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Theorem of Colors

Sunlight is colorful,

Leaves of autumn proved,

Theorem of colors


"But the Soup is Getting Cold."

CSpan programming as BookTV on the weekends brings the best in non-fiction directly into our lives. With the myriad of printed and video material, any source that simplifies the learning process is worth checking out. 351 more words


Harvesting Collections for Social and Scientific Benefit: Hidden Stories at the Herbarium of RBGE

The advent of the era of Big Data has highlighted a truism in scientific discovery: an inference is only as good as the data that underlie it. 285 more words

Art And Science

Moman On His Use Of Syringes As A Means Of Artistic Expression.

Anthony Moman explains his use of syringes as an artistic means of expression.

Filmed in July 2017 at the Personal Structures Group Show, Palazzo Mora, Venice.

Arthur von Hippel (1898-2003)

Arthur von Hippel was a pioneer in the study of dielectrics, semiconductors, ferromagnetics, and ferroelectrics. He was an early advocate of the interdisciplinary approach to materials research, art and science and his example substantially furthered the science of materials. 1,792 more words

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NASA's Stunning Space Tourism Posters Celebrate the Marriage of Science, Art, and Myth

Ever since my introduction to the works of mythologist Joseph Campbell, most notably, his last book, The Inner Reaches of Outer Space, I have been convinced that there need not be any conflict between facts and our science and culture, or science and the aesthetic means by which we render an incomprehensible world meaningful. 404 more words


November 11: Surface

November 11: Surface poses a problem to photography. To look at a photograph is to slip right through, into it. Make a print, project a slide, open it on a computer monitor; there are differences, lighter, darker, more or less detail or range of hue or tone, but where is the photograph itself? 1,614 more words

Photography History