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New Generation Chinese Artist Is Very Visual - Cao Fei's Exhibition In MoMa PS1

Yesterday I went to a Chinese young artist Cao Fei’s art Exhibition in MoMa PS1. I am so surprised by the visual effect of this exhibition. 

Art And Culture

best of the drawing of the day: the man in the moon

I drew the Man in the Moon.  This is probably my favorite drawing in the Lost Sketchbook* and so it’s a good one to post at the end of the retrospective and promise you that the Best of the Drawing of the Day feature will soon be returning to the original concept of “me posting the best drawing I actually did in the last week so I can possibly remember what I was thinking about when I drew it or what tools I used.” 285 more words

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I have a job to do. I’ll need a few months to complete it. For that, I’ll have to go offline.

For now, I am still a lonely guy who thinks a lot and is interested in art and culture. 11 more words


The Unnamed Series


Yes that is what it was.

I have a divine affinity towards black and white photographs. And putting myself as the subject, just adds a subtle personal touch to my ideations. 29 more words

Art And Culture

I haven’t written about my art since my A level art days, so now post-uni I find it’s refreshing to sit down and write about my paintings. 683 more words


The Circus Isn't Coming To Town (But It's Already Here)

by Jonelle Walker

With the recent announcement that The Big Apple Circus will be ending public performances, circus lovers might be worried about where to get their clown fix. 681 more words

“The game is to organize the rectangle.”   Sergio Larrin