Painting 50cm x 35cm approx.

Private collection Great Britain


Yamāntaka is seen as a wrathful manifestation of Mañjuśrī, the Bodhisattva of Wisdom, and in other contexts functions as a Dharmapāla. 36 more words

Ancient Artefacts

The Windows of Zagreb, Croatia

My ‘window collecting’ mission in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city, was as hurried as our day and a half there.

Arriving via Germany, Austria, and Slovenia earlier in the morning, we settled into our apartment, and took to the streets, while dodging raindrops and securing some goodies at one of the local supermarkets. 306 more words