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Kirsty also went to Prague

At the beginning of June, I travelled with some friends to Prague. There was a pop up gallery with the work of street artists that I really enjoyed, but you could not take pictures inside.   8 more words

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The Elegance of Chaos

There is a T-junction in downtown Nairobi where matatus from various inner city neighbourhoods meet. Most of them souped up with music-synced LED lights, DVD displays, WiFi, 20 inch woofers, pop-infused graffiti and decals, alloy wheels and those obnoxious custom horns. 462 more words

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Masculine Fashion, by James Tissot: Sportsmen & Servants (1874 – 1885)

Not every man that Tissot painted was an exemplar of high style; he depicted a whole cast of supporting players to his aristocrats, military figures, and fashionable males. 1,053 more words

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Moon Flowers

Artists who venture into their gardens on a warm summer evening may find new inspiration. That is exactly what happened when I decided to take my camera out after the sun had set and the moon was shining over the pond, casting its shimmering rays on the drowsy blooms. 123 more words

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Art Post: Raven

So for a new segment for DA BLOG, is Art post. I post a piece I just recently finished (more often a short non stressful work), and talk about what my head space was, and the materials that I used. 307 more words


Life Happened

My first blog-post after I have returned from my unannounced absence, was a comic strip with a riddle. And an apology.

Honestly, that was not my first option. 794 more words