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On Skin Color

On Skin Color.

This adorable story crossed the internet waves and warmed many hearts.
Here is another – I was speaking to a woman from Africa who commented on her husband’s predilection for light colored clothes. 120 more words


On Abortion.

On abortion.

By law in America, every woman is free to grow her foetus inside her womb. Coathanger abortions are no longer the only option for poor women who need to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. 230 more words


poetic note for Lucie de L.A.

Sol rose rouge, en levant le signal jaune.
Le mot qui s’enscribe ici, toi et moi, “pronk” like pronghorn lambs, pour joie y Lila;

Pink pink pink – rhymes w stink stink stink… 50 more words


Morning Matter Pattern.

Thatwhichis kicked off the covers and mewled for sustenance. After some time belly mind wandered towards food source, was scooped and tumbled, cleaned and rebundled and placed where food was present. 176 more words


Reading the cards.

The central card – present moment – is a female form, green like lettuce and new, superimposed on a sleeping male form which has a torturous dream contraption affixed to its brain; in the upper right are tanko – the perfect Koi. 328 more words