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So what is outsider art?

Crystal Et Bell

So what is it? Well, it’s not necessarily art firstly. In fact the most celebrated within outsider art never subscribed to “art” at all. 514 more words

The Wild Hunt

The wild hunt.part of evolution or origins of plaguetown. Pen and ink on mixed media paper.

They stalked The giant Mole rats, whose cave became a grave, and bone pile.


10 Point Profile: Mario Seoane

Our weekly artist profile. This week we feature the symbolic automatism of artist Mario Seoane.

More on Mario @ www.marioseoane.com


Evolutionary push

Every Story has a beginning. Before civilizations were formed, before the wars and plagues, there was one simple act. At least it was simple to the powers that be. 41 more words


the art of Patrik Evereus - raw artist

Swedish raw artist Patrik Evereus chats about the influence of punk on his art, his love of the marginalised, and working as a mentor at a camp for unaccompanied refugee children… 1,627 more words


Art Brut Bergen

Some of the heroin users who congregate in the underpass near my house are making some interesting art. I wish I could document more of it, but there are always people shooting up in front of the images and poems and I don’t want them thinking I’m spying on them.

Odd Place for an oversized blow up monkey

An odd sight indeed, together with rather an odd sign. I am not sure if there was any particular meaning behind this rather odd oversized blow-up monkey and the sign but it did catch my eye on this day in Lausanne. 198 more words

Cee's Odd Ball Photo Challenge