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A Passing Bird

On March 24th 1900 a boy in Ohio shot the last recorded Passenger Pigeon. The last captive Passenger Pigeon died in her cage at Cincinnati Zoo 14 years later. 283 more words


March 17: Angel

March 17: A photograph like an angel dancing on the head of a pin.

Every one of these posts uses as an ‘illuminated capital’ a macro shot of a numeral to announce the date.  1,126 more words

Photography History

Turbulent Waters, Turbulent Skies

The Starry Night ~ September 2015

After finding a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh tucked beneath a bridge at the Medina River crossing on Texas State Highway 16, I couldn’t help wondering how long it had been there. 234 more words


no woman is an island

August 2016
Joe: I took a photo of your work last year at the Sky Harbor exhibit. May I ask your permission to use the artwork for my class on evolution and medicine at the University of New Mexico and on the blog that I use for the class: EvolutionMedicine.com? 596 more words


The motivation to experiment - an art and science exchange

By Helen Albert, Editor

The distinction between art and science hasn’t always been as stark as the modern perception would have you believe. Early astronomers, mathematicians, inventors and biologists would have seen artistic work as an important part of their investigations. 623 more words

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The Artist as Scientist: Nabokov and Insect Mimicry, talk by VN Alexander

It’s a commonplace to say that good science requires imagination, yet scientist aren’t really encouraged to read poetry or to take up painting. Maybe they should. 246 more words


Oron Catts presents: Living Biological Objects on the Pedestal March 15th, 3:30pm, Seminar Room 224, Sir Duncan Rice Library, University of Aberdeen

As part of the Film and Visual Culture seminar series, on Thursday, 15 March, 3:30pm, Room 224, Sir Duncan Rice Library, University of Aberdeen, … 421 more words

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