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Two finished paintings

After many re-workings this painting is finally finished – it currently lacks a title but one will arrive eventually.  It is a rare event that I let anyone into my studio when paintings are in progress – especially when they are teetering on the edge of disaster – but when a friend arrived at the door, sauntered in, stood in front of the painting for ages really looking, I felt encouraged.  206 more words


Chasing the rain

Having worked on some new paintings this morning and reached a point where paint needed to dry I had a bit of fun dodging rain showers and drawing outside.  71 more words


Moving on

“Last Man Standing”

Moving on from the seismic events of last week on I knuckled down to drawing research in the studio working towards new paintings.  99 more words


A slow day

Its definitely a slow day today – so rather than trying to resolve some exasperating paintings it felt appropriate to do some fast drawings just for a bit of light relief, drawing for the sheer pleasure of drawing.  110 more words


All in the family: 2 cherries, a plum, a pear and a quince

As March progressed and passed, and April followed–our city in full bloom with the flowers of thousands of ornamental trees– already tiny white and pink petals swirl in the wind and gather in the gutters–still a delight. 416 more words


paddle-petalled ribes

Flowering now is Ribes sanguineum.  Its tiny, delicately fragrant  flowers form a small drooping cluster of blossoms with intensely rose-colored oval buds at the tips.  The 5 exterior petals (sepals?) of each blossom sport vivid tonalities of carmine/magenta/pink, and the interior corolla has 5 astounding, white, paddle-shaped petals that together with the stamens form a little circle around the single pale green pistil. 133 more words


blue scilla

The first blue pollen of the year!

The petals of this flower have the most extraordinary coloring. Really, Scilla siberica out does herself in terms of beauty. 36 more words