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“Foreword to Art Brut by Michel Thevoz” by Jean Dubuffet

“The consideration given to the work of professional artists has had the effect of conditioning the public, of creating a state of mind which makes it responsive only to the art displayed in museums and galleries or to art that depends on the same frame of reference, the same means of expression. 153 more words



Abécédaire de Deleuze
Lettre D : Désir
Notes d’écoute….
Le désir c’était quoi
C’était pas ce qu’on a cru… ça été un grand malentendu, un tout petit malentendu. 563 more words


Book announcement - Rencontres, thérapie et création

Christophe Boulanger, Anouck Capte et Catherine Denève viennent de publier un livre sur la relation entre Henry Bauchau, écrivain et thérapeute, et Lionel, un de ses patients. 292 more words


Meditation can lead to Creation

Fully being in the creative zone can be an altered state of consciousness. It’s that transcendent state where time seems to both stay still and move at a mystical rate. 164 more words


Ossuary trip Post #1: intro

Ossuary Trip

On March 31, 2015 I fly with fellow artist, Hannah Verlin

to Frankfurt Germany to begin our much anticipated “Ossuary Trip”.

Three years ago, Hannah and another Boston Sculptor colleague, … 543 more words

Art Brut

notes on Art Brut

As Dubuffet described it, this was art that was not based on established traditions or techniques. It did not follow styles or trends, and it was not made primarily to be sold for monetary gain. 64 more words