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Scenarios in my head - Ridiculous!

Scenarios in my head – Ridiculous!!

Turning away from jeering voices, my soul encourages it’s mind to continue, recognizing the pain and the glory co-existent there. 272 more words



Two ducks had their heads in the shallow water, the dark head crest of the third one, continuing down the back of its neck between the paler side feathers made it look like a young black man with a box cut. 603 more words


3 pieces.

To arguing children on a moonlit night beneath trees:

“Tell the truth or the pain is prolonged”.


To a child afraid of dogs for no known reason: 92 more words


FOUR: One Day at a Time

Moon Girl – my latest Collage underway. I am inspired by Romare Bearden  and at this point I am figuring out how to make a blog that works. 16 more words


Studio Activities 9.9.16


Art group 9.9.16

Semi Abstract Collage.Title:  Queen

Method: Choose a primary and the two colors either side- in this case red, plus orange and violet. 331 more words