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The Perlan Project

Gliding into the Stratosphere

The Perlan Project (so named for the pearlescent stratospheric clouds in Scandinavia) is the brainchild of Einar (pronounced “Ay-nar”) Enevoldson, a former test pilot for the Royal Air Force, U.S.

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Art And Science

Creative Writing: Top 10 Science Fiction Magazines

Via Creative Writing:

1. The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction http://www.sfsite.com/fsf/

This is a professional magazine that began publishing in 1949 which makes it the second oldest continually publishing science fiction magazines in the country.

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Summer project

Fixing up and selling my Sandpiper 565

Remembering summers past:

More about Sandpipers

Art And Science

Synthesis on the Nursery Slopes and Turbulent Flow in the Studio.

It was a cold, crazy day, complete with freak hail and sunbursts, when we (Lindsey Colbourne, Dr Jonathan Malarkey and myself) met at the barn in Nant Peris for our second “play day” for Pontio Synthesis project. 448 more words

Fine Art

Southern Comfort : Playing with actions in Photoshop

Photos taken at Savannah’s  Bonaventure Cemetery, which became famous when it was featured in the 1994 novel “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”. 66 more words

Art And Science

Sketchbook Snapshot: Tortoises and Hares in the Kenyan Highlands

This is my first trip to Kenya, and to Africa more generally. So far, it has been a fascinating blend of rural and urban, English and Swahili (and with it a reminder that learning a language isn’t a one-month project), and wildlife, plants, and landscapes utterly unlike anything I’ve ever seen. 504 more words