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Nasa's Golden Record may baffle alien life, say researchers

Extraterrestrials will detect a species that loves to argue and considers beauty in flowers that roar like chainsaws

It was launched to the stars as a portrait of humanity: an alien’s guide to life on Earth and the wonderful, rich culture of its dominant species. 540 more words


Behavioural tricks within Japanese train stations

An interesting look at some of the behavioural tricks and nudges that have been designed into Japan’s train stations. The millions of commuters that move through them aren’t just helped by things like reliable trains or better signage, but by their own unconscious actions triggered by light and sound. 445 more words

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It's behind you!

So I’ve been a little quiet on here for a few months, my apologies, I’m actually leaving Thailand which was unexpected and I’m moving to Singapore for love.   194 more words

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Be amazed at Grounds for Sculpture

If you’re considering day trips this Spring, and have never been to Grounds for Sculpture, you owe it to yourself to check it out.  Grounds for Sculpture is an amusement park of contemporary sculpture, just outside Trenton, New Jersey.  312 more words

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Illustrating good mental health

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week earlier this month, several freelance illustrators discussed their own experiences with anxiety, depression and a range of other mental health issues, with the aim of supporting and encouraging others that may be facing similar issues. 419 more words

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Marks are in (don't tell the kids)

Things are a little different this year for centre-assessed coursework and examinations; particularly for us in Art and Design. For the first time, the Joint Council for Qualification (JCQ) has instructed schools to issue pre-moderated (but internally standardised) marks for GCSE and A levels. 585 more words


WPAP Art - Where is the place to hire designers?

This article will show you how and where to hire the designers with the best talent for turning a photo into a WPAP Art. Converting photos into WPAP image is an excellent art of its kind. 969 more words

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