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Plays With Food

Seattle-based photographer and foody Brittany Wright does indeed, and thank fully for us, play with her food. Capturing in this series of images she displays careful color gradient changes between different types of fruits and vegetables. 26 more words

Art And Design

Hillary Hopper: Communications Design

Hillary Hopper

Fashion Institute of Technology


Red Brick and Magnolia

The red bricks of this beautiful house and the pretty magnolia tree make a lovely sight. Flowers like bluebells, and wisteria vines add extra colours, and the greens give a nice background.

Art And Design

Typographic Layout Crit

This is my layout. I decided to say goodbye to the pink background because I think it looks more crisp without it. Paul said he likes it because of the use of hierarchy and he said it’s good how I’ve left negative space to give it some dimension. 377 more words

Art And Design


Using 4×5″ and 8×10″ Arca-Swiss cameras David Leventi takes very large scale photographs of the interiors of world famous opera houses. Taken usually from the vantage point of a singer on stage these images are an homage to his grandfather Anton Gutman, a cantor who performed for German prisoners-of-war camps in Soviet Russia just after WWII. 20 more words

Art And Design

Foundation Degree Week X - Baby Analogies

My math skills aren’t up to scratch today – well, I say math, I mean counting – so trying to figure out which week of the course I’m on is a bit out of my range of abilities. 291 more words

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