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"I Think I Can"

When I first saw the reference photo we were going to use for the most recent “Live Lesson” series at The Virtual Instructor, I was both excited and terrified. 708 more words

Art By Judith


I am sitting here in my studio — the office area, obviously. It’s nice to have both office and studio in a single location rather than in two different rooms as was the case before we moved. 1,083 more words

Art By Judith

Faces of Summer

World Watercolor Month has now come to an end. I did not complete a watercolor each day. I didn’t even come close.

At the time WWM began, I had just started working on watercolor portraits, so I knew that’s what I wanted to do for the challenge. 332 more words

Art By Judith

Because I Can

I’ve been doing quite a bit of drawing recently, and I’ve come to a beautiful realization. I love to draw. I love opening my little art box, taking out different pencils, gathering up my blending tools, finding my eraser, and settling down for a bit of drawing time. 812 more words

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Nothing to It

I think painting is probably easy for some gifted artists. Through the art clubs I belong to, I know quite a few of those, and true enough, they seem to approach their drawing and painting with a “nothing to it” attitude. 301 more words

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Making a Mess

“Creativity means making a mess… and then cleaning it up.”

I don’t know where or when I first heard those words, but they’ve become a motto of sorts. 1,234 more words

Art By Judith

Finally Finished

I showed this painting before in its “nearly-finished” state. Since then, it’s been sitting on my drying shelf waiting for me to decide what to do with it. 149 more words

Art By Judith