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Right to Live (To Love)

you got a right to Live
a right to Love
A right to fight back
to push and shove
all the evil in this world… 190 more words

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You have a right to live

Post-atrocity Art in the wake of the Paris attacks | Nov 2015

Sat drinking a cup of tea and cogitation starts as usual. I’ve been away from my blog for a long time.

I’m trying to reconcile how one of the main areas of growth in art in the last few years has been in what’s now been dubbed “Post-atrocity Art”, it’s got it’s own label, it’s become a thing and probably it’ll soon be an area of study – no doubt there’s a thesis there. 100 more words


Primeminister Pig Fucker and the neo-feudal kleptocracy

This is just the tip of a pigs tail. Prime minister David Cameron, the leader of Her Majesties government, exposed by Lord Ashcroft, one of the Tory party’s biggest financial backers, to have carried out bestial necrophilia in a bizarre initiation to join a private “club” while attending his University. 386 more words


Here is the News for every UK Citizen

Here is the News for UK citizens:
the British Empire ended in 1945, a LONG TIME AGO, there was much to be ashamed of As we raped the resources of half the planet. 168 more words