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Wake Up! Turkey Vulture overhead!

16.5” x 34.5” in the frame
Watercolor and ink on Watercolor paper
$950 framed

That naked red head, which resembles a turkey’s, allows this bird to eat carrion and not have any of the meal adhere to it. 52 more words


The Raven from Leadville, CO

  • 14” x 34” diptych, unframed
  • Charcoal on paper
  • $800, unframed

Ravens, scientific name Corvus corax, “raven croaker”, live 15-20 years in the wild, 20 – 40 years in captivity. 213 more words


2014 - 2016 Cadillac ELR - The Spark in Art & Science

In my ongoing lament about the disappearance of coupes from the current marketplace, it’s been disheartening to watch coupe versions of mainstream cars like Honda’s Accord fall by the wayside. 990 more words

10's Cars

Mississippi Draw by Asia Ward Gains Perspective of River Biology and Ecosystem

Asia Ward has hosted a series of Mississippi Draw public drawing events, where she displays subjects that live in the Mississippi River by projecting onto a screen from a microscope. 39 more words

Art And Science

anatomical drawing workshop with med students

I teach an anatomy drawing workshop at the college of Medicine on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus. Participants come from several programs (including a couple of faculty) though the majority are Northern Arizona University (NAU) students in Occupational Therapy (OT). 483 more words



Boots are built on a wooden last, which is removed after the boot is complete. The overall fit and quality of the boot depends on how closely the last is shaped to your foot. 435 more words

The Joy Of Craft

Grams of Science

Finding ‘Bites of Science’ a bit of a mouthful sometimes?

Try the lighter, lower-calorie ‘Grams of Science‘ – a new Instagram feed pairing short and snappy science facts with my amateur photography and signature chat.