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Damien Hirst and 'nature morte' (Project 1: Arts and Ideas – Exercise 5)

Part 1

Find two examples of still life work which includes fish and in each case note the title, artist and date. Make a quick sketch of both pieces. 482 more words

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Damien Hirst & Edwaert Collier (Project 1: Arts and Ideas – Exercise 4)

Damien Hirst – The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living & Edwaert Collier – Still Life with a Volume of Wither’s ‘Emblemes’ 906 more words

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Notes from Art History: The Basics (Project 1: Arts and Ideas – Exercise 3)

  • Look at an excerpt from Art History: The Basics

  • Make notes on parts that require further research or jump out at you as particularly meaningful…
  • 140 more words
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What is art? (Project 1: Arts and Ideas - Exercise 2)

Record your thoughts on the questions below. Spend just 15 minutes or so on this activity

  • What is art?

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Duchamp's Fountain and Dada (Project 1: Art and Ideas - Exercise 1)

In a few words write down your response to Duchamp’s Fountain

My immediate response was to laugh. I think of Dada in general and Duchamp in particular as satirical, in the sense that they were challenging the art establishment of that time. 1,053 more words

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Process 2: flubs

A print of an enlarged dissection of a Cranesbill Geranium blossom.  One of the tricky aspects of printing on this thin gampi paper is that the printer does not like it, and the inkheads of the printer tend to clog and splotch, often resulting in a totally messed up and unusable print. 80 more words


Gridism: Scenes of Second Life Become Physical Art

Kelly Guillory of the Ashur Collective recently posted a manifesto for a novel approach to art that Kelly calls “Gridism.” Gridism is (I hope I’m not oversimplifying) taking scenes of customized and personalized things in games and virtual worlds and making First Life art out of them. 34 more words

Second Life