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In the last architecture class, i was working with the questionnaire for young people. This is part of the site survey because i want to take information from the young people of Cambridge related to the pavilion that will be constructed in their city. 238 more words

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Today was Thursday and I had my fashion promotion class for the whole day. In the morning, Chloe came to me and help me to do the peer tutorial. 245 more words

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Today was Wednesday and I went to see the nurse Marry in the morning. Then I went to the class in the afternoon when I felt better. 240 more words

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fashion promotion6

When I was flying home from Barcelona, I was thinking about my ideas and how to connect. My theme is extreme sports and Emoji combination. In my opinion, I think the underground garage as background, with black elements to mix my theme, models ride slowly into the underground garage, setting is probably the slope of a garage, a model in rap, and then use the device to produce smoke smoke effects, ride down model, through the smoke started on BMX related skills. 136 more words


Today was Tuesday and I still felt so uncomfortable, so I called the nurse Marry and she asked me to see her in her office at 9:30 am. 237 more words

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Today was Monday and it was the first day of our new term. I just came back to Cambridge at yesterday night. And I was ill. 279 more words

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Leap of faith

Welcome here wandering stranger!

At last, I arrived. I remember the first couple of thoughts on starting a blog which can hold my ever growing art portfolio. 401 more words