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How to Get More Visitors to Your Blog (2 min read)

1. Know who the influencers are. Research local bloggers and talk to them about potential partnership opportunities. Be sure to read their work thoroughly to find bloggers who are a good fit for your business. 337 more words


Start making...

First of all I just wanted to say what I did on Friday the 20th of January.

As usual I work on my portfolio, so it will be done before next Monday. 650 more words

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The size of PDF (24)

After submitting one portfolio through website on the university, I started to do PDF for another universities. As I finished the content over weekend, I could do my own portfolio for the whole morning. 152 more words

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FP Secondary Research 23/01/17

I continued my secondary research by exploring &otherstories official website and social media accounts.

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4th Week in.CSVPA

Monday, 23rd Jan. 2017

Today, I studied how to prepare my interview on Yasha’s class. I got a paper written about expected questions of the interview. 174 more words


230117 Monday

Taking off the exhibition of perception today, actually I felt sorry that I didn’t come to school on Sunday to take the exhibition off. 132 more words


How About Those Layers, Eh?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How do I make this picture glow like a candle-lit dinner?” “How do I form this line so I can pluck it off the paper?” “Why is this cat’s fur not glistening like the furs of the ancient Sphynx sprawled across her perch?” — you should layer. 342 more words