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Violet and Grey, A New Painting

I finished another painting in my ‘Wildish Spirit’ series.  This painting is in honor of my daughter and her love of horses and I titled it “Violet and Grey.”  She took a lot of horseback riding lessons when she was young, so when I decided to paint one of my FAE characters based on her, I felt a wild horse needed to be part of the painting. 261 more words


A Miniature Fairy Dress

One of the fairies who frequents my garden studio asked me to make her a pretty party dress.

I think both of our inner girlie-ness is what attracted her to my studio, in the first place. 388 more words


A Busy Day in the Studio

I spent most of the day in the studio working on about five different projects.  I had a pretty productive day!

Here is one of the paintings I worked on, I am feeling the ocean today… 117 more words


Swan Sketch

I have been enjoying sketching the serene beauty of swans lately.  I really love how elegant their long necks are and how beautifully they float on the water. 75 more words


Finished Painting, "DANCING" and My Painting Process

This week I finished the dancing Fae painting that I have been working on for a few months.  She is dancing among the mushrooms. Being a big fan of one word titles, I named this painting, “Dancing.” 157 more words


Snow Day

After a winter visit to Oregon, I felt inspired to paint a snow scene with trees.  I am still thinking of a title…

I am thinking “Oregon Bliss” as the trees around my sister’s cabin were my inspiration.   56 more words


Women, Art, and Empowerment – The Journey by Radhika Maira Tabrez

Women, Art, and Empowerment – The Journey

Gaius Plinius Secundus, a Roman writer, in the 1st century claimed that a woman named Dibutandes made the first ever painting. 841 more words