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In Defense of Beauty

“For those of us that grew up going out into the wilds of the world…we got into our souls a sense of beauty.”

-Douglas Tompkins-

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The Ups and Downs of Being a Highly Sensitive Person

I am crouched on my studio floor preparing a simple imprematura (an initial stain of color on white ground). I am mixing paint with some thinner and scrubbing it into the surface. 951 more words

A Surprising Visitation Leads me Forward

After many days, there is a break in the rain and I’m able to paint outside again. Now the rough dirt road is too wet to drive on and I must hike to the pond up the hill a half a mile with my paintings and easel and all my materials on my back or in my duffle bag. 619 more words

Riding Spirals: Reflections on Creative Process

Have you ever considered the idea that the way you go about doing something has a shape? Whether it’s finding love or buying a house or making a painting, some processes are like railroad tracks and others like meandering rivers. 824 more words


An 0pen letter Between my body, my eyes, the lens, the moment, and the culturally, socially, and ecologically sensitive places I have interpreted on film during 2015. 68 more words

Artist Books

Quest 2a - How Count Tolstoy returned to Hartfell....How did it happen?

I have been reflecting on 2015, my year of Quests, the Environmental Art Quest to bring healing water from Hartfell over the high hills and inviting Count Nikolai Tolstoy to return to Hartfell. 1,266 more words

Environmental Art

Semana 1 de Inducción al LAB de Arte y Ciencia // Week 1 of Induction to the Art and Science LAB

Hoy cerramos la semana 1 de inducción al LAB de Arte y Ciencia, donde los equipos de trabajo se llegaron a conocer y varios facilitadores invitados proporcionaron una serie de herramientas para la colaboración y enfoque en la divulgación de la ciencia, considerando el balance de forma, contenido y estética. 585 more words