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"Informed by science. Inspired by wonder." How do science events impact science engagement?

Brisbane will be the first city (outside of New York) to hold the World Science Festival in 2016. The five day event is a celebration of art and cutting-edge science. 412 more words


Soap. water. and oil. Art and Science for kids

Click the link then bring it into the classroom, scientific artforms!!

Here’s more…it will blow you and the kids away!



Supersymmetry Sound Installation Art by Ryoji Ikeda

Supersymmetry is an installation by Ryoji Ikeda, who is a leading electronic composer  and visual artist focusing on mathematical precision and aesthetics. The work is developed from his exchanges with scientists and engineers during his stay at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN). 93 more words


An artful look at eating meat

Ever since I first took an animal’s life with my own hands with the intention of eating it – a brook trout caught in a barely-big-enough-to-call-a-stream back in high school – I have been at turns fascinated and repulsed by what is involved with getting meat from hoof to dinner plate. 402 more words


Can Science be more like Music? An Experiment with Light and Song

Karl Popper once wrote: “A great work of music, like a great scientific theory, is a cosmos imposed upon chaos – in its tensions and harmonies in exhaustible even for its creator”. 672 more words

Cultural Narratives

Protein Art: Postcards and the Upcoming Mother's Day

Some Protein Art motives are now available as (post)cards!

The cards can be ordered via the Protein Art shop at Etsy. In case of shippment to Germany, some cards are also avialable with a discount at… 101 more words