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From little sketches to gallery walls… and dreaming big!

Ten years ago my art was just little sketches on restaurant napkins and pieces of scrap paper. What does it take to transform ideas into a big dream? 683 more words

Artist Journey

How to marry business and art?

My good friend Tristan once told me one day that I inherited from the business mind of my dad and the artistic sense of my mom. 466 more words

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"Do the art that you want to do"

I was at a local art show and an older lady beside me was selling her artwork as well. She is a very talented artist and her subject matter was Canadian landscape and wildlife that she painted on wooden objects like canoe paddles, boxes, candle holders etc. 643 more words

Artist Journey

Choosing The Right Canopy For Art Shows

When I am at shows, I am often asked about my canopy so I thought writing an article could be useful to many other artists. 850 more words

Art Profession

Branding, and integrity

Branding, the idea that your product, your work, your worth has a specific style, appearance, presentation, quality, reputation… is very important to us.  Steve and I have worked hard to refine our skills and produce the best products we can, and package them, represent them, and display them in the best possible light.   425 more words

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Is Your Computer Sucking Up Your Time? Tips for Staying Focused

One of the biggest challenge self-employed colleagues and artist’s friends have is how to integrate some discipline regarding the time spent on the computer. I find that the world of technology brings a huge distraction to my days. 615 more words

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