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Chateaubriand Steak

Below is an article about the dish known as Chateaubriand Steak:


My knowledge of various steak dishes is very minimal. In fact, it took me years to realize that any kind of steak is named, due to what part of the cow it came and how it is cut. 380 more words


sunday brunch

I had a lovely brunch at Art Cafe this past Sunday with my little brother Nassor at the Westgate. We both had the ‘Art Breakfast… 196 more words


Misty Milano in March

Is there anyone, who has visited Italy and didn’t fall in love with the country and its La Dolce Vita ( that sweet life, that you want or not, you get to be part of, once finding yourself in Italy). 703 more words


Floating Island

Below is an article about the French dessert known as Floating Island:


Many people might find this odd, but the first time I ever heard about the French dessert, Floating Island, was in the 1994 comedy called “MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY”. 562 more words


Fashion Taboo: Is This Really Fashion? β€” Meziesblog

Most gentlemen and ladies love fashion but not when it’s crazy or wild. Truth be told, a few men would prefer admiring and fantasizing in secret while protesting against half-naked women in public.

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The Elaborate, Yet Minimalist, Fashions Of Louise Bourgeois

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From November 17 to the 20th, Costume Colloquium will be hosting β€œRestraint and Excess in Fashion and Dress.” The event explores the notion of excess and restriction in fashion by discussing topics that embrace the more elaborate side of fashion, like the grand styles of court dress, alongside the restrictive; think military uniforms or religious dress. 477 more words

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