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PLOT (F28)

This Sunday was super good, I finished on my plot. Although there are many places to develop, the overall storylines is created and I think it’s pretty suitable for my aim. 190 more words

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Product Design FMP 03/22/17

Today I did a research about Packaging in 2000’s style in this era was more character design like a cartoon but different than 1950’s I think because in 1950’s was look more classic but in 2000’s it look more modern but I prefer 1950’s more than. 106 more words

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Song project(final piece4)

When I collected the elements from the museum, j just found a sculpture which looks so cool.

The sculpture makes me feel it looks like sea god. 226 more words

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Song project(final piece3)

The third piece, I got inspiration from lyrics which is “Now I hear there’s a train. It’s coming on down the line. It’s yours if you hurry”. 83 more words

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Song project(final piece2)

When I listened the last lyrics from THIS IS THE SEA, I just felt the freedom. The person who wants find out the way home and find out who he/she is. 136 more words

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Song project( final piece1)

Before I started to do my song work, i listened to” This is the sea” for many times, and I found the rhythm is full of guitars which is agile and lively. 122 more words

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