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Chaparral 2X Vision Grand Turismo

In November 2014, General Motors and Chevrolet unveiled a concept car that was designed for the PlayStation Grand Turismo video game.  The design was pure fantasy – no specific rules to comply with and intended to work in the virtual world of the video game.   148 more words

Best of Art Center Classic 2015

The Art Center Car Classic 2015 took place on October 25, 2015 in the hills above the Rose Bowl.  Chassis001 previously featured a race car – the Nissan R390. 209 more words

Vintech P550 Tribute at Art Center Car Classic

It takes something special to attract a crowd on a field littered with vintage hot rods, the Ferrari LaFerrai supercar, the original first production run Lamborghini Countach, custom coachwork Hispano Suiza, Mercedes 300SL examples, a 3D printed supercar, concept cars brought from the General Motors design warehouse, one of only 25 Mercedes CLK-GTR road car examples, and on and on and on… 207 more words


1974 Lamborghini Countach LP400 at Car Classic

Some cars just need their own post.  At the Art Center College of Design Car Classic on October 25, 2015, the theme was futuristic design.  The staff assembled an impressive assortment of automobiles from many decades, but it would be difficult to think of a car that had the impact of the Lamborghini Countach.   130 more words

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Art Center classes to be moved in Boynton due to maintenance

Boynton Beach’s Art Center will be closed starting Monday while crews replace the building’s air conditioning system.

The center, at 125 S.E. Second Ave., is expected to open Dec. 73 more words


1997 Nissan R390 GT1 at Art Center Classic

The Art Center College of Design in the hills above the Rose Bowl in Pasadena hosts a car show of sorts known as the “Classic” each year.   231 more words

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Can a Councilmember Disclose Information Used in Closed Door Meetings?


Jasbinder Singh

An Opinion, issued by the VA Advisory Council on the Freedom of Information Act pursuant to my request for a written opinion, has shown that closed-door meetings are not sacrosanct, that councilmembers can disclose information to which they have been made privy and that “…the FOIA is not to be construed to prevent discussions of public matters between government and citizens.”  This article discusses three disclosure issues that arose during the Town’s purchase of the Ashwell property. 1,976 more words

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