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7th. march

What I did : today we finally start our FINAL MAJOR PROJECT (FMP). At first, we got a foundation diploma project form and listen the introduction of this project from our tutor.And then we did some research about themes which we were interested in. 156 more words

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16/03/2018 Wells-Next-The-Sea

Wells is 15 24 km to the east of the resort of Hunstanton, 20 miles 32 km to the west of Cromer, and 16 km north of Fakenham. 231 more words


Wells-next-the-sea trip

Today, we had the last trip for this week in Wells-next-the-sea. It was almost 2 hours away from Cambridge by coach. When we went there, we were free to explore the place. 244 more words

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Work on process...

On Thursday, we did nt have any trip, museum to visit or go around Cambridge but instead we worked with our sketchbooks to put everything about last trip in there. 245 more words

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16-3-2018 trip week

Today we went to Wells.As far as I know it is a costal city.Therefore,I dream of the day to there.

At the early morning we took bus to the Wells,it cost us about two hours to get there.But the sea there is not as big as I thought.It remind me the sea in my hometown.Xiamen is a city which famous of beautiful sea and unbroken sunshine.Teacher told us there are some wonderful galleries along the side of pavement,they advised us to visit.We agree with that, and we walk along the side which lead us to the centre.I saw some wonderful shops with delicate windows along the side.Then we walked into a gallery which full of oil paintings.I saw the most of painting are about sea and country side life.I especially like a oil painting which about the wave from the sea.The artist used big amount of pigment to paint this picture.I could feel the shape of waves which are really solid.The artist use the slight color to show the fresh feeling of the wind,I quiet like that.But we could not take photos of it. 81 more words

15/03/2018 Quick Project: IWM Duxford Poster

Today we stay at Bridge house Interior/Architecture Design Room for doing our school trip sketchbooks. And in the afternoon, we had a quick rush short project which is to create a poster for IWM Duxford Museum. 234 more words



I was looking forward to spring. It’s been a long and cold winter. Toward the end of winter it’s been a roller coaster of weather changes. 171 more words